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Women want partner to spend half week's salary on X-mas gift

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Men also have a figure - but it is far lower than a woman's at a third of a week's wages.

The average salary for men in Britain is 30,852 pounds a year - which means women whose partners earn that sum expect a present of the value of 296.50 pounds.

The average salary for women is more than 6,000 pounds less than men at 24,228 pounds, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

Men with partners earning that average figure would expect a present valued at 155 pounds, found the study by a popular dating site.

As the income increases, so does the expectation on spending - so a woman whose partner earned around 100,000 pounds would expect a present costing around 1,000 pounds.

Traditionally men are expected to spend two month's money on an engagement ring. The figure for a Christmas present was always expected to be lower

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