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Devangshu Datta

Devangshu Datta

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  • The collision in our stars

    20-10-2017 23:43:00

    NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory was at the forefront of the many observatories working on the neutron star collision

  • Positive signals amidst the gloom

    15-10-2017 22:39:00

    Inflation is down, growth is headed for recovery. RIL and subsidiary Jio are on an upswing. Stressed loans, impending job losses are dark clouds

  • A few notes on governance

    15-10-2017 21:46:00

    Institutional activism and class-action suits key to success

  • The rational way to think

    13-10-2017 22:17:00

    Recreational mathematicians will mourn Monty Hall's demise for he devised a most intriguing problem in his 1960s show 'Let's Make a Deal'

  • Bumps ahead for bull run

    12-10-2017 00:40:00

    RBI cut its median projections for gross value added growth for FY18 to 6.7% from 7.3%

  • Sticking to smaller companies can be more fruitful

    04-10-2017 01:34:00

    Over 1991-2017, the median PE for the bottom-decile has increased from 13.6 PE in 1991 to 29.6 PE in 2017

  • That sinking feeling once again

    01-10-2017 22:39:00

    GDP growth is being re-rated down, company results are unlikely to be exciting due to GST impact, MPC may not cut policy rates

  • A fait accompli to Supreme Court?

    30-09-2017 00:10:00

    If SC makes the wrong call on Aadhaar in November, entire nation will be stripped digitally naked

  • Casting the net wider

    28-09-2017 22:40:00

    Several giants are developing unconventional technologies to provide high-speed internet from the air

  • Trading strategies for a falling rupee

    27-09-2017 00:57:00

    Real rupee interest rates would reduce if domestic inflation rises and the RBI doesn't raise policy rates

  • Time for a lower rupee

    24-09-2017 22:41:00

    A trader with a six-month horizon can target export-oriented stocks

  • Pain ahead for realty, housing finance players

    20-09-2017 00:18:00

    What happens if the developer goes bust and doesn't deliver? The lender will now try to squeeze money out of owners of houses that don't exist

  • Inflation rears its head again

    17-09-2017 22:39:00

    The CPI and CFPI are up and there are fears that food inflation will continue to rise. High inflation could prevent RBI from reducing policy rates

  • Get clues from FPIs

    17-09-2017 21:38:00

    A falling rupee and lower foreign buying in equities are signals investors should watch out for

  • As with Babylon, so with robots

    15-09-2017 23:11:00

    The base premise of a lifelike, talking robot programmed to deliver sex through onboard artificial intelligence is now a reality