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Arundhuti Dasgupta

Arundhuti Dasgupta

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  • In the name of the father

    14-07-2017 23:39:00

    Fathers and sons have had a vexed relationship throughout myth

  • Standing up to power

    17-06-2017 02:13:00

    Almost every myth celebrates the heroic individual who stands up to tyranny, autocracy and injustice

  • Tripping on nostalgia

    02-06-2017 23:05:00

    Amit Chaudhuri's descriptions reveal a city that remains largely unseen to its residents

  • Lynch mobs of the gods

    19-05-2017 22:35:00

    To convert non-believers to their cause or enforce adulation of their heroes & gods are running riot

  • Holy cows, global and local

    14-04-2017 22:54:00

    In Norse mythology, the cow is the creator of the universe

  • From Niflheim to Ragnarok

    07-04-2017 23:48:00

    Neil Gaiman's book retells the stories with relish and a sense of awe

  • Speaking for the river

    24-03-2017 23:40:00

    In myth, Ganga cleansed and purified human souls, while Yamuna is sister of the god of death

  • Arundhuti Dasgupta: Reputations on the line

    17-02-2017 23:45:00

    Reputations are hard to build and even harder to crack

  • Arundhuti Dasgupta: Father, son and son-in-law

    13-01-2017 23:25:00

    Yayati goes down in Mahabharata as the king who tried to overturn the natural order of things

  • Arundhuti Dasgupta: The age of supermen (and women)

    23-12-2016 23:04:00

    Zeus, the towering figure from Greek mythology, commanded complete supremacy

  • The power of the beast

    15-10-2016 00:08:00

    The lion has been the insignia of kings and generals throughout the world

  • Making myths from the mythical

    17-09-2016 00:08:00

    Bali was a good king, only too powerful and ambitious. Ravana was a good king and devotee of Shiva, but he coveted another man's wife. They suffered for their character flaws

  • Olympics and identity

    13-08-2016 00:08:00

    Religion was also a source of conflict at the Games and the reason they came to be banned sometime in 393 AD

  • The river has a voice

    16-07-2016 00:08:00

    Rivers are sacred in India still, but we seem to have lost our ability to treat them as fellow humans

  • Breaking the code

    14-05-2016 00:08:00

    Varuna was one of the gods to have witnessed a peace treaty between the Hittites and Mittanis in 1380 BC