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  • 17-Nov-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Preparing for a long journey

    Thanks to the traffic gridlock, the party you're headed for is likely to be ending by the time you get there

  • 17-Nov-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Calling 'Mr Mona Lisa'

    It would be fair to ask how much collectors would be willing to pay for owning a part of Indian history

  • 10-Nov-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Just don't say cheese

    The egg selection in the morning consisted of various forms of omelette stuffed with everything from olives to gherkins, the author writes

  • 04-Nov-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Missing a flight, as usual

    Author shares how he ended up missing flights on different occasions

  • 03-Nov-2017 | Kishore Singh

    India's global art advent

    Art fair directors have capability to draw talent through curation and audience appeal that includes elite of museum and of art events and biennales

  • 27-Oct-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Travails of an occasional vegetarian

    Author is puzzled as to why everyone conspires to gang up against the vegetable eater

  • 20-Oct-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Bihar's cultural supremacy

    Earlier this month, the partially opened Bihar Museum in Patna was declared open to the public

  • 20-Oct-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Start of change or just an exception?

    The author is talking about Diwali celebration by Delhiites

  • 14-Oct-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Planning a lavish party this Diwali? Taxman may be your invisible guest

    Gone are the days of over-the-top Diwali parties. This year round, the taxman is the invisible - and unwanted - guest at these once extravagant affairs

  • 13-Oct-2017 | Kishore Singh

    How to ace the girlfriend test

    Author speaks about his son and how he refuses to share details of a newly formed relationship with his family

  • 06-Oct-2017 | Kishore Singh

    The staple at the auction house

    Old-time collectors recall how he would keep scribbles of his renderings at hand, so they could "order" customised works with the figures they wanted placed in a way they could choose

  • 06-Oct-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Instagrammable but unpalatable

    A picture may tell a thousand words, but nothing else lies like the camera either, writes the author

  • 29-Sep-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Going round in circles to pay a fine

    The author has expressed his views on illegal parking and woes related to it

  • 22-Sep-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Splashes of feminist fervour

    Women artists no longer need a gender-specific platform for their work even as a certain misogyny refuses to fade away three decades after the exhibition

  • 22-Sep-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Hit by Murphy's law

    The author describes a day when nothing worked in his favour

  • 08-Sep-2017 | Kishore Singh

    No mean feat carrying off a dhoti

    Wearing dhoti isn't something you can learn with some sleight of hand

  • 01-Sep-2017 | Kishore Singh

    When 3 generations live together

    My father is as sane as they come, and his behaviour isn't entirely unreasonable

  • 25-Aug-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Privacy still a matter of perspective

    Did SC consider curiosities, intrusions that make subject of privacy matter of perspective?

  • 25-Aug-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Artwork or just 'goods'?

    Worried emails have lately been flying back & forth among and from artists in New Delhi and Mumbai

  • 18-Aug-2017 | Kishore Singh

    How to drive jinxes away

    Barcelona attack confirms the jinx sentiment, says the author

  • 18-Aug-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Celebrating India's tradition at London's Varana

    Indian fashion, mostly, has been either inexpensive streetwear or wedding wear lacking elegance

  • 11-Aug-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Saving art from babudom

    Public money spent on art in PSUs disappear and no one is accountable for the loss

  • 11-Aug-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Any volunteers for Taser practice?

    The purpose of Taser gun is to stun anybody from electric charge

  • 04-Aug-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Talk, and hope no one's listening

    Far better on the stage where you get to butt in with a silly joke, which you'll regret on the way h

  • 28-Jul-2017 | Kishore Singh

    Those who live without doors

    Of the inhabitants, I have no idea, our new neighbours preferring to stay indoors, writes the author