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  • Colin Farrell

    December 09, 2017, Saturday

    Best scenes of 2017: Part I

    The movie Brawl in Cell Block 99 has set a high benchmark for hand-to-hand combat fights

  • MIND’S EYE: Rama  and Bharata in  The Ramayana

    December 08, 2017, Friday

    Imagined geographies

    Myths look at geography as a tapestry of stories, songs, legends and climactic events

  • book, child, reading

    December 02, 2017, Saturday

    Hooked to books

    One way to begin would be to access the material of our own culture, meaning the literature of India and these parts

  • Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli

    December 01, 2017, Friday

    What's in a number?

    Among his many names, Sachin Tendulkar became known as the 'God of Cricket'

  • graph

    November 25, 2017, Saturday

    Visionary position: Design on top

    Startups are very likely to have CEOs or CXOs to influence design decisions, and those businesses appear to quantifiably benefit ...


    November 24, 2017, Friday

    Two new seriously funny TV shows: American Vandal and SMILF

    The series came out at a time when it became an open secret that influential men in the American entertainment industry just ...

  • Kansa, Krishna, slays

    November 17, 2017, Friday

    Power and abuse

    Abuse of power is an eons-old occupational hazard and yet there are very few who do not fall prey to its wiles

  • Padmavati. Courtesy: Deepika Padukone/Twitter

    November 17, 2017, Friday

    Padmavati: A hard look at looking left

    Padmavati may not have been real but there is no dearth of recorded history about jauhar among Rajput queens and princesses

  • Reel view: The kids aren’t all right

    November 10, 2017, Friday

    Reel view: The kids aren't all right

    Felicite is about the eponymous lead character in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa

  • Indian Army

    November 04, 2017, Saturday

    Let soldiers be soldiers

    Soldiers don't mind getting their hands dirty, or their faces soiled

  • graph

    November 03, 2017, Friday

    Rahul, Marx, Dhinchak Pooja

    In a landscape dominated by social media, everything begins to matter less for what it is than for how many likes or re-tweets it ...

  • wall paintings

    October 27, 2017, Friday

    A seat at the high table

    Stephen Doe's wall paintings illustrate with brutal clarity the symptoms of ebola

  • A still from Metropolitan

    October 27, 2017, Friday

    Oddly mesmerising

    Baumbach's latest is about three bickering siblings getting together to care for their father who is an ageing, self-absorbed ...

  • firecracker

    October 21, 2017, Saturday

    Dematerialising Diwali

    By bringing the culture of virtual spaces to the culture of Diwali, our celebrations differed from conventional celebrations in ...

  • Bihar

    October 20, 2017, Friday

    Bihar's cultural supremacy

    Earlier this month, the partially opened Bihar Museum in Patna was declared open to the public

  • Stand-up comedian Kanan Gill

    October 20, 2017, Friday

    A new brand of comics

    Kanan Gill's comedy often emerges from the eccentricities of language and translation

  • Image2

    October 14, 2017, Saturday

    TV bingeing this Diwali

    A list of few TV series to binge watch during the festive season

  • Taj Mahal

    October 07, 2017, Saturday

    Taj Mahal: A monument of gratitude

    It is ingratitude bordering on stupidity that one would choose, for petty and juvenile reasons, to demote an asset any other ...

  • Poems

    October 07, 2017, Saturday

    A cat, not a coward

    The conditions under which Murugan has produced this book, with 210 short poems, provide a hint to his preoccupations

  • Moustache, dalit

    October 06, 2017, Friday

    The mark of a man

    The ongoing moustache protest is only the latest blot on the face of a nation that has failed to ensure even the safety of the ...

  • Roda

    December 08, 2017, Friday

    Another wine country

    Surprising as it may be, it happens that the largest importer of Spanish wines (in bulk) is France, where a lot is sold as ...

  • Image2

    December 08, 2017, Friday

    Development PTSD

    India is developing at a truly frightening rate

  • Image2

    December 01, 2017, Friday

    For a current dialogue

    L N Tallur's Unicode stands out for its ability to take a well-known Chola bronze (the familiar Nataraja) and transform it into a ...

  • Image2

    November 25, 2017, Saturday

    Something fishy about Brijgopal Loya's death

    The sudden demise of the justice in a trial in which Amit Shah was accused must be probed in order to restore faith in our ...

  • Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods; Author: Tishani Doshi; Publisher: HarperCollins; Pages: 97; Price: Rs 399

    November 25, 2017, Saturday

    Singing for troubled times

    The book is framed by two poems - 'Contract' and 'When I Was Still a Poet'

  • A wall in my living room, where the arched door partially seen on the right leads to a small terrace. The wall has a vertical bookcase that goes up to the ceiling.

    November 17, 2017, Friday

    The writings on the wall

    All of us have things about our home that reveal something about us

  • Calling 'Mr Mona Lisa'

    November 17, 2017, Friday

    Calling 'Mr Mona Lisa'

    It would be fair to ask how much collectors would be willing to pay for owning a part of Indian history

  • smog, delhi smog

    November 10, 2017, Friday

    Pollution smog-asbord

    Maybe Delhi's air needs a brand manager

  • New wines in new bottles

    November 10, 2017, Friday

    New wines in new bottles

    'Here's to raising a toast for a good cause'

  • cycling, cyclists, bicycles

    November 03, 2017, Friday

    Thoughts from a brevet

    Bengaluru has many cyclists, runners and photographers of birds armed with bazooka-like lenses, meaning a serious interest rather ...

  • Abu Dhabi

    November 03, 2017, Friday

    India's global art advent

    Art fair directors have capability to draw talent through curation and audience appeal that includes elite of museum and of art ...

  • wine

    October 27, 2017, Friday

    Raise a toast to Down Under

    Australian wines actually outsell all other imported wines in India and Jacob's Creek is the market leader

  • online shopping

    October 27, 2017, Friday

    Damn you, online shopping

    Bleeding from the bank and happy about it

  • When a star ‘dies’, matter is recycled

    October 20, 2017, Friday

    The collision in our stars

    NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory was at the forefront of the many observatories working on the neutron star collision

  • No BJP politician or BJP-minded journalist wants to visit or engage with Pakistan. They fear being branded inside their group as having become soft

    October 20, 2017, Friday

    The death of Indo-Pak dialogue

    India has no desire to engage with Pakistan on positive issues, it's a one-issue engagement and that one issue stands currently ...

  • Ramayana, Deer, Sita

    October 14, 2017, Saturday

    Fake news demons

    The real is finally mythical; and fake news, much like the golden deer in the Ramayana, is leading the world from order into

  • mitali

    October 13, 2017, Friday

    Guess who's coming to dinner

    Doctor, I'm having bad dreams

  • Millennials

    October 07, 2017, Saturday

    Internet economy

    Millennials roaming cyberspace can make an economy sputter even further by not participating in Real Life

  • Jamini Roy often painted the same simple scenes over and over again

    October 06, 2017, Friday

    The staple at the auction house

    Old-time collectors recall how he would keep scribbles of his renderings at hand, so they could "order" customised works with the ...

  • Wine

    September 30, 2017, Saturday

    Wines from the 'Rainbow Nation'

    It's no secret that South African producers have taken Chenin Blanc to another level