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  • 04-Apr-2015 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Different by design

    Though one would expect him to follow in his family's musical footsteps, Tejas Mangeshkar is creating waves in the realm of design

  • 31-Jan-2015 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Khadi on the ramp

    With capes, garara pants and dungarees, three designers are taking khadi to luxurious heights

  • 10-Jan-2015 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Dressing Nicole

    From chic suits to flowing gowns, Nicole Kidman has been known for her elegant sartorial choices

  • 03-Jan-2015 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Ranbir Kapoor: Dressed to match the mood

    High-street fashion or clothes from the corner shop? Actor Ranbir Kapoor says he will wear anything that catches his fancy and matches his mood

  • 15-Nov-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Architect of ease

    French designer Samy Chalon joins Ritu Kumar's prêt label in an effort to take the brand global

  • 25-Oct-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Tommy Hilfiger's designs on India

    Designer Tommy Hilfiger talks about his love affair with India as the brand celebrates its tenth year in the country

  • 11-Oct-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Your fashion has a star-sign

    The zodiac is now dictating your hair colour, shoe style and even the ingredients in your meal

  • 27-Sep-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Jewellery expert Olaf Van Cleef comes to India with a glittering canvas

    Olaf Van Cleef, scion of the family that crafted jewellery for the likes of Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, is in India to exhibit his collection of gem-studded paintings. The author speaks to him a

  • 13-Sep-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Bling it on

    Four style gurus have decided to expand their repertoire and conquer another bastion of design - jewellery. The author checks out their creations

  • 16-Aug-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Fashion designers get ordinary people to model on their shows

    Fashion designers are now getting 'regular' people - watchmen, gym instructors, rickshaw pullers - to model on their shows

  • 12-Jul-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Old-world charm

    Designer Manish Malhotra has entered the Rs 100-cr league, as he prepares to show at the upcoming India Couture Week. The author on the man and his creations

  • 27-Jun-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Safas and angarakhas for Mastani

    Textile revivalist Anju Modi speaks to author about recreating the understated grandeur of Bajirao Mastani through her clothes

  • 21-Jun-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Mundane is the muse

    Dirty laundry, dish drainers, detergents and skull caps inspire three designers to reinvent style and make the banal fashionable

  • 14-Jun-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Made in India worn in the west

    From Katy Perry and Shakira to Rihanna and Paris Hilton, international celebrities are now flaunting Indian designs on the red carpet

  • 30-May-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Rod Anker's Summer hairstyles

    The stylist of celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Elle Macpherson suggests styles and tips to manage hair in the Indian summer

  • 23-May-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Tihar gets a designer edge

    Menswear spun in khadi and created in Tihar Jail under the guidance of Rina Dhaka will soon be seen at all TJs outlets

  • 28-Mar-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Weaving in a change

    Sally Holkar has lent a contemporary feel to the Maheshwari silk while keeping its cultural legacy intact. Her efforts have resulted in creating livelihood for millions of weavers as well

  • 14-Mar-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    Mandira goes the full six yards

    Actor Mandira Bedi has now donned a designer's hat with her line of saris

  • 22-Feb-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    From a village in Kanpur to the catwalks of Milan: Rahul Mishra

    Interview with Indian fashion designer to win the International Woolmark Prize

  • 21-Feb-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    The zigzag walk to fame

    Never the one to imitate trends, Rosita Missoni, 81, believes in celebrating life, fashion and togetherness through colour

  • 14-Feb-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    "Fur is Fendi and Fendi is fur"

    Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of this iconic fashion house, is credited with making fur less bourgeois and more functional

  • 24-Jan-2014 | Asmita Aggarwal

    From a rockstar's wardrobe

    Monica Dogra, actress, musician and now designer, speaks to author about what women can get from her eclectic and non-conformist fashion line

  • 17-Jan-2014 | As told to Asmita Aggarwal

    Rahul Dev on sculpting a new look

    Actor reveals his journey from a junk food junkie to a fitness guru

  • 20-Dec-2013 | Asmita Aggarwal

    There is something about Mary

    Boxer par excellence, and now a model, an author and subject of a high-profile biopic, Mary Kom reveals how she handles fame outside the boxing ring

  • 13-Dec-2013 | Asmita Aggarwal

    That's my look

    Shah Rukh Khan has come a long way from his floppy look in the 1989 TV series, Fauji. Dubbed as the Sexiest Asian Man by popular media, the 48-year-old actor talks about his five favourite looks with the authorHe is the undisputed Badshah of ...

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