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C-DAC provides tech support to Ghana

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Pune-based Centre for Development of Advanced Computing () and the ministry of external affairs, Government of India will provide support and training programmes to India – Ghana Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT () in Accra for two years. Government of India is offering financial assistance of Rs 3.83 crore for this project. C-DAC made this announcement in Pune on Friday.

Commenting on this, , director general, C-DAC said, "AITI-KACE project is considered to be a flagship project for the GoI and therefore it was decided to support AITI-KACE for two more years through C-DAC.

The current project has focus on C-DAC’s two main activities viz high performance computing and advance IT Training. AITI-KACE will be appointed as an authorized training centre of C-DAC for a period of two years and will be entitled to offer training programmes in Advanced Computing (DAC), Advanced Computer Arts (DACA), Wireless & Mobile Computing (WiMC) and VLSI Design (PGVLSI) with the support of C-DAC.

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