StatsGuru: 14-April-2014

14 Apr 2014

Taking stock of the country's pharma sector

StatsGuru: 07-April-2014

07 Apr 2014

Tracking the turnaround in India's external sector

StatsGuru: 31-March-2014

31 Mar 2014

Key indicators RBI will consider to decide monetary policy


24 Mar 2014

Betting on a fruitful election result, the Indian markets are roaring, as Table 1 shows, with the Sensex seemingly on an upward trend. But ...

StatsGuru: 17-March-2014

17 Mar 2014

Decoding the electorate for this year's general elections


10 Mar 2014

While many emerging markets have lately been in turmoil, India has been an oasis of calm. As Table 1 shows, the equity markets have in fact ...

StatsGuru: 03-March-2014

03 Mar 2014

Taking stock of the country's telecom sector

StatsGuru: 24-February-2014

24 Feb 2014

Making sense of this year's interim Budget numbers

StatsGuru: 17-February-2014

17 Feb 2014

US unduly concerned about trade with India


03 Feb 2014

The United States Federal Reserve has begun to taper its bond-buying programme in earnest, causing the expected turmoil in world markets. ...


27 Jan 2014

On the 65th Republic Day, it is worth looking at some indicators of how far India has come since January 26, 1950, and how far it still has ...

StatsGuru: 20-January-2014

20 Jan 2014

Coal India is the jewel in government's PSU crown


13 Jan 2014

Making sense of the Nachiket Mor panel's suggestions


30 Dec 2013

How was the year 2013 for the equity and commodity markets? Indian stocks seemed to have done well, certainly - the Sensex ended the year ...

StatsGuru: 23-December-2013

23 Dec 2013

The curious case of the economy following the US taper

StatsGuru: 16-December-2013

16 Dec 2013

RBI's pressure points while formulating monetary policy

StatsGuru: Making sense of the global trade debate at Bali

09 Dec 2013

At the recently concluded world trade talks in Bali, what was at stake? First, look at the current patterns of Indian and world trade. ...

StatsGuru: Decoding the mix of Assembly poll candidates

02 Dec 2013

The Association for Democratic Reforms has tracked various characteristics of legislators and candidates for elections in India for some ...


25 Nov 2013

The sugar mill industry has long complained about the impact of politics on its sustainability. This is in spite of the fact that, after a ...

StatsGuru: 11-November-2013

11 Nov 2013

Why did the European Central Bank cut interest rates?

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