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Ajay Shankar

Ajay Shankar

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  • Getting the stimulus right

    07-10-2017 20:59:00

    Smart state intervention in select labour-intensive industries can create comparative advantage and boost India's manufacturing sector

  • The challenge of surplus power

    10-05-2017 22:38:00

    Options with significant potential for creating demand do exist beyond traditional paradigm

  • Ajay Shankar: Re-engineering infrastructure PPPs

    20-12-2014 21:49:00

    To revive PPPs, the govt should take on macroeconomic risks flowing from uncertainties in GDP growth rates. The private sector can absorb project management and execution risks

  • Ajay Shankar: For a competitive rupee

    05-07-2014 21:39:00

    For the economic recovery to be robust, and for sustained success in manufacturing, RBI needs to aggressively buy dollars