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Alok Chandra

Alok Chandra

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  • Another wine country

    08-12-2017 23:55:00

    Surprising as it may be, it happens that the largest importer of Spanish wines (in bulk) is France, where a lot is sold as vino di tavola (table wine), followed by Germany and Italy

  • The Indian wine day

    24-11-2017 21:36:00

    There are nearly 50 wineries still operating in India

  • New wines in new bottles

    10-11-2017 21:41:00

    'Here's to raising a toast for a good cause'

  • Raise a toast to Down Under

    27-10-2017 23:00:00

    Australian wines actually outsell all other imported wines in India and Jacob's Creek is the market leader

  • Wines from the 'Rainbow Nation'

    30-09-2017 00:09:00

    It's no secret that South African producers have taken Chenin Blanc to another level

  • Toasting to Argentine wine

    15-09-2017 22:50:00

    There's no doubt that Argentine wines offer terrific value and will continue to gain sales and share in India

  • Finding the finest Spanish wines

    01-09-2017 23:18:00

    These wines are still unknown in India, maybe because Spain was exporting mainly bulk wines

  • Sipping overseas wines

    18-08-2017 21:59:00

    The Thelema Mountain Vineyards Shiraz 2013 is priced at Rs 3,726 in Bengaluru

  • What the right glass does to wine

    05-08-2017 00:12:00

    Glass was first developed in ancient Egypt around 1500 BC, but remained rare and expensive

  • When it rains, just pour

    21-07-2017 22:23:00

    Red wines can be classified into two segments: the Bordeaux style and Burgundy style

  • High ways of spirits

    07-07-2017 23:47:00

    Hopefully, all's well that ends well, and business should get back to normal soon

  • How to make a fortune from wine

    24-06-2017 02:54:00

    The Daily Dose is produced at the Oakwood Winery in Maharashtra

  • A few good wines

    09-06-2017 23:19:00

    What are the highest-rated wines available in India?

  • The myriad wine faces

    26-05-2017 21:27:00

    The Krsma Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is crisp and clean with grassy notes of lime and lemon

  • The serious business of wines

    12-05-2017 23:09:00

    Wine is still regarded as something consumed by glamorous socialites