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  • 28-Nov-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Bharat will carry on

    The impact of demonetisation on agriculture would be far smaller in comparison to two consecutive droughts

  • 16-Nov-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Letters: Devil in the detail

    The lead editorial Standard deviations (Business Standard, November 16) raises an extremely valid concern regarding lack of standardisation in India

  • 07-Nov-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Divided we fall

    All across the globe, battle lines, literal as well as figurative, are being fortified, between and within nations, between and within economies, between and within communities

  • 25-Oct-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Revenge of the angry, old men

    Tata-SP gala: Not all designated successors would work out well, but that is little cause for the old guard to return

  • 23-Oct-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Without much choice in the matter

    Despite a chequered past, the US has always been an essentially open, fair and just society. Donald Trump is the absolute anathema of all that one cherishes about America; his opponent, Hillary Clinto

  • 10-Oct-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Truth will out

    By a remarkable coincidence, all the headline news developments so far this month had a single leitmotif - pursuit of truth and transparency - and is something that has rarely happened

  • 27-Sep-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Tea leaves favour Hillary Clinton

    The Democratic Party candidate has won the first of three US presidential debates with her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump. It's not done and dusted yet

  • 12-Sep-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: One nation, one election?

    Why would someone, particularly an enormously successful politician, want deliberately not to play up to his strength, was the question that struck me as I heard Narendra Modi forcefully making a case for simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and ...

  • 26-Aug-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Changing India's sporting culture

    All of us who are crying ourselves a river over India's poor performance at Rio would do well to introspect and take the right road to Tokyo

  • 17-Aug-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shallow dive in the Indian Ocean

    The Pacific and the Atlantic are larger and deeper than the Indian Ocean and, in the last century, have figured more prominently than it in global geo-strategic considerations. But the Indian Ocean has certainly been of far more seminal significance ...

  • 08-Aug-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Nobody's oyster

    The Rio Olympics have started under a shadow cast by overwhelming evidence of doping, the very antithesis of the spirit of the games

  • 06-Aug-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Chasing mirages

    Oxford economist Vijay Joshi calls for 'more sweeping reforms of a deeper variety' for India to make a rapid ascent to prosperity. The billion-dollar question is how feasible this is even under ideal

  • 11-Jul-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: The Fifth Horseman

    What now causes the world four-in-the-morning nightmares are altogether different kinds of terror groups completely innocent of any nationalist or ideological beliefs

  • 06-Jun-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Mind the (credibility) gap

    The govt, especially the PM, has claimed that the DBT scheme has helped reduce the subsidy for the cooking gas by Rs 15,000 cr, which is higher than even the potential saving estimated by the chief ec

  • 09-May-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: With his own China shop

    The politics of the second largest democracy of the world has seen some outsiders making it big

  • 11-Apr-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Coping with water wars

    Three sets of actions, ranging from the immediately practicable to the very difficult are suggested, not as alternatives, but as an entire package

  • 08-Apr-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Slow coach romance

    Will the Gatimaan generation have the luxury of indulging in such sweet nostalgia?

  • 07-Mar-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Not by law alone

    Some personal recollections, three decades apart, for this International Women's Day

  • 05-Mar-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Throwing money at problems

    In spite of Budget's rural focus, the government has consistently stumbled in agriculture

  • 05-Mar-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    An Oscar for Leonardo DiCaprio: Long time coming

    The author charts Leonardo DiCaprio's cinematic journey to winning an Oscar

  • 18-Feb-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Dhirajlal Desai: Agriculture policy guru

    That despair would have been considerably greater but for the contribution of pioneering thinkers such as Desai, who worked tirelessly with scientists and policy makers to usher in and sustain the Gre

  • 08-Feb-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: The great American sweepstakes

    They're off! The great American quadrennial presidential sweepstakes began last week with state-level caucuses of both Democratic and Republican parties in Iowa

  • 30-Jan-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Political totems, myths and rituals

    We hear daily catchy slogans and tag lines, like the incantation of mantras at religious rituals. Ritual invocations of hollow symbols do not deliver results; actions do

  • 11-Jan-2016 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: The end of economics?

    Should the collapse of oil prices and the perverse lockstep movements of economies lead us to question whether this is the end of economics?

  • 07-Dec-2015 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Shreekant Sambrani: Endless jihad

    ISIS is not a problem which can be resolved through military action either. History tells us why this is so

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