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  • 20 hours ago | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Four weeks later

    The net benefit of demonetisation would be quite small when placed against the scale of disruption that has been caused

  • 25-Nov-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Job-less manufacturing

    The great wave of industrialisation that has swept across East Asia over the past 40 years is about to ebb

  • 18-Nov-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Our post-truths

    Mr Modi is a master in evoking the emotional reasoning that is the essence of post-truth - as indeed is Donald Trump

  • 11-Nov-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Socialist bonanza

    A politically savvy move, demonetisation of high-value currency notes by Mr Modi may be the most radically socialist step by any Indian PM

  • 04-Nov-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Banyan or sequoia?

    Conglomerates, cover wider area like the Banyan, but haven't done as well recently as stand-alone enterprises, the sequoias that are usually taller than the Qutb Minar

  • 28-Oct-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Dealing with a legacy

    Ratan Tata should know his legacy is secure, given where he took the group from what he had at the start

  • 21-Oct-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: The lack of jobs

    World Bank says India stands to lose 69% of its jobs on account of automation

  • 14-Oct-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Chinese bearing gifts

    China's $24-bn loan to Bangladesh has more of a strategic than economic intent

  • 07-Oct-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: TCS vs Garment exporters

    Success of TCS and Infosys is killing exporters of garments and other manufactured products

  • 30-Sep-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Banks that don't lend

    Nationalised banks' credit growth was just 1.4% in the first half of 2016, compared with 25.9% in private sector banks

  • 23-Sep-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: TV anchors go to war

    Following the attack on an army camp in Uri, reporting has given way to posturing, intelligent commentary to absurd warmongering

  • 16-Sep-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: The minimum wage temptation

    It is easy to imagine the danger to an employment-intensive industry like garments, which faces wage competition from Bangladesh

  • 09-Sep-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Some surge!

    The only way rail fare hikes can be pushed through is for Mr Prabhu to firmly commit to changing sub-human travel conditions and link price increase to some passenger benefit

  • 02-Sep-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: A few stray comments

    Observations and questions about key developments, such as Reliance Jio's escapade & AAP minister's sexcapade

  • 26-Aug-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: The discipline of global rules

    We suffer from lack of accountability but new pressure points are being created by the fact of India becoming a more integrated part of the world economy and global systems.

  • 19-Aug-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: The danger within

    While India's long-term crisis has to do with water and institutional atrophy, the more pressing issue is the lack of jobs

  • 12-Aug-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Not a good 'idea', sirji

    Investors suspect that the proposed Grasim-Nuvo merger is to ensure the Idea telecom business gets the money to take on RJio

  • 06-Aug-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Arvind Kejriwal has much to meditate on

    Arvind Kejriwal would do well to consider some moderation before another rap on the knuckles by a court, or a political setback, knocks the wind out of him

  • 29-Jul-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: The fathers of success

    In a replay of the Rashomon sequence, each of the men from Hindustan looks at the elephant from his particular angle, ignoring or not fully aware of what else was cooking

  • 22-Jul-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Of crises - visible and invisible

    This government will be at its half-way mark soon; even assuming better-than-usual execution, the Modi package is underwhelming

  • 15-Jul-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Subbarao tells all

    The former RBI governor has chosen to be frank about his run-ins with finance ministers and comes when governor's term is about to end in the midst of controversy

  • 08-Jul-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Low risk, low return

    The low-risk approach to economic issues and reform will therefore remain one that seeks to bring change without pain, create winners without having losers

  • 01-Jul-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Clean up, or fudge?

    RBI governor has forced the banks to start cleaning up their books, but there is still more dirt under the carpet

  • 24-Jun-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: last!

    After more than a decade of lost opportunities in the textile and garments business, the sector has at last got the attention it needs and deserves.

  • 17-Jun-2016 | T N Ninan

    T N Ninan: Brexit for India's farmers

    The subsidy and market access that UK's farmers enjoy by remaining in the EU hold important lessons for India's farm policies

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