Coal block allocation: PSU banks - Analysts in wait-and-watch mode

26 Aug 2014

Despite high exposure of public sector banks to power, iron and steel sectors, analysts remain in a wait-and-watch mode

T N Ninan: A new oil price policy

22 Aug 2014

In the first quarter of 2013, oil (Brent crude) was well over $120 per barrel. By the next quarter, the price was down to $98, only for it ...

Devangshu Datta: A sunny source of energy

21 Aug 2014

There has been a considerable fall in solar equipment costs but technical and environmental issues still impede solar energy utilisation

Suman Bery: Planning for power

07 Aug 2014

Studies suggest net benefits of hydro-power, nuclear energy or natural gas as sources of electricity are greater than those of wind and ...

Barun Roy: The geothermal alternative

09 Jul 2014

The search for a potential resource of energy that exists in the heat of the Earth is now gathering pace

Sreenivasan Jain: The ghosts of India's power 'crisis' return

08 Jul 2014

The new regime seems determined to recycle the mythologies over the shortage of coal and power

Ashok Basu: Memo to the next regime - Turn on the lights

30 Apr 2014

The listless administrative machinery urgently needs to be galvanised to revive the power sector. Here is a possible agenda to go about it

Good luck with power

11 Mar 2014

Electricity sector needs more work, not complacency

CERC's brave steps mean well for the power sector

25 Feb 2014

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission's (CERC) recent regulation on electricity tariff underscores the strides taken by the power ...

Power bailout

24 Feb 2014

Promoters should lose equity in Mundra power plants

CERC hands a carrot to pvt generators & a stick to NTPC

24 Feb 2014

Operating regulations for power generator tightened under new rules, FY15 earnings may be dented 11-13%

Coal India cuts FY15 volume estimate to 507 mn tonnes

20 Feb 2014

Viability of independent power producers to deteriorate further, as plant load factors hit 60%

Lower sales, coal realisation impact Tata Power in Q3

08 Feb 2014

Analysts awaiting clarity over regulatory issues and rate increase for the Mundra project

A new breeze

03 Feb 2014

Government gets around to re-energising wind power

CAG audit: For better or worse?

01 Jan 2014

Delhi govt's decision to audit power firms can raise more questions than answers

CERC tariff norms differentiate between state-owned and private power generators

10 Dec 2013

NTPC returns might get hit if incentives linked to plant load factor; generator would suffer if SEBs don't draw power

Power projects in a price maze

16 May 2013

CERC's decisions on Adani, Tata and Reliance's UMPPs suggest that the principles for raising tariff should be linked to an indexed formula

A new Chinese revolution

15 May 2013

Small households and firms may now sell solar power to the state grid

A good case for India to lose?

11 May 2013

The Centre is trying to force domestic sourcing of solar-power equipment, which may be a mistake

The power of fusion

02 May 2013

A project involving 34 nations will produce electricity via nuclear fusion

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