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  • 12-Apr-2016 | Siddharth Shriram

    Danny Willet, an unexpected and worthy Masters winner

    Freezing. Light frost on fairways and greens. Sparkling blue, crisp, early morning. Jet contrails crisscrossing the sky before the mild breeze dissipates them. As play commences, a thin cloud curtain is drawn from horizon to horizon, reducing light ...

  • 11-Apr-2016 | Siddharth Shriram

    Augusta National shows its teeth

    Saturday opened chillier, windier and sunnier than the Friday, promising still drier, harder and faster greens, and consequently higher scores.Some sane advice for the Masters under these conditions: If one misfires on the green from even ten feet, ...

  • 09-Apr-2016 | Siddharth Shriram

    Heavy winds wreak havoc as McIlroy closes gap

    Rory McIlroy lines up a putt on the 2nd green during the second round of the Masters in Augusta on Friday

  • 09-Apr-2016 | Siddharth Shriram

    High winds & mayhem in the offing

    The story of the day was four-time major winner Ernie Els's six over on the par 4 on the first hole

  • 08-Apr-2016 | Siddharth Shriram

    And the winner of this year is…?

    Anirban Lahiri is in his second year on this tour

  • 07-Apr-2016 | Siddharth Shriram

    Revisiting Tiger Woods

    This will be the second time in 20 years where Tiger Woods will not be competing in the Masters

  • 13-Apr-2015 | Siddharth Shriram

    Wire to wire Jordan: A worthy winner

    Jordan did falter here and there, as they all did, but he recovered quickly

  • 13-Apr-2015 | Siddharth Shriram

    Masters: Rose rises... Anything can happen

    The game is between Spieth/Rose/Mickelson with Tiger providing almost as important a side show

  • 11-Apr-2015 | Siddharth Shriram

    Augusta Masters: Spieth makes it a no contest

    It would require Hoffman to play like Jordan for there to be any possibility of a drama

  • 11-Apr-2015 | Siddharth Shriram

    Day 1 and the birdies are dropping!

    Jordan Spieth looked error proof, with just the right degree of confidence in his shot making

  • 10-Apr-2015 | Siddharth Shriram

    'Family' Par 3 contest and likely winners

    Jordan Spieth has momentum on his side, it could be a race between Spieth and Bubba Watson

  • 09-Apr-2015 | Siddharth Shriram

    The big cat is back at Augusta Masters as Tiger Woods makes his play

    However, it remains to be seen if he can return to his former glory on the greens

  • 08-Apr-2015 | Siddharth Shriram

    Golf: The great game then and now

    Looking at the game through the eyes of three great living legends as we approach the Masters

  • 15-Nov-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    Sumitra Charat Ram and the energy of dance and music

    On her centenary, recalling the life of Sumitra Charat Ram, to whom Delhi owes much for its culture of classical dance, drama and music

  • 15-Oct-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    The man whose love for life spread beyond needs of business

    Bharat Ram was born in the fabled old city of Delhi to Lala Shiram and Lady Shriram on October 15, 1914. Bred in a Spartan strict regimen under his world famous father, his education was in a Madrasa, in Modern School (Kashmere Gate) and St ...

  • 15-Apr-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    Twice in three years, it's Bubba again

    You already know the result. In the end, Bubba had a three shot lead as he walked down the 18th on the final day (he surely was not thinking of Jean Van de Velde who, most famously, lost The Open with a similar lead on the 18th) to thunderous ...

  • 14-Apr-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    Jordan Spieth on the brink of history...

    Gary Woodland catapulted out of the starting gate to be -7 for the day by the tenth hole with the easy birdiable thirteenth and fifteenth just ahead

  • 12-Apr-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    Will it be Bubba again?

    Tiger Woods is not much mentioned anymore at this Masters as the fact of his forced absence owing to injury has now been fully absorbed and assimilated. There does not appear to be any dominant figure on the horizon, no perpetual favourite to win, ...

  • 12-Apr-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    On a perfect day, lost opportunities

    The 78th Masters got underway right after the much beloved trio of Arnold Palmer (84), Jack Nicklaus (74) and Gary Player (78) had ceremoniously teed off, amongst much jollity. Gary Player showed his very considerable fitness by smashing his drive ...

  • 11-Apr-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    Par 3 contest and new challengers

    If one discounts the prospects of the aging and completely unlikely to win past champions (they are entitled to play for life by virtue of their past victory(s)), more than 25 per cent of the contestants are "first timers" and with more than 50 ...

  • 10-Apr-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    Arnold Palmer, the king... 50 years after his final Masters' victory

    Experiencing the sheer joy of being alive at this instant, one felt that one had died and gone to heaven

  • 09-Apr-2014 | Siddharth Shriram

    Tiger's out, the field is wide open

    Tiger is surely under enormous mental pressure for realising the Holy Grail of 19 Majors

  • 16-Apr-2013 | Siddharth Shriram

    Finally... the green jacket goes Down Under

    The Tiger's tale (in this case the controversy) is still wagging! People are taking such strong positions that if you do not agree with the disqualification thesis, you are deemed to be unethical yourself.But what is 'ethical'? Is it a concept fixed ...

  • 15-Apr-2013 | Siddharth Shriram

    Another controversy surrounds Woods

    This story has to be about the controversy raging over the treatment of the drop that Tiger took on the 15th hole of the second round, after his perfect pitch shot had ricocheted off the pin and bounced into the creek. The atmosphere is thick with ...

  • 13-Apr-2013 | Siddharth Shriram

    No expectations... big expectations

    Battle to be between Jason Day and Tiger Woods