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  • 14-May-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    Where's the slowdown

    Some companies surpassed economic sluggishness and the demonetisation-induced slowdown

  • 30-Apr-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    JK Paper: A bright spot in a forgotten industry

    Leading Indian paper firms posted an annualised Ebitda of around Rs 520 cr in Q3 of FY17

  • 17-Apr-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    Manaksia Industries: A new story

    There are a number of reasons why I like this company

  • 03-Apr-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    Two stocks from the backwaters

    V-Guard's debt of Rs 200 crore a few years ago is now more than Rs 200 crore of net cash

  • 19-Mar-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    Mudar Patherya: Playing the 'distribution' card

    Distribution capital is the ability to sell fastest, largest and at the lowest cost

  • 05-Mar-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    Mudar Patherya: Five gems in the making

    The author is talking about stocks of Emami Infrastructure, Shilp Gravures, Haldyn Glass

  • 20-Feb-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    Mudar Patherya: What demonetisation?

    V-Mart, Manaksia, Whirlpool Global and few other companies defied the demonetisation gloom

  • 06-Feb-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    Mudar Patherya: Reinventing to stay ahead

    Two companies reinventing themselves are Phillips Carbon Black and Rain Industries

  • 22-Jan-2017 | Mudar Patherya

    Multiple triggers for Adani Transmission

    Country's transmission capacity needs to increase to match existing generation capacity

  • 26-Dec-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    West Coast Paper to Sandur Manganese: Four small-caps to bet on

    Sandur Manganese, Kaveri Seed Company, West Coast Paper and Electrosteel Castings

  • 12-Dec-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Seven reasons why SpiceJet is a mispriced opportunity

    Based on relevant annualisation, the company is possibly selling at a single-digit discounting

  • 27-Nov-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Balrampur Chini not simply another commodity play

    Why would a company in a cash-hungry sector announce a buy-back?

  • 14-Nov-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Demonetisation: India at an inflection point

    The demonetisation achieved what governments struggled to achieve for decades

  • 30-Oct-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Two potential re-rating plays

    This column is dedicated to two companies with interesting possibilities

  • 17-Oct-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Four small-caps to watch

    Calculated guesses, taking a position on what the future could hold

  • 02-Oct-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Undervalued stocks

    The parade of some of the most interesting first-quarter corporate performances continues

  • 18-Sep-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Five stocks that stood out in Q1

    The extended first quarter season has kept me buried in sheets of scribbles and expectant extrapolations. This is a sniff of what I have to show for my honest labour.JK Paper: It's high time I saluted this paper company virtually returned from the ...

  • 04-Sep-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Three small-cap stars

    This limited prism has generated a few instances of corporate performances in the first quarter of the current financial year that could be considered encouraging

  • 22-Aug-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Salaam to these underdogs

    I am writing this column as a salaam to all those companies that made me spill tea on my kurta while I was reading their first quarter results a few days ago

  • 08-Aug-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Hidden gems

    It is that time of the year when small fortunes await those who can read between the lines of quarterly performances, tucked away in the corner of financial newspapers

  • 24-Jul-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Alphageo: A stockpicker's delight

    When oil majors need to discover oil, they need a trusted consultant to tell them where to drill. Alphageo is that trusted consultant

  • 11-Jul-2016 | MUDAR PATHERYA

    Caplin Point an attractive bet

    There are a number of similarities between Caplin and Ajanta

  • 30-Jun-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Sathavahana Ispat: The next multi-bagger?

    There is a newly-discovered respect for all those ductile iron pipe makers that one had earlier dismissed because they were steel related, infrastructure driven, technology intensive (hence, unpredictable) and capital intensive

  • 13-Jun-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    Six solid reasons to be bullish on Tata Metaliks

    Orgasm. That's the word that comes to mind when one looks at the consolidated numbers reported by Tata Metaliks for the past financial year

  • 30-May-2016 | Mudar Patherya

    A few dark horses

    It's that time of the year when your wife says, 'Need to show you how much weight I lost at the waist', and you intone 'wow' because you have just seen another amazing quarterly in the newspaper. These have been some of my marital ...