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  • 13-May-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    India, Brazil drag EU to WTO

    Raise trade dispute against EU over seizure of generic drugs.

  • 06-May-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    US for enhanced mkt access to 1,600 goods in India, China, Brazil

    The United States (US) wants enhanced market access to about 1,600 industrial goods (tariff lines) in China, India and Brazil to enable Washington to conclude the stalled Doha trade negotiations, said trade diplomats.

  • 05-May-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    India presses for decision on rules of origin

    During a general council meeting, the highest body to take day-to-day decisions, the three Asian countries called for setting up of an urgent “deliberative” process to finish the work on the harmonisation of non-preferential rules of ...

  • 27-Apr-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    India closes probe into import of 8 products

    India today informed the World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) committee on safeguards that it had terminated its safeguard investigations into import of eight products. The decision was welcomed by the European Union (EU) and the US, trade ...

  • 22-Apr-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    Doha: India, China want US commitment

    India, China and Brazil are expected to press Washington to indicate the “payment” it is ready to make at the stalled Doha trade negotiations when representatives of the four countries meet in Paris next week, senior trade officials

  • 20-Apr-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    Airspace closure a mess: IATA

    The Geneva-based International Air Transport Association (IATA) today criticised governments for the closure of airspace over Europe.

  • 15-Apr-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    Rising oil prices to dampen growth prospects

    Rising international oil prices, coupled with strong inflationary pressures, could dampen growth prospects in several emerging countries, including India, analysts said.

  • 31-Mar-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    Geneva atom smasher starts journey to unlock origin of universe

    After three failed attempts and a delay of more than 18 months, the world’s costliest scientific experiment began today on a successful footing to reveal the secrets of the origins of the universe — at the European Nuclear Research ...

  • 24-Mar-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    WTO panel condemns aid to Airbus

    Says Airbus was beneficiary of illegal subsidies.

  • 23-Mar-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    Doha Round likely to miss 2010 deadline, too

    As senior officials congregated for a week-long “stock-taking” Doha Development Agenda (DDA) exercise in Geneva today, it is officially acknowledged there is little or no progress in different dossiers of the languishing trade talks ...

  • 19-Mar-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    India to sign trademark protection treaty

    India would join the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO’s) Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks this year. This would enable the owner of a registered trademark to protect his brand in the member ...

  • 05-Mar-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    India seeks ban on zeroing methodology

    Claims the methodology strengthens protectionism.

  • 23-Feb-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    Doha trade talks may remain stalled this year

    The much-delayed Doha Development Agenda (DDA) trade negotiations were unlikely to be concluded this year after the United States rejected World Trade Organization (WTO) chief Pascal Lamy’s proposal for an early ministerial meeting, several ...

  • 18-Feb-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    India questions developed world's commitment to free trade

    The developing countries have challenged the developed countries to demonstrate whether they have delivered a fair share in liberalising their markets for service providers from developing countries in the Doha trade negotiations, trade diplomats ...

  • 09-Feb-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    China fifth in UN patent filings, India way behind

    China is on its way to become a global leader in scientific research, while India has a long way to go, according to data issued by a Geneva-based organisation on international patent filings.

  • 05-Feb-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    G-33 locks horns with farm exporters on Doha norms

    India and other Group of 33 (G-33) developing countries have cautioned farm exporting nations against placing stringent conditions on “simple” and easy-to-implement “special safeguards mechanism (SSM)” for farm trade by them.

  • 09-Jan-2010 | D Ravi Kanth

    UN to probe violations in India's shipbreaking, e-waste businesses

    India’s alleged eco-unfriendly and labour-unfriendly policies, particularly in shipbreaking activities in Gujarat and on e-waste disposal, are going to be probed from next week, when the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur Okechukwu ...

  • 30-Dec-2009 | D Ravi Kanth

    Intense H1N1 activity in India: WHO

    Even as the H1N1 influenza pandemic is coming to an end in the rich countries, nations like India and Egypt in the developing world must remain alert as there is “an intense influenza activity in New Delhi and other places”, said Dr ...

  • 17-Dec-2009 | D Ravi Kanth

    US proposal to reopen Doha deals gets cold response

    India, along with several developing countries, have dismissed an idea floated by the United States to “shake up the Doha box” on the ground that such a move would undermine the progress made over the past eight years in the stalled Doha ...

  • 16-Dec-2009 | D Ravi Kanth

    After 15 years, banana fight ends between EU, Latin America

    The curtain came down today on one of the oldest trade disputes between the European Union and major Latin American producers at the World Trade Organization (WTO). It concerned bananas.

  • 09-Dec-2009 | D Ravi Kanth

    Lamy's Reuters 'job' raises conflict of interest

    World Trade Organization (WTO) chief Pascal Lamy’s decision to join the Board of Directors of Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company has raised a serious conflict of interest, trade envoys have said.

  • 07-Dec-2009 | D Ravi Kanth

    India among top borrowers amid global debt slump

    Residents in India and other emerging economies borrowed $34 billion by issuing debt securities in the international market during the last three months ending November, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has indicated.

  • 03-Dec-2009 | D Ravi Kanth

    Doha Round stuck; Unctad's Sao Paulo Round does better

    Developing country parties to the Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP) today met at the minitrial level and agreed on “modalities” for cutting tariffs in trade between each other.

  • 02-Dec-2009 | D Ravi Kanth

    Doha progress only with new market access: US

    The World Trade Organization’s seventh ministerial meeting is transformed into what a trade official of an industrialised country described as the “substance-free zone” due to intransigent positions adopted by the US.

  • 30-Nov-2009 | D Ravi Kanth

    Geneva WTO ministerial likely to be a talkfest, believe many

    As the World Trade Organisation’s seventh ministerial meeting begins today (Monday) amid violence, trade ministers will focus for the first time not so much on the stalled-Doha trade negotiations but on how to strengthen the much-bruised ...