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  • 07-Nov-2009 | K S Shekhawat

    Villas and suites away from home

    Manesar is the new Gurgaon, but two resorts there provide a reason for refugees from the capital to seek sanctuary.

  • 17-Oct-2009 | K S Shekhawat

    Bidding on antiques

    In a first, Indian and Asian antiques will be auctioned in New Delhi later this month.

  • 10-Oct-2009 | K S Shekhawat

    Vietnam with a twist

    Singapore-based Poole Associates debuts with its first “eatertainment” project in Delhi.

  • 26-Sep-2009 | K S Shekhawat

    Fair city

    Checking out Mumbai's Art Expo this weekend.

  • 08-Jul-2009 | K S Shekhawat

    Facelift turns an old maid into a diva

    The Janpath Hotel is fighting the odds with a novel plan to bring it into the limelight.

  • 18-Apr-2009 | K S Shekhawat

    From IPL's point of view

    The elite Indian Premier League gets to experience Sol Kerzner’s newest luxury hotel in Cape Town, writes K S Shekhawat.

  • 12-Jan-2009 | K S Shekhawat

    Looking back to look ahead

    The aborted Osian’s auction — it was scheduled to be held at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai on November 27 — would have been a pointer to a major trend in 2009: The emergence for collectors of traditional and folk art forms.

  • 05-Sep-2008 | K S Shekhawat

    Other books

    If the average Indian family is dysfunctional, at the Big House in Malaysia they’re teetering perilously close to madness.

  • 15-Mar-2008 | K S Shekhawat

    Trappings of the good life

    Anjali Goel designs complete ensembles for the super rich, looking for that distinctive touch of luxury in their homes. K S Shekhawat visits the La Sorogeeka factory and comes away a little

  • 15-Dec-2007 | K S Shekhawat

    How green was my office

    Or how developers are being wooed to make even low-end, 24x7 offices energy efficient.

  • 28-Oct-2007 | K S Shekhawat

    Behind the scum, a city of rare treasures

    In the early 1940s, the Taj Mahal came close to being lost when an American air force cargo plane took off from the military airport and almost crashed into the famous dome, all because the refuelling

  • 08-Sep-2007 | K S Shekhawat

    Please retire, Mr Bachchan!

    Should the Big B be or not be seen on the big screen? It's a tongue-twister, but also an increasingly relevant question. An open letter to Amitabh Bachchan, whose participation in the sullying of our

  • 12-Aug-2007 | K S Shekhawat

    Testing the art crowd


  • 14-Jul-2007 | K S Shekhawat

    Art for a cause

    With the season's first charity exhibition kicking in, it's time to examine what keeps them ticking.

  • 24-May-2007 | K S Shekhawat

    A bit of Chandigarh in New York

    AUCTION: Christie's memorabilia sale of furniture by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret debuts next month at the Rockefeller Center.

  • 20-Apr-2007 | K S Shekhawat

    Behind the taxman`s knock

    ART: For the industry to mature, it'll have to look beyond just earnings and set systems in place.

  • 29-Jul-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    How to mix champagne cocktails

    FACE IT: Champagne thats off even a bit tastes horrible. Given our temperatures and the way we store our wines (sparkling or otherwise), and the passing-the-parcel we tend to play with gifts, its

  • 08-Jul-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    Minimal? What's that?

    Interior spaces in India's New Age buildings are different from their clones in the West.

  • 08-Jul-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    How to order coffee

    What's an espresso? Read on to find out all about that hot cup of coffee.

  • 24-Jun-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    It`s all about scale

    You could be forgiven if, as a layperson, you think that Jagannath Pandas recent work is all about construction sites and city skylines. His recent work has moved away from the giant egg waiting to

  • 17-Jun-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    Laugh with him, not at him

    They couldnt be more alike, yet there couldnt be more dissimilarities in their work. Hyderabad-based K Laxma Goud got there faster, perhaps, than T Vaikuntam, but even a fleeting glance will reveal

  • 10-Jun-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    Mythology's sensuous face

    Raja Ravi Varma placed our myths on a mortal plane.

  • 27-May-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    How to mix your own `luxury` martinis

    GRANT COLLINS, who runs Bar Solutions, a bartending academy, and is a consultant for Belvedere (a Moet Hennessy vodka) is far from home (in Australia).

  • 18-Mar-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    Manipulating images

    Pratima Naithani's exhibition was all about changing the context of one form of art into another.

  • 10-Mar-2006 | K S Shekhawat

    Drawing the neighbour

    ART: An exhibition of Pakistani art in Delhi is the next link in Indo-Pak diplomacy.