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  • Holderinturm

    May 18, 2018, Friday

    'Here vomited Goethe'

    This year is the 250th year of his birth, and Tübingen, a charming town southwest Germany where Hölderlin was once a student, is ...

  • Jivya Soma Mashe

    May 18, 2018, Friday

    Traditional artist unknown

    On the occasion, Mashe - as, indeed, other folk artists who were invited to the capital - was put up at a government-owned India ...

  • Janus

    May 11, 2018, Friday

    The gods of tech

    The technology that powers AI comes with two faces, one that opens the door to a future utopia and another that lets in dystopia

  • Wine

    May 11, 2018, Friday

    The tapas bars of Andalusia

    Tapas is a snack that may consist of bread with various combinations of cheese, olives, veggies, ham, fish and egg

  • The Giro D’Italia (above), the first of Europe’s three grand tours of cycling, kicked off on May 4

    May 04, 2018, Friday

    Words of wonder

    The Tour de France, especially, has one of the greatest commentary teams in any sport, and this is the duo of Phil Liggett and ...

  • Mona Lisa

    May 04, 2018, Friday

    The DNA of collector

    How much would you pay for the Mona Lisa, for instance? Such works are priceless because they have the ability to draw eyeballs ...

  • Passengers will soon be making in-flight calls

    May 04, 2018, Friday

    Calls in the cloud

    In-flight calls won't be cheap, of course. But my bet is that there'd be plenty of people who'd be happy to pay for them and then ...

  • Curated by wine aficionados Devesh Agarwal and Abhay Kewadkar and foodie Chetan Kamani, this was the first time such an event was held in India.

    April 27, 2018, Friday

    The perfect 100-point wine dinner

    Michel Chapoutier is one of the most famous vintners in France and one of the first in the country to convert to biodynamic ...

  • book shop

    April 27, 2018, Friday

    Untrue to type

    I still don't join the growing number of civil society protests, though now I would like to

  • Age of data, visualised data,digitalisation, Joseph Priestley,William Playfair , economists, statistics, graphics, John Snow, Florence Nightingale, graphic design, Nigel Holmes’ graphic for Time, pop graphic, data visualisations, Napoleon,

    April 27, 2018, Friday

    Numb and number

    Data become ever more plentiful by orders of magnitude, and interactive data visualisations ever more powerful

  • namdeo dhasal

    April 20, 2018, Friday

    For Dhasal

    Chandramohan's book, Letters to Namdeo Dhasal - his second after Warscape Verses (Authorpress, 2014) - pays tribute to the older ...

  • workouts health effects, exercise, exercise benefit, gym, workout, healthy lifestyle

    April 20, 2018, Friday

    A mental workout

    The secret to being fit is actually not a secret: eat less than you want to, every day, and exercise, often

  • Wine

    April 13, 2018, Friday

    The clique of wine drinkers

    Interestingly, while Bengaluru has nearly five groups of wine and food societies or associations that meet regurlarly, Delhi has ...

  • graph

    April 13, 2018, Friday

    The political power of a fast

    As politicians continue to use the ancient practice to score brownie points in their present-day electoral battles, it may be ...

  • Manu Parekh

    April 06, 2018, Friday

    The art of being Manu Parekh

    His earliest drawings are reminiscent of Paul Klee and William Kandinsky, followed by portraits, studies and heads that are a big ...

  • Steve Smith, Ball tampering scandal, david warner

    April 06, 2018, Friday

    Living with your mistakes

    Ball-tampering episode will go down in cricketing history as one that changed many assumptions about the sport

  • exercise, health

    March 30, 2018, Friday

    Those two-minute walk breaks? They add up

    Improving endurance is not the same thing as improving health

  • Wolftrap red wine

    March 30, 2018, Friday

    Celebrating the harvest

    While you may have missed the festivals this year, get a headstart with the 2019 wine calendar

  • Havelock island

    March 30, 2018, Friday

    Andamans getaway

    I'm more inclined to forgive all those mercy petitions

  • Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel

    March 23, 2018, Friday

    A new Formula? Halo safety device and new tyre compounds for 2018

    For the first time in F1 history, there are two four-time champions on the same grid and are vying for their fifth title

  • weekend

    May 18, 2018, Friday

    Wanted: Real feminist men

    Schneiderman's monumental hypocrisy, his rotten double life as a public feminist and a private misogynist, reminded me of another ...

