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  • 27-Nov-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    T N C Rajagopalan: Donald Trump impact on trade deals

    Shinzo Abe, prime minister of Japan, warned that the TPP would be meaningless without US participation

  • 20-Nov-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    T N C Rajagopalan::Demonetisation cloud on export growth

    Short-term disruption due to demonetisation can hurt productivity and export growth in the next few months

  • 14-Nov-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Preparing for the promise of Trump

    The election of Donald Trump as the next president of the USA has enhanced the uncertainties in the global trading environment

  • 06-Nov-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Trade facilitation measure taken

    The government issued two notifications last Wednesday, both titled 'Deferred Payment of Import Duty Rules, 2016'

  • 31-Oct-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    'If export obligation is fulfilled, duty exemption need not be surrendered'

    We refer to your article titled 'DRI summons for no clear reason' in Business Standard on October 24, 2016. How do we deal with the summons that we have received?

  • 23-Oct-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    DRI summons for no clear reason

    DRI has issued a standard letter to many exporters, to return incentives availed of for shipments during 2014-15 for which the proceeds hadn't been realised within the prescribed time limit

  • 17-Oct-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    'Job-worked goods can be counted in discharge of export obligation'

    We are an Export Oriented Unit (EOU). When we supply our manufactured goods to advance authorisation holders in a Domestic Tariff Area (DTA), we do not charge duty as per S.No. 22 of Notification No. 23/2003-C.E., dated March 31, 2003. Our excise ...

  • 16-Oct-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Extra conditions for metal scrap import

    The Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has restricted the import of unshredded metallic scrap through only designated ports, having radiation portal monitors and container scanners, and the consignment is so examined in line with Customs ...

  • 09-Oct-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Sand remains in the Customs grease

    The finance ministry has amended the notification relating to re-import of exported goods, giving more time for re-import from Bhutan

  • 03-Oct-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    'Re-export of imported goods to same supplier not needed for drawback'

    Drawback under Section 74 should be allowed on merits without insisting on re-export of goods to the same supplier or that the re-export should take place from the same port

  • 02-Oct-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    A leg-up for trade but clarity eludes traders

    Physical copies of advance authorisations registered at non-EDI Customs ports will continue to be debited manually

  • 25-Sep-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Change in law to ease exporters

    The finance ministry has revised the declarations to be furnished by exporters who manufacture export goods by using inputs procured from domestic sources without payment of excise duty or under claim of rebate of excise duty paid on them. The ...

  • 18-Sep-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Rectifications such as these are welcome

    This is a welcome dispensation. It will give needed relief to exporters who were facing duty demands, penalties and litigation

  • 11-Sep-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Tax rebates for garment export

    The rebate will be disbursed by the Customs along with duty drawback

  • 05-Sep-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    'Registered dealers can pass on duties paid on imports to buyers in DTA'

    We are traders of paper and Kraft liner board in Bangalore. We are registered with the excise department and importing (100 per cent duty paid) and selling within India, and doing a little export. Now we have received an order from a SEZ unit, which ...

  • 04-Sep-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    DGFT's sloppy and arbitrary decisions

    The petitioners contended DGFT had powers only to clarify an existing provision and none to introduce a new provision in the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) through a circular

  • 28-Aug-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    New assessment rules remove security burden

    The essence of the new guidelines is that importers having certification as AEO, public sector companies and govt undertakings will get a favourable dispensation by way of waiver of security or reduce

  • 22-Aug-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    'Drawback available for duty-paid inputs used in export product'

    We are exporting a product in which we have used components imported under advance authorisation and also duty-paid imported materials and indigenously manufactured components. Can we claim drawback on complete exported products or on only the ...

  • 21-Aug-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    New scheme for apparel export

    The commerce ministry has notified a special advance authorisation scheme for articles of apparel and clothing accessories

  • 14-Aug-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Using GST lens to let in more light

    'One nation, One tax'. This slogan has gained currency to justify introduction of the proposed national Goods and Services Tax (GST). This catchy slogan is rather misleading but deserves to be taken seriously, as an objective to be achieved in due ...

  • 09-Aug-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    'Unused imported raw material may be sold by EOUs in DTA'

    SME Chatroom | TNC Rajagopalan

  • 07-Aug-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Needed simplifying in EOU schemes

    The EOU scheme was launched on December 31, 1980, when the domestic operating environment was highly restrictive

  • 31-Jul-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    Shifting directives on a fluid dispute

    In the light of a judgment, CBEC has said in the case of all bulk liquid cargo import, whether for home consumption or warehousing, the shore tank receipt quantity should be taken as the basis for lev

  • 25-Jul-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    'Service tax is payable by provider of online database access services'

    A website where some foreign companies place their advertisements is covered under Rule 9(b) of the Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012

  • 24-Jul-2016 | TNC Rajagopalan

    DGFT needs to cut this red tape

    Many exporters have a new, not wholly unexpected, problem. Their claims under the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) are being held on the ground that the description of the product in the shipping bill does not exactly match the ...

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