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Power firms may contest post-auction rule changes

If the change of regulations post the bidding is contested, producing coal blocks have to be re-auctioned; the rest will go to the custodian

Penniless power sector yet to act on govt initiatives

Discoms saddled with Rs 70,000 cr annual losses; no tender issued for transmission

Gas supply to stranded projects will help increase generation and grid stability: analysts

In interim period power producers will be able to pay interest

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Why are oil prices fluctuating?

From February to mid-March, oil prices receded rapidly. WTI dropped by 22 per cent in six weeks. Brent crude was down about 15 per cent. Then, ...

From promises to policy

Renewable energy needs government to draft sensible policy

Banks propose fund to cure power sector's woes

As banks struggle with high levels of exposure to the sector, a separate fund for power projects is seen as the next best solution

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Arunabha Ghosh: Build capacity for energy diplomacy

In 1911, Winston Churchill, then first lord of the Admiralty, made the decision to change the Royal Navy's primary fuel from coal (which was ...

Vandana Gombar: 'Fight, flight or adapt'

For commercial and industrial enterprises in India bracketed in the highest tariff slabs, a switch to renewables would lower bills in many cases

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