  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan during a performance in Karachi in 1997. Photo: Reuters

    May 18, 2018, Friday

    Symphony of cultures

    On YouTube, I have about 100 tracks that I have set as my favourites. Most of this is Hindustani music, the majority being songs ...

  • weekend

    May 11, 2018, Friday

    Freedom at midnight

    Debut director Tinu Pappachan has elevated a generic plot to a rambunctiously entertaining ride solely on the basis of ...

  • Siang river

    May 11, 2018, Friday

    The river wild: A tryst with Arunachal's mighty, magnificent Siang

    Here be monsters, if you're not wearing your glasses

  • Race Course Road

    May 04, 2018, Friday

    Death of a PM

    The real strength of the narrative is in the number of different strands that Goswami negotiates at the same time, without any ...

  • Virat Kohli

    May 04, 2018, Friday

    Forget Tests, who's saving ODI cricket?

    The extinction of ODI cricket will leave the sport dealing with two extremes: T20s and Tests

  • Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu

    May 04, 2018, Friday

    Beyond stardom

    Varun Dhawan is as comfortable doing a dance drama (ABCD) as he is channeling his darker side in Badlapur

  • Bharat Ane Nenu is already a roaring hit

    April 27, 2018, Friday

    Public servants

    Bharat Ane Nenu is already a roaring hit and will certainly hold the "non-Baahubali" record for its lifetime box office ...

  • Image2

    April 27, 2018, Friday

    Mohamed Salah for the Ballon d'Or?

    Talk of his being the best player in the world was swirling around Europe much before he harried, twisted and tormented an ...

  • Arvind Kejriwal, manish sisodia

    April 21, 2018, Saturday

    Is AAP right to cry foul?

    Ministry of Home Affairs recently sacked nine advisors to the Delhi government

  • death penalty, rape, woman

    April 20, 2018, Friday

    Who's afraid of the death penalty?

    Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi declared last week that her ministry was in favour of amending the POCSO Act ...

  • An untitled painting by Ram Kumar: (23 September 1924 — 14 April 2018)

    April 20, 2018, Friday

    Adieu to an artist possessed

    Recognition for Ram Kumar came in his last decades when his market escalated, but not to extraordinary peaks like for V S

  • Rangasthalam

    April 13, 2018, Friday

    Sukumar, Ram Charan bounce back with 'Rangasthalam'

    All Sukumar's movies, prior to Rangasthalam, were urbane, cosmopolitan and soaked in yuppie aspirational culture

  • graph

    April 13, 2018, Friday

    Statutory warning: Countries with such low levels of humanity could die

    Nirbhaya 'asked for it'. The Unnao victim is 'low class'. They were all treated like dispensable junk. There can be no justice ...

  • Office, Work, Employment

    April 06, 2018, Friday

    A fairer workplace

    I had zero experience of working with women, and the media, as some readers will know, is slightly less gender unequal than other ...

  • weekend

    March 30, 2018, Friday

    A class apart

    Article settles into soft cushions and runs speculative eye on road travelled by these variously wheeled vehicles. How did these ...

  • weekend

    March 30, 2018, Friday

    Indian 'incursion' in China

    India's trade deficit with China might be massive but the soft power of Bollywood is making waves there

  • Allen Ginsberg

    March 30, 2018, Friday

    Naked art

    A direct response to the claustrophobic, bureaucratic terror of post-World War II America was the Beat Generation of poets and ...

  • depression, upset, fire, suicide, man

    March 24, 2018, Saturday

    Your workplace environment could be exposing you to a lot of stress

    High levels of stress put a pressure on the body's immunity and reduces it significantly

  • S H Raza, Tapovan

    March 23, 2018, Friday

    The timeless appeal of S H Raza: 'Tapovan' painting sets auction record

    What is it about Raza that has constantly captured collectors' attentions and ensured that he has a queue of buyers?