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Revenue-sharing model to replace production contracts in new petroleum agreements

CAG had earlier said PSCs encouraged companies to raise cost so as to postpone a higher share of profits to the government

Devangshu Datta: A sunny source of energy

There has been a considerable fall in solar equipment costs but technical and environmental issues still impede solar energy utilisation

R-Infra: Stay migration of customers to Tata Power

RInfra pleaded the stay be granted until MERC approves Tata Power's network roll out plan in its distribution area in Mumbai

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Move forward on gas

Modify Rangarajan price, and be firm with licensees

Go off the grid

Policy roadblocks holding back solar power

Advantage Tata Power, pain for NTPC

Tata Power surges 5%; NTPC slumps to five-year low

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Suman Bery: Planning for power

Studies suggest net benefits of hydro-power, nuclear energy or natural gas as sources of electricity are greater than those of wind and solar

Barun Roy: The geothermal alternative

The search for a potential resource of energy that exists in the heat of the Earth is now gathering pace

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