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  • 27-Dec-2016 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'Supplies made from DTA units to SEZ units are not eligible for MEIS'

    Chatroom with T N C Rajagopalan

  • 28-Nov-2016 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'To expedite refund, take steps listed in chapter 32 of Customs Manual'

    CBEC Circular no. 984/8/2014-CX dated September 16, 2014 says that in all cases where the appellate authority has decided the matter in favour of the appellant, refund with interest should be paid to the appellant within 15 days

  • 14-Nov-2016 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Supplies to SEZ can be counted as part of export obligation

    Edited excerpts from the SME chatroom dicussions

  • 31-Oct-2016 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Seasonal call for positive stock!

    In the World Bank report on 'Ease of doing business', India is static at 130 out of 190 countries but this is what they have to say on our Customs

  • 03-Apr-2016 | T N C Rajagopalan

    A relook at DGFT's prudence & relevance

    If pursued diligently, this should eventually lead to restructuring the DGFT in a meaningful way, with less government and more governance

  • 28-Mar-2016 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Another round of wordy ambiguity

    Reversal of credit will not be required for service by way of transportation of goods by a vessel from the customs station of clearance in India to a place outside

  • 21-Dec-2015 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Dumping weighs down exporters

    Competing economies like China have been dumping goods to keep their factories running, at prices Indian exporters find difficult to match

  • 11-Oct-2015 | T N C Rajagopalan

    How the Trans-Pacific Partnership will affect India's foreign trade

    With tariff reduction no more a major challenge, the major tasks for the TPP are rule harmonisation, achieving coherence, and removal of non-tariff barriers

  • 21-Sep-2015 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'Manufacturer entitled to Cenvat Credit for duty paid on inputs'

    Can we avail ourselves of Cenvat Credit on our purchase of spare parts, when we are charging excise duty on all our sales?

  • 07-Sep-2015 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'Anti-dumping duty on DTA sales of goods made in SEZ not warranted'

    The anti-dumping notifications impose anti-dumping duty on specified goods, originating in or exported from specified countries and imported into India

  • 10-Aug-2015 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'Cenvat credit for duty paid on packaged software disallowed'

    Software packages such as MS Word, MS Excel, etc. are used in offices for enhancing productivity and not for manufacture of final products or for providing services

  • 20-Apr-2015 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'Advance authorisations must be valid on the date of import'

    Can we make imports within the validity period of advance authorisation issued in the earlier policy, where we have not imported any materials but have completed full or part of the export obligation?As per para 1.05 (a) of the new Foreign Trade ...

  • 05-Jan-2015 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Some easing of Customs rules

    Its circular of December 31, 2014, gives effect to the finance minister's promise in his Budget 2014-15 speech to deepen this facility

  • 21-Sep-2014 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Easing worries on appeal rules

    One of the controversial amendments introduced in the Finance Act, 2014, was a mandatory pre-deposit for filing appeals in central excise and customs matters. The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has now issued clarifications (Circular ...

  • 25-May-2014 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Relevant ideas on ministry merging

    Narendra Modi has raised expectations that various ministries will be restructured, with the aim of having a smaller council of ministers. Can exporters and importers expect the commerce ministry to be split and merged with other ministries, for ...

  • 04-Feb-2014 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'Excise department can raise query on proof of export even after a year'

    The demand can be made from the executor of the bond for failure to fulfil the conditions of the bond, and since that is not a case of non-payment of duty, the normal limitation prescribed in Section

  • 02-Feb-2014 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Concerns on duty drawback rates

    The Union ministry of finance has notified an increase in the All Industry Rates (AIR) of duty drawback and higher value caps for many items. The major beneficiaries are exporters of textiles, vehicles and automobile components.The AIR are based on ...

  • 02-Sep-2013 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Lessons from a departing chief

    The governor was emphatic that it was the avowed policy of RBI not to target a level of exchange rate

  • 04-Feb-2013 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Keeping CAD under check

    While announcing the cut in repo rates by 0.25 per cent and cut in cash reserve rates by 0.25 per cent, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor flagged the widening current account deficit (CAD) as a major risk, especially in the context of slowing ...

  • 28-Jan-2013 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Trying to make imports costlier

    The finance ministry has moved to curb the current account deficit by raising the excise and Customs duties on gold and by raising tariff values and import duties on edible oil.

  • 22-Jan-2013 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'CBEC cannot curtail notified time limit for filing refund claims'

    We refer to CBEC circular no.

  • 21-Jan-2013 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Nuts and bolts of export incentive

    In response to my article dated January 7 that an increased supply of duty credits might help imports instead of exports, readers have sent responses. I deal with some of the issues raised.

  • 08-Jan-2013 | T N C Rajagopalan

    'Excise duty is payable on all goods fabricated at construction sites'

    We had re-imported goods that had been exported by us and rejected by the buyer, who found them to be defective. We are not claiming any exemption, as the time limits have passed. We are ready to pay duties as per Section 20 of the Customs Act, ...

  • 07-Jan-2013 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Illogical move hits exports, revenue

    The commerce ministry has issued notifications for giving more duty credits to exporters. Whether the latest move will help boost exports is somewhat doubtful; it might help increase imports. Customs/excise will certainly lose more revenue.

  • 31-Dec-2012 | T N C Rajagopalan

    Agenda for the coming year

    The commerce minister’s New Year gift for exporters includes extension of the interest subvention scheme, a scheme for promoting project exports, inclusion of more countries in the Focus Market Scheme, a scheme for rewarding incremental growth ...