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  • 31-Oct-2017 | Martin Feldstein

    Europe's economic dilemma

    All Euro Zone govts should place fiscal coordination with their European partners high on their agenda, before it is too late

  • 02-Oct-2017 | Martin Feldstein

    International impact of US tax reform

    It will make the country more attractive for companies across the board and also have a major effect on international capital flows and tax laws

  • 29-Jun-2017 | Martin Feldstein

    Does tackling bilateral trade gaps work?

    Negotiations in response to bilateral trade imbalances may not always have positive effects

  • 27-Apr-2017 | Martin Feldstein

    US trade deficit: Inconvenient truths

    The United States has a trade deficit of about $450 billion, or 2.5 per cent of GDP

  • 27-Feb-2017 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: A plan to combat global warming

    A carbon tax is the simplest and economically most efficient way to limit CO2 emissions

  • 26-Dec-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: The destructive power of inflation

    Argentina's experience shows that maintaining price stability is just as important as achieving it

  • 05-Dec-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: Will Trump's plan really boost US demand?

    The Federal Reserve can begin the process of raising interest rates in December without any need for an offsetting fiscal boost to demand

  • 03-Nov-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: What could go wrong in US?

    Market participants are watching the Fed to judge if and when the process of interest-rate normalisation will begin

  • 28-Sep-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: How scary is disruptive technology?

    The steady stream of improvements in driverless cars has convinced me that before too long the roads will be filled with cars and trucks operating without humans at the wheel. Likewise, I am convinced that the revolution in artificial intelligence ...

  • 25-Aug-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: Reducing inequality and poverty in US

    The United States government now spends more than $600 billion a year on programs to help the poor

  • 25-Jul-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: America's exploding deficit

    Federal debt is projected to rise to 141% of GDP by 2046, thus, the next president must plan for this quickly

  • 29-Jun-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: How EU overreach pushed Britain out

    The bloc's policies reinforced the difference between market-oriented British govts and many EU countries that have traditions of socialism

  • 23-May-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: Japan's economic quandary

    The Japanese economy is a paradoxical mixture of prosperity and failure. And, in a significant way, its prosperity makes its failures difficult to address

  • 30-Mar-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: China's next agenda

    The major new theme this year is 'supply-side restructuring,' a term that includes a wide range of policies aimed at boosting economic growth and living standards

  • 13-Mar-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: Stopping America's federal debt explosion

    The fiscal deficit is the most serious long-term economic problem facing US policymakers

  • 01-Feb-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: QE's shortcomings in Europe

    Why has the US Fed's policy of QE been so much more successful than the version of QE implemented by the European Central Bank?

  • 04-Jan-2016 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: Four global risks

    Putin has already warned Russians that they face austerity, because the government will no longer be able to afford to transfer benefits that it provided in recent years

  • 30-Nov-2015 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: China's latest five-year plan

    So the five-year plan is no longer a detailed blueprint for industrial expansion; rather, it provides a picture of what the Chinese leadership hopes will be achieved under the government's general gui

  • 02-Nov-2015 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: Chile's uncertain future

    It's no surprise that Chile is considered a developed country - the only South American member of the OECD

  • 12-Oct-2015 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: Chinese economy and Fed policy

    Janet Yellen's speech on September 24 at the University of Massachusetts clearly indicated that she and the majority of the members of the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) intend to raise the short-term interest rate by the end ...

  • 03-Sep-2015 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: Will Americans become poorer?

    True rise in US real incomes was actually faster than official statistics imply

  • 03-Aug-2015 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: US middle-class incomes stagnating?

    The challenge of raising the incomes of middle-class families has emerged as an important focus of the presidential election campaign in the United States. Everyone agrees that incomes at the top have surged ahead in recent decades, helped by ...

  • 06-Jul-2015 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: What is full employment?

    In an important sense, the US economy is now at full employment. The relatively tight labour market is causing wages to rise at an accelerating rate, because employers must pay more to attract and retain employees. This has important implications ...

  • 10-Jun-2015 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: The inflation puzzle

    If inflation does rise faster than the Fed expects, it may be forced to increase interest rates rapidly, with adverse effects on financial markets

  • 30-Apr-2015 | Martin Feldstein

    Martin Feldstein: America's risky recovery

    The United States' economy is approaching full employment and may already be there. But America's favorable employment trend is accompanied by a substantial increase in financial-sector risks, owing to the excessively easy monetary policy that was ...