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  • 19-May-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Feeling Black

    The Rachel Divide thus juxtaposes the personal with the political to raise important questions about self-perception and the persona we adopt for the outside world

  • 16-May-2018 | Vikram Johri

    India through epitaphs

    Mr Bedi writes with flair on film stars, and meticulously chronicles their humble beginnings and work in what was then Bombay before gaining success in film

  • 04-May-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Beyond stardom

    Varun Dhawan is as comfortable doing a dance drama (ABCD) as he is channeling his darker side in Badlapur

  • 21-Apr-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Best of Enemies

    A film on the debates between William Buckley Jr and Gore Vidal, is a fascinating study into the prevalent political mood in America and the yearning of a fast-evolving media setup to articulate it

  • 07-Apr-2018 | Vikram Johri

    The American dream

    How then does one read Trump's administration?

  • 06-Apr-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Living with your mistakes

    Ball-tampering episode will go down in cricketing history as one that changed many assumptions about the sport

  • 24-Mar-2018 | Vikram Johri

    The Looming Tower: Best depiction of the 9/11 backstory yet

    The Looming Tower is an inside look into an era where the first stirrings of these monumental shifts began to be felt

  • 23-Mar-2018 | Vikram Johri

    'Under The Knife' book review: On the cutting edge

    For all the grimness of the subject matter, Dr Van De Laar's style is bracing, even bordering on the comic

  • 10-Mar-2018 | Vikram Johri

    The saffron spread: For now, the BJP remains the side to beat in 2019

    Bypoll losses of BJP, such as the recent ones in MP mean little when the larger picture is one of rising influence

  • 06-Mar-2018 | Vikram Johri

    'Indian Instincts' book review: India, up close and partial

    In other words, Ms Chatterji, the writer of the book under review, is earnest about her mission

  • 24-Feb-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Scams: From reel to real

    While investigation in the matter is still on, the bank has thus far pinned the blame on the particular branch that was involved in the collusion

  • 10-Feb-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Padmaavat controversy: A cinematic experience lost in fact and fiction

    Those responses encapsulate how quickly goal posts can shift around a cultural product if it fails to meet expectations of a narrowly defined political correctness

  • 03-Feb-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Streaming the world

    The same content makes it to different geographies and dubbing - that staple of television channels globally - is done away with in favour of subtitles

  • 30-Jan-2018 | Vikram Johri

    YouTube's viral appeal

    Book review of Videocracy: How YouTube Is Changing the World . . . with Double Rainbows, Singing Foxes, and Other Trends We Can't Stop Watching

  • 19-Jan-2018 | Vikram Johri

    An American idol

    As Trump administration battles crisis after crisis emerging from the President's loose tongue, Obama's golden oratory on the show is a reminder why he was, and is, so loved and admired by Americans

  • 17-Jan-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Lost Connections: Why depression has almost nothing to do with faulty brain

    Lost Connections: Uncovering The Real Causes of Depression-And The Unexpected Solutions

  • 12-Jan-2018 | Vikram Johri

    All roads lead to 2019

    Government will possibly use the Budget to come up with a substantial plan for the rural economy, including a commitment to infrastructure

  • 22-Dec-2017 | Vikram Johri

    From banks to bitcoins

    Bitcoin was first mined in 2009, following a paper by Satoshi Nakamoto on peer-to-peer money transactions

  • 22-Dec-2017 | Vikram Johri

    How May I Help You? - Bridging chasm among world views of Indian elite

    When Singh first started working as a salesman in the US, he was ashamed of the fall in status this signalled

  • 19-Dec-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Testimony of an Islamic State slave

    Book review of 'The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity and My Fight against the Islamic State'

  • 15-Dec-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Virat-Anushka wedding: When cricket romances Bollywood

    The couple, first met during a commercial shoot in 2013, have been the subject of intense media speculations about their relationship

  • 25-Nov-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Gate to the other side

    Author speaks about filmmaker Werner Herzog's friendship with volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer

  • 17-Nov-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Padmavati: A hard look at looking left

    Padmavati may not have been real but there is no dearth of recorded history about jauhar among Rajput queens and princesses

  • 25-Oct-2017 | Vikram Johri

    Richard Branson's convenient truths

    He calls Facebook's and Google's plans to provide internet globally via drones and balloons 'bizarre'

  • 20-Oct-2017 | Vikram Johri

    A new brand of comics

    Kanan Gill's comedy often emerges from the eccentricities of language and translation