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Kanika Datta

Kanika Datta

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  • Kanika Datta: Life without Air India

    19-11-2015 21:46:00

    Who gains, who loses if the national carrier ceased to exist

  • Kanika Datta: Women@work can be an unequal battle

    18-11-2015 21:48:00

    Making a business and economic case for women's participation is certainly a practical way of furthering the cause of gender equality

  • Kanika Datta: All the Good Life that's fit to print

    04-11-2015 21:48:00

    The day after Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched in his home, a Delhi daily carried a photograph of his grieving widow & daughter on its website edition to accompany the report on the incident

  • Kanika Datta: The business world, silent witness

    21-10-2015 21:48:00

    Okay, we know what writers, actors, dancers, critics, opposition politicians and sundry permanent fixtures on the TV punditry circuit think about the Ku Klux Klan-style hostility expressed by saffron wingnuts to anything they don't like, whether it ...

  • Kanika Datta: Technology, the god with clay feet

    07-10-2015 21:46:00

    Technology is back in the political pantheon as the leading deity to be invoked to rid the country of centuries of poverty and backwardness. First, it was Rajiv Gandhi, who worshipped at its altar with his Technology Missions. Now it is Narendra ...

  • Kanika Datta: Government Maximus

    23-09-2015 21:49:00

    Narendra Modi may discover that his admirable aim of Minimum Government, Maximum Governance would demand deeper institutional change than he bargained for

  • Kanika Datta: Mr Modi & risk perceptions

    09-09-2015 21:46:00

    So Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants Indian industrialists to increase their risk appetite and step up their investments in the country to contribute to "nation-building". It is an appropriately muscular statement from our "strong" prime minister. ...

  • Kanika Datta: The wrong aspiration

    26-08-2015 21:46:00

    The India Aspiration Fund does not address the basic aspirations of small entrepreneurs in India

  • Kanika Datta: Kanwariyas & their rampant religiosity

    14-08-2015 22:44:00

    Dealing with the inevitable traffic chaos as signals stop working and NCR turns into a Lake District of less than scenic beauty is just one part of the struggles

  • Kanika Datta: Too big to succeed?

    12-08-2015 21:46:00

    Like Enron and Posco, Foxconn's Terry Gou may just discover that when it comes to doing big business in India, it's better to stay under the radar

  • Kanika Datta: We've got a long way to go, baby

    29-07-2015 21:44:00

    Several high-profile and unedifying examples have confirmed what we suspected for decades: sexual harassment in the Indian white collar workplace is alive. The mechanisms to address this problem are imperfect, but the internal complaints committees ...

  • Kanika Datta: Decisions for the CEO-PM Narendra Modi

    15-07-2015 21:46:00

    This government could find itself a prisoner of its pro-business stance as much as the UPA found policy circumscribed by its pro-poor focus

  • Kanika Datta: Written down value

    01-07-2015 21:44:00

    Are you or your colleagues and/or employees horses or donkeys? Mice or a dwarfs (or Little People, to use the politically correct term)? Runners, joggers, walkers, drivers? Couldn't care less? Writers of self-help/inspirational management books ...

  • Kanika Datta: Are women and votaries of women's rights exceptionally thin-skinned?

    17-06-2015 21:46:00

    We know that sexism is alive and kicking but there is, undoubtedly, a case for my sisters to cultivate more equilibrium and a better sense of humour

  • Kanika Datta: Celebrity risks

    03-06-2015 21:44:00

    Now that a court in Bihar - of all states - has issued an order to the authorities to file First Information Reports (FIRs) against a galaxy of movie stars - Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta - for endorsing Maggi noodles and its ...

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