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  • 21-Apr-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Signalling 'hi jaanu'

    Cheap talk and signals such as burning money affect fate in both IPO and online dating markets

  • 07-Apr-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    FCI versus NPC versus CCP

    If you are a farmer in a video game called Real Life, FCI is your buyer of last resort

  • 25-Mar-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Raising my interest rate

    The markets always wait breathlessly for such inelegant statements by the Fed

  • 10-Mar-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Real Life economy isn't fun

    GDP grew 7% for October-December over a year-ago period, exceeding estimates

  • 25-Feb-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: The quicker path to riches

    Virtual economies match talent and rewards better

  • 10-Feb-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Agent Orange prefers dollars

    Bitcoin lost 40% of its value in a single day

  • 28-Jan-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    A moment in the sunset

    Call it the Sunset Effect. The more you suffer, the more attention you get

  • 13-Jan-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Rapping with Keynes

    Party, free-flowing alcohol, Team Hayek points out, symbolise Keynesian money-printing gone wild

  • 30-Dec-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Great time to go live

    Facebook must never have anticipated such frivolous behaviour on its social media site

  • 17-Dec-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Yay! Holidays!

    This tight-knit community is highly vigilant against possible predators who consider the depressed fair game

  • 02-Dec-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: The world of video calls

    Screen blackouts, I later learn, are clever tricks rather than bugs to tantalise you into paying for 'undisturbed' streaming

  • 18-Nov-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Ancient internet

    GooGoo is a popular search engine today, but many do not know that it has been in business since 1880

  • 05-Nov-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Virtual office roleplay

    It is weird to note that corporate workers - exactly the people being made fun of - are the ones running the roleplay show

  • 22-Oct-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Eye on the game

    When I visited Twitch, the most striking part was the sheer number of people swarming on the sidelines, watching other people play

  • 22-Oct-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Calendar countdown

    Around now, preparations are on for what has morphed into the art season in India with a number of public events and platforms

  • 08-Oct-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    A how-to for everything

    For most of these holidays, I keep myself from doing things by reading hundreds of WikiHow posts, and even using a dozen or so

  • 24-Sep-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Virtual disillusion

    Every night after work, I would return helplessly to this website: I desperately needed a channel for my twinges, for my confusion

  • 10-Sep-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Let's play Real Life

    Real Life is the longest-running virtual game, and the registration process here is different from other virtual games

  • 27-Aug-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    A meme for every mood

    One the most interesting aspects of the topic at hand is the pronunciation of the word itself

  • 13-Aug-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    The Pokemon conundrum

    Pokemon Go is the first real success story of augmented reality technology

  • 18-Jun-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Monkeys of Shimla

    People upload and spread social media messages through monkeys, who climb up hills and flash thumbs-up, if someone 'likes' you

  • 04-Jun-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Web monkeys

    I even set up a gang called Web Monkeys, a group of hip, high-tech teens supposed to save the still-new internet from doom: clearly, computers were magical back then

  • 21-May-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Downloading happiness

    After immersion into VR, I was fine for a few minutes but, while inching across the room, I started to expect a virtual grid to appear, so I could step aside, mentally, into a virtual space, even with

  • 14-May-2016 | B Dasarath Reddy & Ashish Sharma

    World's largest transport aircraft lands in India

    Much bigger than AirbusAn-225 Mriya landed in India on Friday on way to Australia from TurkmenistanAs wide as 2 football fieldsThe plane was designed in 1980s and was meant to carry a Soviet space shuttleCan fly 640,000 kgThe transport carrier can ...

  • 07-May-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Love machines

    According to an online community of guys who had been jacking in and out of the site, not caring who or what was on the other end