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  • 25-May-2015 | Madhav Raghavan

    Madhav Raghavan: The world needs a new Nash equilibrium

    The most famous concept in game theory will live forever. But economics has diversified and the stage is set for the 21st century. We just need a new Nash

  • 15-Jan-2014 | Madhav Raghavan

    The maths behind a comedy

    Simon Singh picks a subject of interest, draws the connections to mathematics, and writes a thinly disguised ode to the ultimate subject

  • 17-Apr-2009 | Madhav Raghavan

    Okonomos: Integrating Factors

    Political radicalism in India remains at the fringes because we are largely an open society

  • 20-Mar-2009 | Madhav Raghavan

    Madhav Raghavan: Shock and alter

    If we are not careful, changes in incentives to save could sharply reduce aggregate savings and investment.

  • 30-May-2007 | Madhav Raghavan

    Madhav Raghavan: Value versus legitimacy

    Combining an ineffective regulator with adventurous producers and anxious consumers invariably causes conflict. The alcohol industry in India has always been an example. Now the higher education