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  • 22 hours ago | TNC Rajagopalan

    IGST rules change again for export

    Merchant exporters procuring goods at 0.1 per cent GST must export without payment of IGST

  • 13-Feb-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Exporters claiming higher drawback must submit self-declaration

    For all exports made with effect from July 1, 2017 for which higher rate of drawback is claimed, exporters have to submit the self-declaration in the format given in CBEC Circular no.32/2017-Cus dated

  • 12-Feb-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Finance Bill: Seeking clarity in Customs laws

    It was always difficult for the trade as well as the Customs officers to keep track of the provisions and changes in the allied laws

  • 05-Feb-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    For cancelling GST registration, pay ITC or output tax, whichever is more

    In accordance with Section 17(5) (h) of the CGST Act, 2017, input tax credit shall not be available in respect of goods destroyed

  • 05-Feb-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Reflections on the Budget proposals

    The finance minister said India's agricultural export potential was as high as $100 billion, against the current $30 bn

  • 29-Jan-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Recent changes in central GST

    E-way bills will now not be required for exempted goods (except de-oiled cake), non-GST goods and goods transported that are not considered as supplies

  • 22-Jan-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Collection issues with GST regime

    To be fair, collection of a mere Rs 3070 million from about 1.7 million composition dealers in the July-September quarter is a surprise

  • 15-Jan-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Govt sitting still on GST refunds

    Issues in filing of GSTR-1 returns, due to system glitches,an impression is gaining ground that the government is not keen on granting refunds due to the shortfall in revenues

  • 08-Jan-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    New confusion in GST's many rules

    Merchant exporters which procure goods on payment of only 0.1% GST are now barred from exporting on payment of IGST and claiming refund of this

  • 01-Jan-2018 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Waiting to see what govt does

    Most analysts expect our economy to grow between 7 and 7.5 per cent this year, against less than 7 per cent last year

  • 24-Dec-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Hoping we make less of a mess in 2018

    As noted by a parliamentary panel, the GSTN, which operates the main information technology platform for filing of returns and payment of tax, was not ready

  • 19-Dec-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    SME Chatroom: Several issues require the attention of DGFT

    Supplies to advance authorisation holder are treated as deemed exports under the GST laws

  • 17-Dec-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    WTO chief's advice relevant for us, too

    The Government of India said it had the support of over 100 member-countries on all agricultural issues

  • 11-Dec-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Only two broad changes in FTP

    The FTP, a notification with statutory force, is simultaneously issued, with a Handbook of Procedures

  • 04-Dec-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Hopes high on Suresh Prabhu's FTP

    Prabhu has said the govt is in the process of setting up a new organisation to promote export to different regions, developing global linkages

  • 27-Nov-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Simply junk the entire GST law

    The present law threatens to unleash an avalanche of litigation over a period of time

  • 20-Nov-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    GST rules changed on refund claims

    CGST can be disbursed only by a central tax authority and State GST only by a state one

  • 12-Nov-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    More of the GST rules thicket

    GSTN should quickly resolve these issues

  • 05-Nov-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    DGFT eases some procedural rules

    Rate of composition fee will depend on whether half the export obligation has been fulfilled, within the initial period

  • 30-Oct-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Another set of new GST procedures

    In respect of supplies regarded as deemed export, GST must be paid and application for refund of tax paid may be filed

  • 24-Oct-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    'CGST, SGST payable if supplier and place of supply are in same state'

    Business Standard invites readers' SME queries related to excise, VAT and exim policy

  • 23-Oct-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    When exemption rules crimp operating leeway

    Before introduction of GST, import of capital goods could be made under EPCG authorisation without payment of basic customs duty and additional duty

  • 16-Oct-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    GST machinery still unrolling

    For August and subsequent months, the facility of filing GSTR-1 has not been made available as yet by the GSTN

  • 01-Oct-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Making the new regime clearer

    The new rules give drawback of only the customs and excise duties for export, as well as supplies to Special Economic Zones

  • 24-Sep-2017 | TNC Rajagopalan

    More trouble ahead for export trade

    FIEO India would no longer be able to legally offer export subsidies, as its per capita gross national income had crossed $1,000 for the third year in a row