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Talk and record

Priyanka Joshi  |  New Delhi 

It is not surprising to see innovative accessories for when you take into account their escalating user base. For example, there are accessories that can make your iPod work like a voice recorder or an external microphone.

Price: Rs 3,000
Belkin's TuneTalk can be easily plugged into the dock connector on the bottom of a video iPod or an iPod Nano. It needs no prior set-up. So, as soon as it is connected to an iPod, users can click the record button and a recording screen pops up on the display. From there, you can record with a single click, after which you can toggle between controls to pause or stop and save your recording. If your goal is a respectable level of recording quality, it can be achieved with an iPod add-on like the TuneTalk. While it is not compatible with the 1st generation iPod Nano, Shuffles, and previous generations of iPods, TuneTalk is compatible with the 2nd generation, iPod Nano.

The device saves recordings as 44.1 KHz WAV files, which is close to the CD audio format. But remember that recording WAV files, which is a lossless format, means that file sizes will be large (roughly 10MB of disk space per minute. So, an hour-and-a-half of recording will take up nearly 1GB). An alternative is to use the TuneTalk in low-quality mode, but the sound quality in this case is noticeably inferior.

Priced around Rs 3,000, TuneTalk even allows you to recharge the battery while recording if you plug it into an available USB port or a power adaptor, but then it ceases to be portable. So, be prepared to compromise on your iPod’s battery life as TuneTalk will deliver about one-and-a-half-hour of audio recording on a single charge.

iTalk Pro
Price: Rs 2,800
If you own an iPod and want to record decent quality sound, then take a look at Griffin iTalk, a stereo microphone which can deliver a pleasurable experience. It is also a convenient way to get your music in your PC as it is ideal for podcast recording, lectures or meetings for sharing purposes. Griffin iTalk works with most older-generation iPods while iTalk Pro is intended for 5G and Nano 2G iPods.

The iTalk Pro plugs directly into iPod’s dock connector and can start recording with just a touch of a button. When you plug in iTalk, the iPod will automatically open the Voice Memos screen (if supported by the iPod) where you can set recording quality. The recording interface is built into the iPod itself and is not provided by the manufacturer. It also features twin built-in microphones that can record in-stereo at 44.1 KHz, which renders professional, CD-quality recordings. iTalk Pro also comes with a 3.5-mm input jack that can accommodate external microphones for greater stereo separation. Recording length is limited only by the amount of available space on your iPod and the battery life. In the mono stereo setting, which is a low-quality mode, you can record lectures, meetings and perhaps even podcasts. High-quality stereo is best for recording music. Priced at about Rs 2,800, the iTalk Pro is available at most leading online stores.

First Published: Mon, November 09 2009. 00:28 IST