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StatsGuru: Decoding the big changes in this Budget

02 Mar 2015

The numbers underlying the Budget reveal some of the big changes this year. Table 1 shows there are only minor differences in where the ...

StatsGuru: 23 February 2015

23 Feb 2015

What are the benchmarks against which the Budget, to be presented on February 28, will be judged? The biggest is likely to be fiscal ...

StatsGuru: Looking at the numbers behind Arvind Kejriwal's victory

16 Feb 2015

The Delhi assembly elections were widely considered among the more stunning results of any election in Indian history. The big story is ...

StatsGuru: A closer look at what makes up the new GDP numbers

09 Feb 2015

The new figures for India's economy, after the base of the statistics has been considerably rationalised and expanded, have drawn much ...

StatsGuru: Taking stock of India's economic relations with the US

02 Feb 2015

The recent visit of US President Barack Obama to India put the bilateral economic relations into the spotlight

StatsGuru: Factors that might have worried the ECB

26 Jan 2015

The European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to pump money into the continent's capital market through its own quantitative easing (QE). ...

StatsGuru: In a new year, new worries and risks

12 Jan 2015

It has been a turbulent first week of 2015. As Table 1 shows, the shake-up in several emerging markets has been sizeable. In fact, some ...

StatsGuru: PSUs serve govt better with dividends than disinvestment

05 Jan 2015

Once again, the Union government is looking to public-sector undertakings, or PSUs, to help meet its revenue requirements - whether through ...

StatsGuru: A closer look at the performance of India's stock markets

29 Dec 2014

In StatsGuru's final instalment this year, the performance of India's stock market is examined. It has, as Table 1 shows, outperformed its ...

StatsGuru: The numbers behind the Indian economy in 2014

22 Dec 2014

In the second of StatsGuru's year-end iterations, India's numbers as compared to the world economy are examined

StatsGuru: Taking stock of Indian debt markets and what lies ahead

08 Dec 2014

Are Indian debt markets poised to become significantly more attractive? As Table 1 shows, yields on govt debt in mature markets have ...

StatsGuru: Taking stock of telecom before the next round of auctions

24 Nov 2014

The telecom industry is gearing up for another round of spectrum auctions. How is it doing? As Table 1 shows, there is still potential for ...

StatsGuru: Economic indicators are positive but confidence is missing

17 Nov 2014

As Table 1 shows, Consumer Price Index (CPI)-based inflation has seen a sharp dip of late, which has increased pressure on the Reserve Bank ...

StatsGuru- Ease of doing business: India fares poorly on World Bank list

03 Nov 2014

This year's World Bank ranking of countries on the basis of how easy it is to do business in them is out

StatsGuru: A closer look at the profile of MLAs in Assembly elections

27 Oct 2014

The Association for Democratic Reforms, or ADR, has swiftly come out with an examination of the recently elected Assemblies in Maharashtra ...

StatsGuru: Examining the numbers behind the fall in inflation

20 Oct 2014

Of late, inflation has softened noticeably. As Table 1 shows, Wholesale Price Index (WPI)-based inflation has crashed to its lowest level ...

StatsGuru: Taking stock of the state of sanitation in India

06 Oct 2014

The prime minister's "Swachh Bharat" campaign is, at the bottom, about sanitation and about latrines. The task, as revealed in Figure 1, is ...

StatsGuru: PM Modi's business agenda during US visit

29 Sep 2014

In the United States, Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to revive bilateral economic ties. As Table 1 shows, trade has grown steadily ...

StatsGuru: Key numbers RBI will consider for its policy stance

22 Sep 2014

In spite of Governor Raghuram Rajan's repeated concerns about inflation, many think there may still be a loosening of stance

StatsGuru: Taking stock of the phone launches by Apple & Samsung

15 Sep 2014

Last fortnight, both Apple and Samsung unveiled new devices. As Table 1 shows, the companies still are the two largest players in the ...

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