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SC primes the pump on retail gas pricing, scuttles PNGRB

Major boost for city gas distribution investments

Andhra power purchase sees toned down rates

Adani, Hindustan Power, Essar among likely sellers

Sector majors to fight for 4 major transmission projects

The cumulative cost of these four projects was Rs 4,000 cr

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Transmission and Distribution: Last mile is the longest

NDA govt electrified about 1,100 villages in first year

Charging up like never before

Govt hopes to add 0.21 mn Mw capacity by 2022, against 0.25 mn Mw added over 60 years

Power reforms gain ground in states

With 40,000 Mw of stalled projects likely to start production soon, states are bailing out discoms and revamping supply network to prepare for ...

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Arunabha Ghosh: Build capacity for energy diplomacy

In 1911, Winston Churchill, then first lord of the Admiralty, made the decision to change the Royal Navy's primary fuel from coal (which was ...

Vandana Gombar: 'Fight, flight or adapt'

For commercial and industrial enterprises in India bracketed in the highest tariff slabs, a switch to renewables would lower bills in many cases

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