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  • Manaku of Guler

    September 15, 2017, Friday

    Tracing an artist

    B N Goswamy has produced a formidable suggested timeline for an anonymous artist whom he admires greatly

  • household

    September 15, 2017, Friday

    Some rooms of one's own

    The curious case of being like Benjamin Button

  • Greek poet Sappho

    September 08, 2017, Friday

    The demon of dissent

    Power breeds arrogance, is a universal given, writes Arundhuti Dasgupta

  • pockets, jeans, pocket

    September 08, 2017, Friday

    Gender pocketics

    Not giving women handy pockets, implies her being is more about style than substance

  • Spanish wine,Salmos

    September 01, 2017, Friday

    Finding the finest Spanish wines

    These wines are still unknown in India, maybe because Spain was exporting mainly bulk wines

  • Photo: iStock

    August 25, 2017, Friday

    The Matrix, reloaded

    An online challenge game called Blue Whale is leading children to their deaths

  • Artwork

    August 25, 2017, Friday

    Artwork or just 'goods'?

    Worried emails have lately been flying back & forth among and from artists in New Delhi and Mumbai

  • N R Narayana Murthy

    August 25, 2017, Friday

    Infosys spat: The founder's 'interference'

    India's second-largest IT services firm has witnessed a blame-game between Murthy and Sikka

  • Hauz Khas, Delhi

    August 18, 2017, Friday

    Single lives matter

    Impose an entry fee on single men but blanket ban means missing the woods for the trees

  • wine, alcohol

    August 18, 2017, Friday

    Sipping overseas wines

    The Thelema Mountain Vineyards Shiraz 2013 is priced at Rs 3,726 in Bengaluru

  • Dunkirk, Royal Navy destroyer, Royal Navy, Navy, British troops, Dover

    August 12, 2017, Saturday

    The winning narrative of a war

    Dunkirk's narrative is that plucky Englishmen regrouped and came back to defeat Hitler. Not true.

  • Ramkinkar Baij, sculpture, Santiniketan

    August 11, 2017, Friday

    Saving art from babudom

    Public money spent on art in PSUs disappear and no one is accountable for the loss

  • Wine glasses, wine, glass

    August 05, 2017, Saturday

    What the right glass does to wine

    Glass was first developed in ancient Egypt around 1500 BC, but remained rare and expensive

  • Lara Stolman, Swim Team, three autistic teenagers, New Jersey

    August 04, 2017, Friday

    Art-ing in NYC

    Culture consumption in New York is always exhaustive and never exhausting

  • Real Life more addictive than the net

    July 28, 2017, Friday

    Real Life more addictive than the net

    Needless to say, Real Life is a very popular MMORPG

  • The female gaze

    July 28, 2017, Friday

    The female gaze

    Some like Anjolie Ela Menon question slotting artists into male and female

  • Ansel Elgort

    July 21, 2017, Friday

    Denver cinema

    It's heartwarming to see new foreign cinema being shown at every American city, says J Jagannath

  • Wines

    July 21, 2017, Friday

    When it rains, just pour

    Red wines can be classified into two segments: the Bordeaux style and Burgundy style

  • Plato, Aristotle

    July 15, 2017, Saturday

    Sufi mysticism and pantheism

    Plato's successors developed the concept of pantheism, belief that identifies God with the universe

  • Virtual universe

    July 14, 2017, Friday

    Real life's Good and Simple Tax

    Tax revenue could drain away if rampant GST-free activity takes place in cyberspace