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  • 19-Aug-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Siren songs

    Don't be duped by Europe's dazzling dividends

  • 18-Jul-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Strongman, weak markets

    Turkey will pay high price for political stability

  • 30-Jun-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Take your pick

    Believe bonds not stocks on Brexit damage

  • 29-Jun-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik


    Mark Carney needs wooing, not whipping

  • 28-Jun-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Iceland 2, Poundland 1

    Football apart, UK has no reason to envy Iceland

  • 20-Jun-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Markets behaving badly

    Brexit is trigger for market liquidity migraine

  • 17-Jun-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Balance of power

    UK turmoil shows up markets as amoral and impotent

  • 15-Jun-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Digging deeper

    Bankers can learn from miners about culture change

  • 03-Jun-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    In the balance

    Sops for overworked bankers miss real problem

  • 24-May-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Fuelling unrest

    Strikes upset France's reform calculus

  • 29-Apr-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Spend, spend, spend

    Investment is real star of strong French growth

  • 27-Apr-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Tunnel vision

    Sterling and UK economy tell different stories

  • 26-Apr-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    A fine pact

    EU budget delinquents have the upper hand

  • 19-Apr-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Data grump

    Pro-Brexit camp learns risky lesson from Scotland

  • 07-Apr-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik & Olaf Storbeck

    Dutch disease

    Loser from Dutch referendum: referendums

  • 04-Apr-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    It's not the economy, stupid

    Hollande is in worse position than French economy

  • 28-Feb-2016 | George Hay & Swaha Pattanaik

    Trading places

    Deutsche Boerse and LSE try to create Brexit hedge

  • 25-Feb-2016 | George Hay & Swaha Pattanaik

    Carsten around for a deal

    Deutsche Boerse plays nicely with LSE - for now

  • 14-Feb-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Top of the world

    Lagarde faces quadruple challenge at IMF

  • 09-Feb-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Carry on wishing

    Where's the carry trade when rate-setters need it?

  • 25-Jan-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Precious little demand

    Gold's prospects are dull

  • 19-Jan-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Follow my leader

    Sweden can be trailblazer for global rate-setters

  • 13-Jan-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik


    ECB concedes oil and inflation do mix

  • 30-Dec-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Not so super

    Giants of central banking will be cut down to size

  • 11-Dec-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Of mice and men

    Road to ruin is paved with market prophecies

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