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  • 13-Oct-2016 | Arvind Singhal

    The revival of consumer confidence

    Multiple factors are fortunately converging and providing the much-needed tailwind this time to the economy and to the growth in consumer spending

  • 26-Mar-2016 | Arvind Singhal

    The new business tycoons

    Out of nowhere, national and international investors, financial analysts, media and consumers have been taken by surprise at the incredible surge in popularity (and size of business) of spiritual gurus. The poster boy, of course, is Baba Ramdev, and ...

  • 06-Mar-2014 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The 'e' challenge to physical retail

    Five reasons mall and brand owners should co-opt 'e-tailers' rather than oppose them

  • 14-Oct-2013 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Why e-tailing scores over brick & mortar

    Space constraints and pernicious laws restrict traditional retailing formats from efficiently serving the Indian consumer

  • 08-Oct-2013 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: A sixer for the Indian consumer

    Or, trends that will fundamentally alter the way we shop

  • 15-Jul-2013 | Arvind Singhal

    E-commerce in India - Version 3.0?

    Flipkart's ability to raise $200 mn could be a sign that online retailing is finally gaining acceptance as an idea in the country

  • 14-May-2013 | Arvind Singhal

    No buyers for FDI in multi-brand retail

    The conditions imposed on prospective investors betray a lack of understanding of the dynamics of the business

  • 06-May-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The bane of India's health care

    As another Indian wins the Pulitzer for work on cancer, we should also focus on the many cancers that have entered the health system

  • 21-Apr-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Shopping any time, anywhere

    Even as modern retail gathers momentum, notwithstanding the near lack of support from the government (central and state), a new trend is in the making. This could bring about a fundamental change in retailing as the world thinks of it today and in ...

  • 07-Apr-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Developing a larger heart

    It is worth reflecting if India has matured enough to assume the role of a more responsible brother as it joins the top-10 economies in the world

  • 24-Mar-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Education - economy's growth engine

    Beyond just the demographic dividend, India now needs to think of generating a very strong financial dividend from investing in education

  • 10-Mar-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The challenge for textile industry

    While the industry is to come to grips with shift in demand and other factors-induced cost raise, govt has to give a more holistic look at policies

  • 24-Feb-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: On a wing and a prayer

    India has suffered enormously owing to the huge deficit in vision of its leaders

  • 10-Feb-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Tackling food inflation

    Food inflation continues to run amok, and very clearly, the government does not seem to have any clue on how to rein it in

  • 27-Jan-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The neglected sectors of Indian economy

    Over the years, a type of caste system has also made its way into the way the political (and bureaucratic) leadership looks at different sectors of the Indian economy and then allocates its attention. Most interest and attention are given to those ...

  • 13-Jan-2011 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The rapid growth of micro segments

    Some of the new, very promising "micro segments" of different industries and services are already much bigger than the conventional ones

  • 30-Dec-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The price of procrastination and inaction

    As one more year comes to an end, only for the diehard optimists would the mood be upbeat

  • 16-Dec-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Missing service in services economy

    It would be wise for services businesses to contemplate taking a pause and use that to sharpen the focus on customer service

  • 02-Dec-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Choking of India's future

    If Parliament stays gridlocked and if there is no political will to take up reforms, India could revert to its Hindu rate of growth

  • 18-Nov-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: 'Dharma' and 'adharma'

    Let us not try to redefine dharma to suit nefarious needs

  • 04-Nov-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Innovating out of crises

    India can hope to pull itself out of the crisis of its own making by harnessing the intellectual and entrepreneurial potential of its people

  • 28-Oct-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    The power of the digital wallet

    Technology, in its many dimensions, has already transformed the way we live and the way we work in unimaginable ways. Mobile telephony, Internet, digital social media networks, search engines like Google, reference sources such as Wikipedia, ...

  • 21-Oct-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The next five years

    All of us acknowledge that India is changing and that the pace of change is accelerating. We also know that India (and the Indian economy) will be very different five years from now in more ways than one. In the context of private consumption, how ...

  • 07-Oct-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Little care for health care

    For India's business houses and entrepreneurs, health care could be one of the most promising and rewarding sectors

  • 23-Sep-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Balkanisation of India's markets

    The complexity in segmentation of customers and markets is only going to increase, and that too manifold