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  • 12-Apr-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Calling the protectionists' bluff

    Though new trade deals can spark controversy, it is highly unlikely that protectionism will prevail

  • 20-Mar-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Mixed signals from the Euro zone

    Some economic indicators suggest that things are looking up for the common currency's survival

  • 05-Jan-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Can the EU survive populism?

    Another year, another threat to the European Union's survival

  • 28-Dec-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Can Mr Trump save the euro?

    Rapid demand-fuelled growth in the US, together with the strong dollar

  • 13-Oct-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The cost of overhyping globalisation

    The problem lies in a lack of understanding of what drove trade growth over the last few decades

  • 15-Sep-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The not-so-high costs of Brexit

    Beyond a weaker pound and lower UK interest rates, the referendum has not had much of a lasting impact

  • 17-Aug-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The silent death of eurozone governance

    It is now clearer than ever that EU member states prioritise domestic political imperatives over common rules - and Europe's common good

  • 14-Jul-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Britain's moment of truth

    The UK side is in disarray and first must choose a new leader now that Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation

  • 20-Jun-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: IMF go home

    There is no good reason to keep the IMF around today - and there are billions of good reasons to send it home

  • 10-May-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Is globalisation really fuelling populism?

    A close look at statistics belies the argument that the losers of globalisation are revolting against the elites

  • 25-Apr-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: An unfounded fear of deflation

    Central banks throughout developed world have been overwhelmed by fear of deflation. They shouldn't be: The fear is unfounded, and the obsession with it is damaging

  • 16-Mar-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The end of globalisation?

    While global trade also fell in 2009, the explanation was obvious: The world was experiencing a sharp contraction in GDP at the time

  • 29-Jan-2016 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The threat that will save Europe

    One development in 2015 offers reason to hope that EU leaders will move beyond muddling through to implement bolder solutions in 2016: The threat of expulsion gained credibility

  • 15-Dec-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Schengen and European security

    Far from making Europeans safer, rolling back Schengen would actually hinder the fight against terrorism

  • 26-Nov-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Euro zone's Minsky conundrum

    Easier credit conditions and lower interest rates are supposed to boost growth by stimulating investment and consumption demand

  • 26-Oct-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The end of German hegemony

    Germany still has some apparent advantages. But a closer examination shows that they are not quite as positive as they seem

  • 17-Sep-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Europe under siege?

    Many Europeans feel like their countries are under assault, as huge numbers of migrants flow across their borders. Whether they are being exposed to refugees firsthand, or just seeing images of them splashed across newspaper pages, Europeans are ...

  • 06-Aug-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Why Greece declined a euro holiday

    For the entire first half of this year, since the far-left, anti-austerity Syriza party came to power in January, the Greek saga virtually monopolised the attention of European policymakers. Even as their country's economy crashed, Greece's new ...

  • 10-Jul-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Europe's Greek failure

    Last year, it seemed that saving Greece was within reach - until a clash of narratives derailed progress

  • 12-Jun-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The QE placebo

    Central banks can seemingly pour hundreds of billions of dollars, euros or yen into the market with little discernible effect on growth or inflationIt has now been nearly half a year since the European Central Bank (ECB) declared its intention to ...

  • 24-May-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Greece is different

    Austerity has sparked economic revival everywhere it has been tried - except for Greece

  • 16-Apr-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Money for nothing

    The developed world seems to be moving toward a long-term zero-interest-rate environment. Though the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and the euro zone have kept central-bank policy rates at zero for several years already, the perception ...

  • 19-Mar-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Why deflation is good news for Europe

    In today's global economy, there is no price as important as that of crude oil. More than 80 million barrels are produced (and consumed) daily, and a large part of that output is traded internationally. Thus, the sharp fall in the crude-oil price - ...

  • 12-Feb-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The Greek austerity myth

    The country's new government's argument about unreasonableness of austerity targets simply fails to withstand scrutiny

  • 16-Jan-2015 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: The Russian threat runs out of fuel

    The US shale oil and gas production is likely to play a greater role in keeping Russia at bay rather than Nato troops on Europe's borders