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J Jagannath

J Jagannath

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  • Best scenes of 2017: Part I

    09-12-2017 00:01:00

    The movie Brawl in Cell Block 99 has set a high benchmark for hand-to-hand combat fights

  • Two new seriously funny TV shows: American Vandal and SMILF

    24-11-2017 23:56:00

    The series came out at a time when it became an open secret that influential men in the American entertainment industry just can't keep it zipped up

  • Reel view: The kids aren't all right

    10-11-2017 21:41:00

    Felicite is about the eponymous lead character in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa

  • Oddly mesmerising

    27-10-2017 22:48:00

    Baumbach's latest is about three bickering siblings getting together to care for their father who is an ageing, self-absorbed artist manque

  • TV bingeing this Diwali

    14-10-2017 00:02:00

    A list of few TV series to binge watch during the festive season

  • Superheroes of Newton and Spyder

    29-09-2017 22:59:00

    In its 100-minute duration, Masurkar has woven a yarn-and-a-half, told with the perfect lightness of touch

  • Pop culture triumphs

    16-09-2017 00:31:00

    The movie says crime pays but also conveys that too much greed can be detrimental

  • Letting the devil win

    01-09-2017 23:56:00

    Too much happened in this season too soon

  • Single lives matter

    18-08-2017 23:20:00

    Impose an entry fee on single men but blanket ban means missing the woods for the trees

  • Art-ing in NYC

    04-08-2017 23:17:00

    Culture consumption in New York is always exhaustive and never exhausting

  • Denver cinema

    21-07-2017 23:01:00

    It's heartwarming to see new foreign cinema being shown at every American city, says J Jagannath

  • Museum going

    08-07-2017 00:25:00

    It was the most surreal experience of my life to enter the main lobby of the National Gallery of Art

  • Small-town India: G Kutta Se, Angamaly Diaries and A Death in the Gunj

    24-06-2017 02:41:00

    Massey's disposition of someone being consumed by his unending torment is perfect

  • Not woke enough

    09-06-2017 23:54:00

    My heart bleeds when I see that a well-intentioned story is botched up for monetary reasons

  • Dotage dramas

    12-05-2017 23:29:00

    Movies like Mukti Bhawan and Pa Paandi are essential lessons in filial responsibilities