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  • 10-Mar-2018 | Sunil Sethi

    Celebrating India's built heritage

    Trained in Mumbai and in Paris under Le Corbusier - with whom he later collaborated in Chandigarh and Ahmedabad - Mr Doshi said: I owe this prestigious prize to my guru, Le Corbusier

  • 10-Feb-2018 | Sunil Sethi

    Who's afraid of Eva Peron?

    As style statements and populist messaging, Indian leaders have long understood the importance of dressing up

  • 27-Jan-2018 | Sunil Sethi

    India's lost generation

    The world of WittyFeed is a far cry from the life of Moin Khan, an impoverished balloon seller in Ranchi, who saved money by milking cows to enrol in English-speaking classes

  • 12-Jan-2018 | Sunil Sethi

    The return of a city icon

    For years, The Oberoi in Delhi has never stopped being the hugely profitable cash cow of the Rs 12 billion holding company, East India Hotels, which runs 33 hotels around the world

  • 29-Dec-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Best bookshelf of 2017

    A list of best books that hit the stands in 2017

  • 15-Dec-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Rambo rides again

    Analysts who optimistically believed Gujarat was a neck-and-neck race will soon be chewing the cud on how the caste arithmetic panned out, writes the author

  • 08-Dec-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Shashi Kapoor: A chip off the old block

    He played an irresistibly gorgeous nawab, and he lived as an impossibly charming gentleman. The writer remembers Shashi Kapoor, a true son of a famous father

  • 01-Dec-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Some insignificant men

    Mr Kejriwal, and his former cohorts such as gave all hours access during their political campaign for the making of the film An Insignificant Man

  • 17-Nov-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    India's no-no capital

    Delhi used to be a city of clearly defined seasons. It is now a year-round health hazard that visitors shun like the plague

  • 03-Nov-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Is Nawazuddin's kiss' n' tell defensible?

    Bollywood actor's memoir, now withdrawn, spoke about his relationships with Sunita Rajwar and Niharika Singh

  • 20-Oct-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    The Aarushi verdict and CBI's humiliation

    This fruitless pursuit, which tore the Talwars' life and reputation to shreds, means that Aarushi's killers have not only got away but may never be found

  • 22-Sep-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    The Brexit misadventure

    Like many people caught between a rock and a hard place the British have devised their own escape route

  • 09-Sep-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Mughal-e-Azam redux is a sight to behold

    The epic hasn't stopped being a money-spinner since

  • 26-Aug-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    How big is Baba Ramdev's writ?

    Revenues of Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda were estimated at Rs 10,000 crore this year

  • 12-Aug-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Partition at seventy: A family story

    Partition left 2 million dead, 12 mn displaced, thousands of women raped, towns and villages torched

  • 28-Jul-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    India's insuperable bureaucracy

    The administrative machine's expansionist notions greedily demand more

  • 14-Jul-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    The politics of grievance

    Provocative WhatsApp forwards by RWAs on 'terror of Bangladeshis in Noida' aggravated tension

  • 30-Jun-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    The complicity in murder

    The gathering at Jantar Mantar was neither politically orchestrated nor propelled by fury

  • 16-Jun-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Indira Gandhi's centenary: Two views

    Indira-fan or Indira-phobe, these two views are a timely diversion from the summer heat

  • 02-Jun-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Sacred cows and unlimited cranks

    In this land of sages the number of cranks is equally unlimited

  • 19-May-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Delhi's unaccountable 'Raja Kejriwal'

    Many of Delhi's past rulers have been its long-term residents with an awareness of its structures

  • 05-May-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Indo-Pak war games: Gruesome and grotesque

    Burhan Wani was killed in Kashmir in July; then Uri happened in September

  • 07-Apr-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Kishori Amonkar: A tempestuous diva

    Kishori Amonkar, the diva of Hindustani classical music passed away in her sleep, at 84, this week

  • 24-Mar-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    The Romeos of Hazratgunj: An elegy

    In Yogi Adityanath's Uttar Pradesh wayward Romeos would all be in the lock-up

  • 10-Mar-2017 | Sunil Sethi

    Sunil Sethi: No sex please, we're surrogates

    For reasons right or wrong, filmmaker and TV star Karan Johar tops it for getting eyeballs