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    Hello and welcome to the webchat with Dhirendra Kumar, Founder and Chief Executive, Value Research

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    Hello Mr Kumar, can I invest Rs 1,000 monthly in SBI Bluechip Fund?


    Yes, you can go ahead with your investment in SBI Bluechip Fund. It is a five-star multicap scheme. It has given 17.89 per cent in the last three years, 12.58 per cent in the last five years.

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    Sir, I belong to 50+ age group. Kindly guide me an investing plan in mutual fund and insurance.


    You haven't provided any details other than your age. So I am offering you a general advice. Invest in a top-rated balanced scheme to meet your long term financial goals. These schemes invest in a combination of equity and debt. The debt part of the portfolio offers a cushion in times of stock market volatility. A balanced scheme is ideal for growing money conservatively. I always recommend a plain term plan to buy a life insurance cover.

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    I am 60 years old. I can invest upto 25 lacs. What mutual equity/debt funds should I invest for regular income?


    For guaranteed income, consider investing Rs 15 lakh (the maximum permissible) in government-backed schemes like Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) and Post Office Monthly Income Scheme. Mutual funds do not guarantee regular income. Consider investing the remaining amount in balanced funds for steady growth to protect the worth of your money invested in guaranteed income scheme which will remain constant.

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    Hi, Which mutual fund should I choose from a long term perspective?


    It is better to invest in equity mutual funds to achieve long-term financial goals. This is because equity can offer superior returns than other asset classes and potential to beat inflation. Conservative investors should choose balanced funds, investors with moderate risk appetite should invest with diversified equity funds (Value Research's category of Multi-cap funds) and aggressive investors should build a portfolio with mid and small cap funds. But investing steadily through SIP and only investing the money which you are unlikely to need for five years and more will help you do this.

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    I am due for retirement along with senior citizen plan of post office/bank. I am interested to invest in balanced funds. Will this be a good decision? Kindly suggest the funds.


    Yes, you can invest in balanced scheme if you have an investment horizon of at least five years. Balanced schemes can offer you better returns as they invest a large part of the portfolio (at least 65 per cent) in equity. Conservative balanced fund I like: ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Tata Balanced Franklin Balanced

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    Hi Dhirendra, I've been following you for quite sometime. I have two MFs where I invest Rs 15,000 in SIPs since April 2015. 1. Franklin Templeton Growth Smaller Companies (Wife) 2. SBI Blue Chip (Mine) VPF 12k per month + 9k for Life Insurance to hit my 1.5 L 80C requirement. Do I need to diversify my portfolio/and/or move into ELSS instruments? Also, I have invested in few stocks: 1. Monsanto - entry 2850 2. ICICI Bank - entry 145 3. Nestle - Average entry 5850 Horizon Long term - 10 years plus.


    I would like to share our beliefs developed over years which should be helpful to you and many others. We believe in the power of keeping it simple. Simple strategies and simple financial products which can be understood by anyone. Such strategies can be followed for a long time without having to be adjusted in response to what might be happening in the economy or the markets. We believe that every individual himself is best positioned to take care of his financial future. We believe in the long-term prospects for carefully chosen stocks or equity funds. We believe that every investor can build wealth over time with simple strategies without having a lot of money or time. We believe in prudence before making any investment. Buy a term plan to financially secure your dependents. Buy health insurance to avoid disruption in your savings and investment plan. Avoid insurance-linked investments; they don’t serve your needs objectively. One should invest conservatively for short-term goals. For your long-term goals invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks or equity funds steadily over time to reduce your risk.

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    Sir, I am 29 years old working woman. Since Jan 2015, I have been investing Rs 16,000 in mutual funds via SIP. All my investments are in growth options. My risk appetite is moderate. Can you please review my portfolio and suggest if am going ahead with right funds? Kindly advice if I need to switch any investments? Here goes my investment details: 1) Axis Long Term Equity: Rs 2,000 2) Franklin Tax Shield Fund: Rs 3,000 3) HDFC Balanced Fund: Rs 2,000 4) ICICI Prudential Long Term Plan: Rs 1,000 5) Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund: 2,000 6) ICICI Prudential Focused Blue Chip Equity Fund: Rs 1,500 7) UTI Opportunities Fund: Rs 2,000 8) HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund: Rs 1,500 9) Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund: Rs 1,000


    Keep it simple. One SIP in a tax saving fund to the extent needed for 80C and the rest in 1-2 balanced funds should be enough.

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    S K BERA

    From a 10 year horizon, how do you rate the following SIPs? ICICI Focused Bluechip, Franklin India Prima Plus, SBI Magnum Midcap, Mirae Emerging Bluechip, Can Rob Emerging Equities and Tata Balanced Fund


    Logically the best return should come to categories in this order - Small, Midcap, Multicap, Largecap and balanced funds. And they all come with their cycle of being in favour and out.

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    I bought Franklin India Blue Chip, Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity, HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Prudence in 2011 as set of mutual funds in Large Cap, Large-Midcap and Balanced funds space. It's been close to 5 years. Now I see that all the first 3 are in Large Cap space with HDFC Top 200 and Franklin India Bluechip to a certain extent, being relative underperformers. Should I switch from HDFC Top 200 / Franklin India Bluechip to a Multicap fund? Also, HDFC Prudence has been a relative underperformer, do I need to switch over to a better Balanced fund? If yes, please suggest me a couple of Multicap and Balanced funds instead of HDFC Top 200 / Franklin India Blue chip and HDFC Prudence.


    Don't micro manage and over analyze. Invest in some multi-caps and it will save you from this anxiety. Also consider moving you accumulation so far in these funds to you new selection.

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    Which Mutual Funds you should invest in and how many schemes you should be invested in, if I want to do monthly SIP of approx Rs 50,000 in total?


    3-4 funds will provide you adequate diversification of style as well without losing focus and interest.

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