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Godrej Security Solutions: Fear no more

Sayantani Kar  |  Mumbai 

Categories that deal with safety products have the same complaint — that the audience just does not want to be reminded of any imminent danger, let alone take measures to counter them. Ask insurance marketers, for example. (GSS) which has come a long way from selling iron safes and locks, is trying to work around this head-in-the-sand syndrome with a new campaign for its range of CCTV cameras, video door locks and safes.

It had spent the last three years in creating awareness about the category of sophisticated home security solutions but with a key difference. Rather than sound an alarm to induce fear among its audience so that they go and buy the products, it had done a tongue-in-cheek rendition of how misfortune can come announced (the tagline was musibat kabhi batake nahi aati). “Warnings never go down well with the audience. They either think that whatever will happen, will happen, or that only when things go wrong in their vicinity, they will consider taking protection,” says Mehernosh B Pithawalla, assistant vice-president and head (marketing and international business),

Home security solutions have to contend with grille doors, security guards and even the habit of people keeping their doors open for neighbours to rescue them. With the new campaign, GSS plans to put the brand on the table for people’s consideration now. “Our consideration scores have gone up in brand track reports which prompted us to shift gears and link the brand to the positioning in a new campaign,” says Pithawalla.

The TVCs in the new campaign, slated to launch this month, says “musibat chahe kabhi bhi aye, darna kaisa” (There is nothing to fear, no matter when danger strikes). The characters remain the same — a family and thieves out to steal from their home. While the thieves did all the talking earlier, brazenly asking the home-owner for directions to his home to rob him in one, in the new ads, it is the home-owner who stumps the miscreants.

“This time, it is almost like the revenge of the home-owner. That is because the insight is GSS’s products restore the power to protect his belongings to the home-owner. It makes him and his family that much more confident, with a change in body language and their reaction to a crisis,” explains Dipesh Kowarkar, senior creative director, JWT, who headed both the GSS campaigns.

The Godrej Group in its journey to redefine itself has been moving away from negative connotations in most of their product categories. GSS’ new advertising is a step in that direction. Balancing the seriousness of the product category and the humour in the campaign proved a tight-rope walk. “The ads are not frivolous but they are not preachy either because that puts people off. The ads should ensure that people at least listen to what is being conveyed rather than dismiss then,” says Kowarkar.

GSS’ sales had grown 50 per cent on the back of the previous campaign, according to Pithawalla. The home security retail business clocked Rs 65 crore last year, 10 per cent of the total revenue of GSS (rest is from its B2B practice). To bolster the positioning, online games, activations in malls, hoardings and print ads would follow the TVCs to talk about products that are priced in the Rs 4,000-Rs 50,000.

First Published: Mon, August 06 2012. 00:04 IST