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  • 19-May-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Market power of a shorty

    Online dating is perhaps the clearest example of market principles in the world of romance

  • 06-May-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Real Life turns off red beacon

    In Real Life we continue to hate inequality: we expect the rich to be humble

  • 21-Apr-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Signalling 'hi jaanu'

    Cheap talk and signals such as burning money affect fate in both IPO and online dating markets

  • 07-Apr-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    FCI versus NPC versus CCP

    If you are a farmer in a video game called Real Life, FCI is your buyer of last resort

  • 25-Mar-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Raising my interest rate

    The markets always wait breathlessly for such inelegant statements by the Fed

  • 10-Mar-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Real Life economy isn't fun

    GDP grew 7% for October-December over a year-ago period, exceeding estimates

  • 25-Feb-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: The quicker path to riches

    Virtual economies match talent and rewards better

  • 10-Feb-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Agent Orange prefers dollars

    Bitcoin lost 40% of its value in a single day

  • 28-Jan-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    A moment in the sunset

    Call it the Sunset Effect. The more you suffer, the more attention you get

  • 13-Jan-2017 | Ashish Sharma

    Rapping with Keynes

    Party, free-flowing alcohol, Team Hayek points out, symbolise Keynesian money-printing gone wild

  • 30-Dec-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Great time to go live

    Facebook must never have anticipated such frivolous behaviour on its social media site

  • 17-Dec-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Yay! Holidays!

    This tight-knit community is highly vigilant against possible predators who consider the depressed fair game

  • 02-Dec-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: The world of video calls

    Screen blackouts, I later learn, are clever tricks rather than bugs to tantalise you into paying for 'undisturbed' streaming

  • 18-Nov-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma: Ancient internet

    GooGoo is a popular search engine today, but many do not know that it has been in business since 1880

  • 05-Nov-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Virtual office roleplay

    It is weird to note that corporate workers - exactly the people being made fun of - are the ones running the roleplay show

  • 22-Oct-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Eye on the game

    When I visited Twitch, the most striking part was the sheer number of people swarming on the sidelines, watching other people play

  • 22-Oct-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Calendar countdown

    Around now, preparations are on for what has morphed into the art season in India with a number of public events and platforms

  • 08-Oct-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    A how-to for everything

    For most of these holidays, I keep myself from doing things by reading hundreds of WikiHow posts, and even using a dozen or so

  • 24-Sep-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Virtual disillusion

    Every night after work, I would return helplessly to this website: I desperately needed a channel for my twinges, for my confusion

  • 10-Sep-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Let's play Real Life

    Real Life is the longest-running virtual game, and the registration process here is different from other virtual games

  • 27-Aug-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    A meme for every mood

    One the most interesting aspects of the topic at hand is the pronunciation of the word itself

  • 13-Aug-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    The Pokemon conundrum

    Pokemon Go is the first real success story of augmented reality technology

  • 18-Jun-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Monkeys of Shimla

    People upload and spread social media messages through monkeys, who climb up hills and flash thumbs-up, if someone 'likes' you

  • 04-Jun-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Web monkeys

    I even set up a gang called Web Monkeys, a group of hip, high-tech teens supposed to save the still-new internet from doom: clearly, computers were magical back then

  • 21-May-2016 | Ashish Sharma

    Downloading happiness

    After immersion into VR, I was fine for a few minutes but, while inching across the room, I started to expect a virtual grid to appear, so I could step aside, mentally, into a virtual space, even with