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Natural gas price slashed by 7.7% to $4.66 per unit

The new price reflects the significant decline in global crude oil and LNG prices since June last year

Govt to subsidise imported gas-based power generation

Through reverse bidding, power plants will quote a tariff, the subsidy for which will be released through the PSDF

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From promises to policy

Renewable energy needs government to draft sensible policy

Banks propose fund to cure power sector's woes

As banks struggle with high levels of exposure to the sector, a separate fund for power projects is seen as the next best solution

Closed access

Time to ease bottlenecks in open access for power supplies

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Vandana Gombar: 'Fight, flight or adapt'

For commercial and industrial enterprises in India bracketed in the highest tariff slabs, a switch to renewables would lower bills in many cases

Arunabha Ghosh: Speed, scale, skill... solar?

Ionce asked a rural bank officer how he managed to convince farmers to take large loans to install solar panels. He replied, "I remind them that ...

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