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  • 05-Nov-2016 | Indira Kannan

    The heart of a lion

    Lion is another feather in Dev Patel's impressive body of work

  • 24-Sep-2016 | Indira Kannan

    Child of slum, queen of chess

    Set in a shanty Ugandan town, Mira Nair's Queen of Katwe is a heart-warming film based on a true story

  • 17-Sep-2016 | Indira Kannan

    Snowden: The whistleblower

    Snowden is true to its subject but lacks the drama you would expect from the powerful, real-life story

  • 08-Sep-2016 | Indira Kannan

    Bibhu Mohapatra: Eye On The White House

    Designer Bibhu Mohapatra, Famous For Dressing Michelle Obama, Speaks About His Plans To Widen His Canvas

  • 03-Sep-2016 | Indira Kannan

    Eye on the White House

    Designer Bibhu Mohapatra, famous for dressing Michelle Obama, tells Indira Kannan about his plans to widen his canvas

  • 27-Aug-2016 | Indira Kannan

    Deep discovery

    A recently unearthed wreckage of a ship that went down in Lake Ontario in 1803 has an India connection

  • 28-May-2016 | Indira Kannan

    Chandra Arya: Playing on home turf

    An Indian-origin, first-time Member of Parliament in Canada is trying to make a difference in Indo-Canadian relations

  • 30-Apr-2016 | Indira Kannan

    How Rama Rau found her calling away from Bollywood

    The Toronto-based documentary film maker has found her calling away from Bollywood. And, League of Exotique Dancers is her latest offering

  • 26-Sep-2015 | Indira Kannan

    The Man Who Knew Infinity: A romance in numbers

    The Man Who Knew Infinity makes the life and pursuit of mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan more accessible

  • 19-Sep-2015 | Indira Kannan

    Glamour and gangsters

    Set in Canada, about a stylish Punjabi Sikh gang and its turf wars, Deepa Mehta's Beeba Boys veers between fierce and farce

  • 18-Apr-2015 | Indira Kannan

    PM Modi's visit wins hearts in Canada

    'Stand-alone' trip to North American nation, Gujarat track record open doors

  • 16-Apr-2015 | Indira Kannan

    Modi-Harper meet seals Uranium deal

    Canada is the world's second largest producer of uranium, with annual exports of over $1 billion and India is the fourth largest energy consumer in the world

  • 24-Jan-2015 | Indira Kannan

    What makes Kamala Harris the 'female Obama'

    Kamala Harris, famously described by President Barack Obama as the best looking attorney general in the United States, bids fair to become a US senator next year

  • 18-Oct-2014 | Indira Kannan

    It's Korea in the theatres

    South Korean cinema is making waves globally, while Bollywood lags far behind

  • 13-Sep-2014 | Indira Kannan

    Battles of the mind

    Bobby Fischer's face-off with Boris Spassky wasn't just about chess. Pawn Sacrifice tries to capture the turmoil in the American grandmaster's mind

  • 08-Sep-2014 | Indira Kannan

    Servicing customer service needs

    Helpshift, which provides an in-app customer service platform to companies, is trying to dominate the segment

  • 02-Jul-2014 | Indira Kannan

    We are in India for the long haul: Andre Bourbonnais

    Interview with CPPIB's senior vice-president for private investments

  • 23-Jun-2014 | Indira Kannan

    Compressing time, revolutionising advertising

    PubMatic, a pioneer in real-time bidding for online advertising, is betting the advertising industry will soon go wholly digital, and is gearing up to dominate the market

  • 12-Jun-2014 | Indira Kannan

    Globally, marketplace has been the only successful model: Naren Gupta

    Interview with Co-founder and MD, Nexus Venture Partners

  • 19-Aug-2013 | Indira Kannan

    Lights off, game on

    Enlighted, with offices in California and Pune, is counting on a bright future by showing clients how to dim their lights

  • 15-Aug-2013 | Indira Kannan

    We're in the early part of investment in Flipkart: Sameer Gandhi

    Interview with Partner, Accel Partners

  • 15-Jul-2013 | Indira Kannan

    Shining through the cloud

    With the cloud storage industry set to grow exponentially, a start-up offering innovative software eyes the emerging opportunities

  • 06-Jul-2013 | Indira Kannan

    Working on options for natural gas pricing for power sector: Scindia

    Adds power and fertiliser should be looked at as a separate dispensation

  • 28-Jun-2013 | Indira Kannan

    The Galleon wreckage

    Journalist Anita Raghavan's book captures the conspiracy and the investigation into the high-profile Wall Street insider trading scandal in exhaustive and entertaining detail

  • 21-Jun-2013 | Indira Kannan

    Tween good and evil

    Miami-born Sindhi Soman Chainani makes a splashy debut with The School for Good and Evil. He tells Indira Kannan that it is a fairy tale that aims to address the anxieties of today's youth.Once upon a time, an Indian American writer and filmmaker ...