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Kanika Datta

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  • Kanika Datta: CSR beyond the sanitary truths

    19-05-2016 01:00:00

    Titled "CSR in WASH: What are India's Top Companies Up To?" its broad findings seem to indicate that CSR tends to be constrained by demands of shareholder value, and, therefore, afflicted by tokenism

  • Kanika Datta: Coming to terms with 'sin' businesses

    04-05-2016 21:48:00

    As India crawls up the ladder of prosperity & maturity, it is worth wondering whether any govt will be brave enough to lift the proscriptions on these traditional 'sin' businesses

  • Kanika Datta: What if the Nano project had stayed in Bengal?

    27-04-2016 21:46:00

    The impact on revenues and jobs may have been limited but the existence of a large, functioning factory complex from a reputed corporate group would have sent a powerful signal that the state was open

  • Kanika Datta: Sense and sensitivity

    20-04-2016 21:48:00

    In today's febrile political atmosphere, the gap between sense and sensitivities is growing wider

  • Kanika Datta: 'Anti-nationalism' in the business world

    06-04-2016 21:48:00

    Now that the issue is convulsing the headlines on almost a daily basis, this is a good time to do an 'anti-national' check of Indian business

  • Kanika Datta: India's 'bad name'

    23-03-2016 21:48:00

    The corporate-political complex is often accepted as the price emerging economies pay for faster growth, especially in areas where public policy intersects with private capital

  • Kanika Datta: In light of DIPAM

    09-03-2016 21:48:00

    The DIPAM-NITI Aayog combo makes it the third iteration of the institutional set-up to oversee the sale of govt stake in PSUs; the management advisory role invested in DIPAM is the new element

  • Kanika Datta: Mendicancy as a policy option

    24-02-2016 21:49:00

    Much of the initiative lies with the states and this is where the prime minister may want to focus to foster the kind of change that will make India a magnet for investments

  • Kanika Datta: If the fertiliser subsidy were abolished...

    17-02-2016 21:46:00

    Doing so is politically tough for any government but there are sensible policy choices to streamline it

  • Kanika Datta: Suitable jobs for a woman

    10-02-2016 21:48:00

    Retail, hospitality, e-commerce and IT and IT-enabled services, with all the indirect business opportunities for women the latter creates, are the most visible

  • Kanika Datta: Quickies and mousies

    05-02-2016 21:44:00

    In the early noughties, a woman colleague was alarmed when an earnest waiter offered her a quickie at a newly opened Italian place. He was suggesting the quiche

  • Kanika Datta: Mr Trump's cards on India

    27-01-2016 21:48:00

    Mr Trump doesn't watch Indian TV so he missed breathless coverage of Davos talk-fest that suggested that people talked only about potential El Dorado that is India

  • Kanika Datta: The limits of a gender mandate

    13-01-2016 21:46:00

    Legally-mandated reform can only go that far in making workplaces more conducive to women employees

  • Kanika Datta: Zizou's Real worth

    08-01-2016 22:42:00

    The French choose not to highlight the fact that Zidane is actually Algerian by origin and he comes from a family of economic refugees

  • Kanika Datta: All our Singapores

    30-12-2015 21:46:00

    The Smart City project is one manifestation of that touching ambition

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