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  • Claude Smadja

    Why the European recovery is not enough Claude Smadja

    The European project has run out of steam and countering populism would require policies that address disruptions caused by globalization

  • Kanika Datta

    Mr Modi by the book (and the comic) Kanika Datta

    No fan has felt compelled to write about Mr Modi and demonetisation, the biggest such exercise in the world and the most significant policy decision of his regime

  • Mihir S Sharma

    Reading with discomfort Mihir S Sharma

    Last Friday, the SC refused to hear a PIL, that demanded a ban on a book by the Hyderabad-based political scientist and writer Kancha Ilaiah

  • Somasekhar Sundaresan

    About justice & conspicuous consumption Somasekhar Sundaresan

    When a crime is committed, everyone seems to have a view on who has done wrong, and regardless of judicial outcome through due process of law, theories of how justice was done or not done mushroom

  • Parthasarathi Shome

    Human development bottom up Parthasarathi Shome

    A revolution in strategy is needed for the New India

  • M J Antony

    Dark spots in professional education M J Antony

    Substandard colleges queue up for interim orders to admit students

  • Transformations cost jobs Mahesh Vyas

    The average urban unemployment rate of 7.85 per cent during the first fortnight of October is significantly higher than the levels seen during the preceding 12 months

  • Akash Prakash

    The end of cheap money Akash Prakash

    Odds are global economy as well as markets will handle rise in interest rates and end of QE, but the bull-run will surely end

  • Anjuli Bhargava

    Why I don't see huge value in AI Anjuli Bhargava

    An unhappy, discontented lot of employees could be the bane of the airline

  • Shubh Soni

    Uber: An aggregator or co-partner? Shubh Soni

    Will it now continue to position itself as an aggregator that charges a fee, or will it be a co-partner with its drivers

  • TNC Rajagopalan

    GST machinery still unrolling TNC Rajagopalan

    For August and subsequent months, the facility of filing GSTR-1 has not been made available as yet by the GSTN

  • Rukmini Gupte

    Waste not, want not Rukmini Gupte

    Brands can turn frugality into a differentiated purpose, build an identity in keeping with the times

  • Ajay Shah

    Three-page notes considered harmful Ajay Shah

    In each major area of public policy, we need intellectual capabilities in understanding where things are going wrong, and in building a strategy for change

  • Debashis Basu

    RBI report shows how banks loot customers Debashis Basu

    Incidentally, the report has been on the RBI website for over nine days now, but the media has somehow ignored its importance

  • A K Bhattacharya

    Goodbye to cooperative federalism? A K Bhattacharya

    The spat over the Delhi Metro fare hike shows how the Centre and the Delhi government refused to deal with the central issues of governance