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  • 17-Mar-2017 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Superhero marathon

    'Baahubali' is the closest to a proper super hero Indian cinema has produced after 'Mr India'

  • 03-Mar-2017 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Oscars so radical

    Made in America was the longest film ever nominated for an Oscar, let alone to win one

  • 17-Feb-2017 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Coming of age

    Jenkins made a movie with such cool intelligence and sorrow that it's beyond pulchritudinous belief

  • 03-Feb-2017 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath:Oscars in Trumpland

    There have now been 647 cinematography nominations in Oscar history

  • 21-Jan-2017 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Voice of a generation

    What Infinite Jest did to the '90s, Wire to the aughts, Girls does the same for the 2010-2020 decade

  • 13-Jan-2017 | J Jagannath

    Winner for all ages

    There would be little surprise if Haraamkhor turns out be the year's best independent film

  • 06-Jan-2017 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Best scenes of 2016

    The year we left behind has been truly terrible

  • 23-Dec-2016 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Making it big

    Watch 'La La Land' and 'American Honey' to understand it's not such a bad thing to dream big

  • 09-Dec-2016 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Linguistics and philosophy

    Villeneuve is like the alternative Spielberg we never knew we needed

  • 25-Nov-2016 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Horror of horrors

    Babak Anvari's Under The Shadow is a supremely scary movie set in the 1980s when the Iran-Iraq war was at its raging best

  • 12-Nov-2016 | J Jagannath

    J Jagannath: Strange & insecure

    The just-released 'Doctor Strange' is quite possibly my most favourite movie made out of the Marvel source material

  • 29-Oct-2016 | J Jagannath

    Film festival amid war

    Days before the Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival was to kick off, Karan Johar came out with a 117-second video appealing to a fringe nationalist party to allow a smooth release of his upcoming Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. This earnest, albeit ...

  • 15-Oct-2016 | J Jagannath

    Gifts from a film fest

    The former, a French-German-Belgian psychological thriller starring Isabelle Huppert, is based on the rape-without-tears bestseller Oh... by Philippe Djian

  • 01-Oct-2016 | J Jagannath

    Best of the best

    I have a few reservations considering how documentaries don't find a mention and neither does a single Indian movie

  • 17-Sep-2016 | J Jagannath

    Blind assassin

    Don't Breathe has so much craft it retroactively makes nearly every other recent studio horror movie look even lazier

  • 03-Sep-2016 | J Jagannath

    Alternative Telugu cinema

    This year saw a spate of smaller films ruling the roost, while the bombastic mainstream ones fell by the wayside

  • 20-Aug-2016 | J Jagannath


    Calling Andrews a movie critic is a bit like calling Arnold Schwarzenegger a bodybuilder

  • 06-Aug-2016 | J Jagannath

    Through a glass darkly

    Based on two short stories by Waryam Singh Sandhu, the director connects two nearly disparate stories to show the grisly paranoia that gripped the state in 1984 during the anti-Sikh riots

  • 23-Jul-2016 | J Jagannath

    Great Indian male gaze

    The unsettling gaze of the Indian male towards women in the post-2000 cinema has been very one-dimensional. Apart from Selvaraghavan, who has an original albeit borderline misogynistic look writ large on his protagonists' faces, almost no other film ...

  • 22-Jul-2016 | J Jagannath

    Kabali re-establishes Rajinikanth's brand power

    The movie's pre-release business of Rs 206 crore proves the actor is a blue-chip even Warren Buffett would love to have in his portfolio

  • 22-Jul-2016 | J Jagannath

    Kabali film review: Weapon of mass attraction

    J Jagannath comes away from a 6 a.m. screening with mixed emotions about Rajinikanth's latest vehicle for his larger-than-life persona

  • 09-Jul-2016 | J Jagannath

    GoT bored

    For all the glacial pace that the current season had to offer during the first eight episodes, the following couple of them just went berserk

  • 25-Jun-2016 | J Jagannath

    Trip of the year

    At a time when priapic sex comedies are ruling the roost in Bollywood, Udta Punjab is nothing less than a fresh blast of oxygen

  • 11-Jun-2016 | J Jagannath

    Regional cinema, ahoy

    I would gladly join the ship-breaking industry in Alang and risk dying of asbestos poisoning instead of watching The Nice Guys at any Indian cinema. This, despite the raving reviews in the West because our generation's cultural arbiter-in-chief, ...

  • 28-May-2016 | J Jagannath

    Sairat: A brave new film

    This is the kind of a film we expect from Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Dardenne brothers, maybe even Bela Tarr