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  • 25-Nov-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Alok Chandra: South African safari

    Few people know that South African wines are today the fourth-largest selling overseas wines in India after Australian, French and Italian wines

  • 12-Nov-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Alok Chandra: Master's selection

    Another new premium wine label has just been launched in India

  • 29-Oct-2016 | Alok Chandra

    It's raining wines

    Top-end wines seem to be raining down on lucky wine consumers in India in October

  • 15-Oct-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Upping the game with Grover's latest

    To my mind, the wine appeared to be still quite young and I think it will benefit from at least one year of bottle ageing

  • 01-Oct-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Silky Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blancs generally do not lend themselves to oak ageing and are normally much less expensive than Chardonnays. They tend to go well with salads, seafood and some pasta dishes

  • 17-Sep-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Celebrating Chardonnay

    Chablis is a medium-bodied wine with high acidity and mineral notes and is generally quite different from the full-bodied Chardonnays of Burgundy

  • 03-Sep-2016 | Alok Chandra

    An ode to pinot noir

    This wine from New Zealand has ripe berry aromas with cacao and spice notes

  • 20-Aug-2016 | Alok Chandra

    A toast to Cabernet Sauvignon

    Among the better Cabs I've come across is the Honig Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2010 vintage is rated 'outstanding' by Wine Spectator

  • 06-Aug-2016 | Alok Chandra

    The taste of wine lies in the glass

    The Framingham Classic Riesling 2013 (Rs 3,109 in Bengaluru) is a classic New Zealand off-dry style wine, with rich fruit and aromas of lemons and mandarin and stone fruit with a long mineral finish

  • 23-Jul-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Organic wine, anybody?

    Organic wines are made from grapes grown without the use of actificial (chemical) fertilisers, pesticides, weedicides and herbicides

  • 09-Jul-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Wine consumers

    It would be interesting to see how habits and attitudes towards wine change over the next five to ten years

  • 11-Jun-2016 | Alok Chandra

    For the connoisseur

    It helps to keep a written record of the wines tasted and note down the observations. This is a good way of cataloguing the development to being more than just a wine lover

  • 28-May-2016 | Alok Chandra

    No laughing business

    The Tenuta Sant' Antonio Amarone della Valpolicella 2102 is a complex and fruity wine that had aromas of liquorice and pepper and a sweetish and full-bodied taste

  • 14-May-2016 | Alok Chandra

    The new wine on the block

    In the best tradition of French winemaking practices, Grover initially did not declare either the grapes used to make the La Reserve or the actual number of months the wine is matured in oak

  • 30-Apr-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Clubbing and wining

    Wine is a comparatively recent phenomenon in India and wine clubs even more so

  • 16-Apr-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Wines to quaff this summer

    All of the latter are wines that must be consumed well-chilled - even the rose wines that are almost red in colour

  • 02-Apr-2016 | Alok Chandra

    All that sparkle

    Blind tests have established both Chandon brut and Chandon brut rose to be the best sparkling wines produced in India - their quality gives even imported champagnes a run for their money

  • 19-Mar-2016 | Alok Chandra

    What Europe is drinking

    So, the March-June period sees a slew of wine fairs in Europe

  • 05-Mar-2016 | Alok Chandra

    The business of wine

    'Demand seems to have caught up with supply this year'

  • 20-Feb-2016 | Alok Chandra

    A toast to SulaFest

    One could argue that the number of people who like both wine and music would be very small - but that's missing the point entirely

  • 06-Feb-2016 | Alok Chandra

    Wines with animal instinct

    An AC Nielsen report of 2008 talked about how 20 per cent of new table wines in the US featured animals on their labels, and that sales of 'critter' wines had crossed $600 million

  • 23-Jan-2016 | Alok Chandra

    The grapevine of myths

    Wine made from apples is called cider, and I quaffed a delightful bottle of a the Bhai (as in brother) Apple Cider produced in the United Kingdom by Aspall

  • 09-Jan-2016 | Alok Chandra

    The question of the cork

    Though the fruit aroma was subdued, I thought that the Misfit Cabernet Shiraz was still too young and needed another year (at least) in bottle

  • 26-Dec-2015 | Alok Chandra

    Chase the chill away

    The answer on what wine you should have this winter depends entirely on which part of the country you are inhabiting

  • 12-Dec-2015 | Alok Chandra

    A matter of size

    It was not until the early 18th century that glass bottles became more widely used and somewhat standardised

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