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  • 01-Sep-2014 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Now for the hard part

    Raghuram Rajan has work to do, in order to broaden and cement his legacy

  • 04-Aug-2014 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Inside Governor Rajan's mind

    Proponents of early monetary easing are poised to be disappointed

  • 30-Jun-2014 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Mr Jaitley's moment of truth

    A wider fiscal deficit despite higher divestment will be a disappointing beginning

  • 02-Jun-2014 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Say no to inflation Botox

    Growth-inflation balance is delicately positioned and requires surgery rather than more Botox

  • 05-May-2014 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Hit the ground running

    The new government will be closely watched for its approach towards the multi-pronged hit from the poor monsoon

  • 31-Mar-2014 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Hurry slowly

    The new prime minister should learn from the mistakes of the current government and pay more attention to inflation

  • 03-Mar-2014 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: A bad fiscal-monetary marriage

    A poor-quality fiscal correction will allow a suboptimal fiscal-monetary mix to persist, although that's a big hurdle for economic recovery

  • 06-Jan-2014 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Praying for the hope dividend

    Indian policymakers have no room for complacency even if there's a marginal improvement in growth-inflation dynamics

  • 02-Dec-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Deciphering the new growth normal

    The role of global factors in accelerating India's growth to unprecedented levels continues to be worryingly underappreciated

  • 04-Nov-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Battling unintended consequences

    Policy myopia should be reversed to lower economic uncertainty, which will encourage sustained unlocking of India's potential

  • 30-Sep-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Decoding Governor Rajan

    Raghuram Rajan's signal of a neutral stance is at odds with concerns about inflation and markets' revised expectation of more increases in the repo rate

  • 02-Sep-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Picking up the pieces

    A misguided approach to salvage near-term growth has not only hurt growth but also compromised macro stability

  • 05-Aug-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Own goals, broken limbs and band-aids

    The desperate interest rate defence won't prevent rupee depreciation but will delay and weaken economic turnaround

  • 01-Jul-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Back to steady depreciation

    The rupee's misunderstood fall is far from over despite some near-term respite

  • 03-Jun-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Crowns, cushions and crash helmets

    India appears ill-prepared to deal with a reversal in exceptionally easy global liquidity conditions

  • 12-May-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Will the real inflation rate stand up please?

    The RBI's idiosyncratic focus on wholesale price inflation at the expense of retail inflation is a serious policy error

  • 10-Apr-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Condemned to repeat the past

    Local and external factors are coming together to trigger another outsized depreciation of the rupee

  • 12-Mar-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Hype, hope and hubris

    The Budget's fuzzy maths and poor-quality fiscal correction will compromise the much-needed macro recalibration

  • 12-Feb-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Chidu-nomics - the threat within

    Preventing managed rupee depreciation is a key internal inconsistency in the finance minister's economic prescription

  • 09-Jan-2013 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Silencing the RBI

    How can the central bank governor deliver appropriate monetary policy when he can't even get the deputy he wants

  • 06-Dec-2012 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Fighting the gold bug

    RBI's suggestion of new products to lower gold imports treats the symptom rather than the underlying disease

  • 13-Nov-2012 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: The RBI's smoke and mirrors

    The central bank's inconsistent communication and shifting inflation metrics have only spread confusion

  • 17-Oct-2012 | Rajeev Malik

    Aiming for growth without tears

    Central banks have been in the news in recent years with increased frequency. As lenders of last resort, they’ve become the nerve centres for managing the fallout of the recent financial crises and for navigating with the least amount of ...

  • 10-Oct-2012 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: A mirror for Dr Singh

    Reflating the equity market and unsustainable rupee appreciation can't make up for the lack of qualitative fiscal correction

  • 12-Sep-2012 | Rajeev Malik

    Rajeev Malik: Advice from the trenches

    Effective communication with financial markets is key to the success of the new chief economic advisor