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Hugo Dixon: Financial engineering to Athens's rescue

The eurozone won't accept the write-off of the 'zero-coupon' debt. But the Greek government's proposal to split most of the eurozone debt into two parts could be modified to make it workable

Dates that count

It's 20.12.2012 and it¿s the end of a magical era

No to Greek fudge

Greece needs a positive shock

Reeling and rudderless

BBC shows how not to manage a crisis

No need for corpses

Scardino exit reignites FT sale speculation

Hugo Dixon: Confidence tricks for Europe

Hugo Dixon outlines the quick fixes that Europe needs to calm markets

Not looking good

Publication of a Timothy Geithner memo has put the Bank of England in a tight spot. Geithner, then president of the New York Federal Reserve, wrote to Mervyn King, the BoE governor, in June 2008 proposing reforms to prevent “deliberate ...

You couldn't make it up

Remember the Bank Rate scandal of 1957? The affair, which transfixed the British public two generations ago, had extraordinary parallels with on Tuesday’s Libor scam. It involved a man called Cameron and another named Mynors.

The Barclays counterfactual

What if Barclays hadn’t lowered Libor submissions? The bank certainly reduced its vulnerability by submitting lower rates in the midst of the crisis. But what would honesty have cost? Would Barclays have secured funds from Middle East ...

Diamonds aren't for ever

Marcus Agius said “the buck stops with me”, in resigning after the interest-rate rigging scandal. But the buck shouldn’t stop with the Barclays chairman. It is appropriate that Agius has fallen on his sword because he hasn’t ...

Hugo Dixon: The euro zone's last hope

A politically acceptable, legal and effective idea is interest subsidies from low-yield to high-yield euro zone countries

No time to cheer

The Greek vote is cause for relief but not rejoicing. The Greeks have bought themselves a breathing space by voting for pro-bailout parties. But the resulting coalition may be weak, and the economy is still shrinking, and markets are still sceptical ...

Hugo Dixon: Greece's last, best chance

In order for Greece to recover, it must first stare into the abyss

Hugo Dixon: Not banking on union

A centralised regulatory system for banks in Europe is no solution to the euro crisis

Like son, like father?

Since BSkyB was founded, it has been chaired by either James Murdoch or his father, Rupert. Murdoch Junior’s decision to jump before he might have been pushed means the pay-TV group finally has an independent chairman.

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