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Omnitech launches DR product

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Omnitech InfoSolutions, a player in business availability and continuity solutions, has recently launched Revive — a solution for small and medium enterprises. The new disaster recovery (DR) solution over cloud computing technology offers a pay-per-use billing model, thus reducing capital expenditure and eliminating the need for dedicated disaster recovery hardware and software, IT staff and other operational costs, which are required in a DR setup.

Omnitech says in the event of a disaster, a company can have critical business processes up-and-running by invoking a Continuity of Business request. According to Omnitech, emerging enterprises in India, on average, spend Rs 35 lakh as upfront technology investment for a basic captive traditional disaster recovery plan. This includes recurring annual expenses like electricity and maintenance. Through this new offering, emerging enterprises can now save up to 40 per cent of the overall costs for their DR plans, which will be reflected as an operational expense after deploying cloud technology.

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