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Kanika Datta

Kanika Datta

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  • From Keeler to #metoo

    08-12-2017 23:42:00

    #metoo owes something to the model at heart of the Profumo affair and and her son's acknowledgement of it

  • War of words over 'Pocahontas'

    02-12-2017 03:38:00

    Pocahontas is a racial slur on several levels

  • The trouble with a 'people's car'

    29-11-2017 22:42:00

    From 2012, Nano's sales shifted steadily down to hit a little over 1,500 in May to October of the current fiscal year

  • SHe said, #metoo

    15-11-2017 23:11:00

    A system that lacks confidentiality and due process could well encourage the filing of false accusations by those who simply have a grudge against their boss

  • Doing Business is skin deep

    01-11-2017 22:42:00

    Foreign investment patterns are a reasonably good proxy for the way Indian business invests

  • Mr Modi by the book (and the comic)

    18-10-2017 22:42:00

    No fan has felt compelled to write about Mr Modi and demonetisation, the biggest such exercise in the world and the most significant policy decision of his regime

  • The public discourse is a-changin'

    04-10-2017 22:42:00

    Mr Sinha's plain-speak echoed what apolitical economic commentators had been suggesting for months

  • A knee for bigotry

    30-09-2017 00:36:00

    70% of the NFL's players are black men and 98% of the owners are white

  • Ease of doing MSME business

    20-09-2017 22:42:00

    The problems of India's MSMEs represent in miniature the problems of business in general

  • Agnes and Diana: Two models of charity

    06-09-2017 22:42:00

    Diana's death attracted 24X7 coverage for almost a week

  • Britain's 'discovery' of India

    25-08-2017 22:32:00

    Unlike the Germans, Britons began to face the hard truths about their colonial empire only recently

  • The story of Indian business?

    23-08-2017 22:42:00

    There are flaws in the economy that is evolving to one in which private interests play a larger role

  • Women outside the comfort zone

    09-08-2017 22:47:00

    Within accepted paradigms of behaviour, women aren't supposed to be out alone at night

  • Private sector crutch for public service

    26-07-2017 22:47:00

    Since those heady days a quarter century ago, the roles have morphed in a bizarre way

  • The world's most disastrous CEO

    12-07-2017 22:42:00

    An unprincipled businessman in the White House is a liability for the world