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Evan A Feigenbaum

Evan A Feigenbaum

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Evan A Feigenbaum: Can India, US up the investment game?

Expanded trade and investment can both diversify and solidify a partnership to which both governments are deeply committed

Evan A Feigenbaum: China's great rebalancing act

Its capital-intensive, export-oriented approach is delivering diminishing returns and threatens to become a major political vulnerability for the govt

Evan A Feigenbaum: Who will win as China's economy changes?

Slack global demand has meant that China increasingly powers the growth of nearly every major economy in Asia

Evan A Feigenbaum: Are multilateral groups missing the point?

In every crisis of recent years, the most effective global and regional problem-solving has been borne out of necessity and focused on results

Evan A Feigenbaum: Can India and US cooperate in Central Asia?

The ultimate test will be to promote economic linkages and continental trade

Evan A Feigenbaum: Time for a US-India investment treaty

The US has been left out of a raft of agreements with India, partly because Washington has yet to sort out its own trade priorities with New Delhi

Evan A Feigenbaum: Could America fade in Asia?

It is essential to adapt US policy to the contours of change in Asia if the US wishes to remain vital and relevant there

Evan A Feigenbaum: Is China 'eating our lunch'?

How effective is the China model? And is China's approach really quite so uniform?

Evan A Feigenbaum: Why US-China relations will get tougher

Should Indians care about America's strategic choices with China?

Evan A Feigenbaum: Out with old in Asia?

As Asia rings in 2011, will it ring in a new economic order too?

Evan A Feigenbaum: Why we aren't China

President Obama wowed India, and all those who care about US-India relations should cheer

Evan A Feigenbaum: Continental and maritime in US-India ties


Evan A Feigenbaum: A more global partnership?

Why is America's dialogue with India less global in scope than with any major power, even China?

Evan A Feigenbaum: Challenge of a changing Asia

The business of Asia is still business. And India and East Asia have some distance yet to travel

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