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  • Aditi Phadnis - Political Editor, Business Standard

    Aditi Phadnis

    Political Editor, Business Standard

    DATE: May 20, 2016, 12:00 PM

    SUBJECT: Assessing the impact of Assembly elections




    Hello, and welcome to the webchat with Aditi Phadnis on her interpretation of the outcome of Assembly polls

  • D


    Will these election help the NDA pass goods and services tax (GST) bill in coming season?


    I think the NDA has become more confident than it was, especially after its Bihar debacle - and the Congress is a bit more cowed down. Sentiment will propel GST bill...

  • N


    Do you think that the government will last its full term? How many more years / months do you give the BJP/NDA at the helm?


    I have no doubt that it will last the full term, Sir ! The only question is - Narendra Modi can be PM for a second term only if he gets 272 in 2019. I am not sure if his MPs are as popular as he is. and whether his personal popularity (which has won one election for the BJP) will work a second time round)

  • K


    What will be the impact on Rajya Sabha composition after these elections?


    These elections will not materially change the composition immediately - but the effect will come after a lag. On the other hand, barring constitutional amendment bills, the government does not really need a two thirds majority

  • P


    Post the assembly elections in 5 states, BJP has emerged as a pan India national party while Congress' footprints are diminishing. How will this impact the 2019 election?


    Yes, the BJP has got a new definition. But it will need to prove it is more inclusive if it wants to get national acceptability.

  • C


    With the regional parties gaining ground, do you see a face off between Narendra Modi-led BJP and Mamta or Nitish led third front in the 2019 general elections?


    Good question ! Hard to say where the opposition fulcrum will come to rest. After all, when Pranab Mukherjee became President in 2012, Mamata and Mulayam did try to forge a regional party front. Look what happened to that !

  • A


    Do you think the chances of Congress's revival are completely finished seeing these numbers across States? Where is the Congress ideology going wrong, or is there an issue with the leadership?


    Nobody can be written off. If the BJP keeps on making mistakes like Uttarakhand, the Congress will capitalize on them. The leadership seems to be the problem - but the bigger problem is credibility

  • M


    What are the prospects for Congress from here on?


    The Congress is going through a tough phase and its desperation is there for all to see. It has to win back credibility and its cadres have to feel enthused. We have to see what it does to win back its supporters. There is an anti-BJP constituency - how the Congress reaches that section is the issue.

  • V


    Though the elections do not change the numbers in the Rajya Sabha, how does the government plan to get the GST bill passed in the monsoon session? Are the investors being taken for a ride again?


    The government believes that sentiment is in its favour. With the Congress having faced such a bad setback, it will fall in line. It is relying on sentiment and invisible friends to get GST passed. I am pretty sure monsoon session will see GST being cleared - with or without the Congress.

  • N


    With Mamta Banerjee hogging limelight and coming into power for the second straight term. Do you see her gaining national importance? Do you see her running as a PM candidate in the next election?


    The Lok Sabha has 545 seats. If you want to be PM, you need to have won - or have the support of - 272. If the Congress, the Left and the BJP - Mamata Banerjee's own avowed enemies - do not support her, I don't see her getting to 272 - do you ?

  • H


    Is DMK's political clout intact, and do you foresee any future for them?


    The DMK has considerable political clout among the minorities of Tamil Nadu. It has done well in Western and Central Tamil Nadu. I don't think it is write-off.

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