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Poor grammar can have a negative impact on your career

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The lack of basic literacy skills among some younger employees and recent graduates has become such a problem for businesses that some are introducing language and grammar lessons, News.Com.Au reported.

"Poor spelling and grammar use by employees has become a serious issue for employers," Anna Underhill, a consultant at an HR firm said.

Experts believe grammar gaffes and poor spelling reflect badly not just on employers but also on employees.

"Email correspondence is particularly a problem for many employers because it sets the tone for the culture of the company," Underhill said.

While employees are often given extensive inductions into company processes, basic grammar and spelling are ignored.

The most common errors by workers while writing emails are mixing up 'it's' and 'its', 'effects' and 'affects' and 'which' and 'that'.

Putting apostrophes in the plurals of acronyms, for example 'KPI's' instead of 'KPIs' was also a common error.

Some erred when switching between singular and plural when referring to company names, for example 'Westpac are' instead of 'Westpac is'.


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