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  • 28-Apr-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Catch this show on Netflix to see nature through another lens

    Tales By Light exposes viewers to fascinating vistas that have only partly to do with photography

  • 24-Apr-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Fixing the ladder of opportunity

    Book review of The Broken Ladder: The paradox and the potential of India's one billion

  • 07-Apr-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Marketing the message

    In the ad, Jenner is shown modelling for a product, when she spots a crowd chanting in the streets

  • 05-Apr-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Reorienting the welfare state

    The UBI has acquired increasing acceptance in policy circles as a tool to curb poverty

  • 21-Mar-2017 | Vikram Johri

    The sporting spirit

    The book is divided into five sections but it tackles broadly two themes

  • 16-Mar-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Globalisation in another age

    Book review: Ayya's Accounts

  • 10-Mar-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: The right to parenthood

    Karan Johar becomes a father with twins via surrogacy

  • 01-Mar-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Economics versus the real world

    Authored by Ashok Sanjay Guha

  • 21-Feb-2017 | Vikram Johri

    What young Indians want

    Book Review: India 2047: Voices of the Young

  • 10-Feb-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: The man to watch out for

    Akhilesh Yadav has a real chance at capturing the national consciousness with this election

  • 03-Feb-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: Locating the sublime within the unbearable

    Manchester by the Sea is a film, based in the seaside town of Manchester, Massachusetts

  • 13-Jan-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: Wrapped in the gloss of change

    'It is this poor man and his ilk that are likely to vote Modi back to power'

  • 23-Dec-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: Cosmic emotions

    All successful science fiction plays essentially upon human drives and desires

  • 18-Nov-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: Reality or fiction?

    Already, leading lights such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have spoken of the dangers of artificial intelligenc

  • 18-Nov-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: Lessons from a scandal

    This is the first time in recent memory that a group of the Tatas's stature is in the middle of an ethical storm

  • 09-Nov-2016 | Vikram Johri

    The virtues of messy thinking

    A little bit of messiness - both physical and otherwise - is essential for unleashing creativity in us, the organisations we work for, and the societies we inhabit

  • 22-Oct-2016 | Vikram Johri

    India in cliches

    Murray Laurence discusses four decades of his travels in India in his new book, Subcontinental Drift

  • 22-Oct-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Seeking a middle ground

    This week, the production team behind upcoming Bollywood drama, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, met the Mumbai Police commissioner to request improved security arrangements for the release

  • 07-Oct-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: Streaming change

    In a statement released this week the company said the Prime service was the bestseller during the just-concluded Great India Festival sale

  • 24-Sep-2016 | Vikram Johri

    A case for surrogacy

    India's image as a 'baby factory' seems to have directed the Indian government's move for the surrogacy Bill

  • 27-Aug-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Boss and the 'bro code'

    Flipkart chairman Sachin Bansal calmed employees' nerves over the recent high-profile exits from the company by speaking about an unlikely target of the layoffs: himself

  • 12-Aug-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: Ordinary gay lives

    When HBO's honchos decided to cancel Looking after the show's second season last year, they greenlit a wrap-up movie that would, fans were promised, tie up any loose ends

  • 30-Jul-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Thinking Bollywood

    In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, actor Naseeruddin Shah shared his opinion of Rajesh Khanna, the late 1960s superstar

  • 22-Jul-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: The box-office sultan

    With Sultan, Salman Khan's latest starrer, on course to become the highest-grossing Hindi film of all time, the actor's position as the unrivalled king of Bollywood has been further cemented

  • 08-Jul-2016 | Vikram Johri

    Vikram Johri: Anurag Kashyap's dark, unidimensional world

    Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays Ramanna, a serial killer, in the recently released Raman Raghav 2.0, loosely based on the story of the real Raman Raghav, who terrorised Mumbai in the 1960s