The right to vote should include the right to not vote: Subhash Kashyap

27 Jun 2015

Interview with leading constitutional experts

Rebirth of Mughal life below ground

11 Apr 2015

The country's first sunken museum will enthrall history enthusiasts not only with its artefacts but also its architectural design

Dance for scientific instruction

11 Apr 2015

Bodystorm, a unique dance form, opens up possibilities for scientists and artistes to investigate ideas in a unique manner

Irani chai and charcha

04 Apr 2015

Ritesh Batra, director of The Lunchbox, is hosting a series of film talks at various old Irani cafes of Mumbai in an attempt to revive them

Discovering Bengaluru, through food

04 Apr 2015

The Oota Walks combines heritage, culture and food on the many curated trails it offers

In search of a new South Asian cultural vision

28 Mar 2015

Sasian Journeys, a six-day festival featuring crafts, textiles, food and talks in New Delhi, will promote cultural legacy enterprises in ...

Playing against boundaries

28 Mar 2015

Female musicians in Mumbai will break the norms and play instruments traditionally played by men at the Saz-e-Bahar festival

Lilt of the gypsy tune

21 Mar 2015

A festival in Jodhpur will see a contemporary incarnation of nomadic traditions

The last sip of cheap chai

21 Mar 2015

The well-loved Samovar Cafe at Jehangir Art Gallery is set to close down after 50 years

The riches of a hybrid heritage

14 Mar 2015

122 objects showcase the multicultural mix that is the Peranakan Chinese community

Discovering the city on a bike

14 Mar 2015

Three enthusiasts, who now run cycling ventures in Bengaluru, write about biking trails in and around the city

For the love of Urdu

07 Mar 2015

Jashn-e-Rekhta celebrates the language in all its glory over two days in the capital

Breakfast gets a creative twist

07 Mar 2015

At Creative Mornings Bengaluru, a free monthly lecture series, people gather for some light repast with interesting conversations

Fun through the night

21 Feb 2015

Raids and crackdowns pared down the party scene in Mumbai some years ago, but this could soon change with Aditya Thackeray's plans for the ...

The famous indie band you haven't heard of

21 Feb 2015

Alt-J, a British band that recently won the Mercury Prize, brings its folktronica and indie rock music to India for the first time

Life on stage

14 Feb 2015

A dramatic narration by Anupam Kher and an arresting stage adaptation of Ismat Chughtai's short stories by Naseeruddin Shah, among other ...

A dose of culture under the coconut trees

14 Feb 2015

Music festivals such as the upcoming Nariyal Paani in Alibaug are bringing the visual arts within their purview as well

Comedy takes centrestage

07 Feb 2015

Stage42, a new multi-city festival, is hosting top-billed international and Indian comedians for a month

From the street to palaces of high art

07 Feb 2015

The quirky side of life in the British countryside finds a modern incarnation in a unique art show

Let's paint the town

31 Jan 2015

The St+Art festival in Delhi takes art out of the gallery to positively change the urban landscape

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