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Kishore Singh

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  • Kishore Singh: The right wrong party

    29-04-2016 21:41:00

    Everyone's heard of wedding crashers but this week, I think, my wife and I crashed a private party without anyone being the wiser

  • Shooting star

    23-04-2016 00:05:00

    Abdul Aziz Raiba's recent death was missed in the bright marquee lights of the world of art when, as in life, so in death, he faded away unseen and, for all practical purposes, unsung

  • Kishore Singh: The need for incentive

    22-04-2016 21:41:00

    When it became known that Mary, our cook of many years before she decided to retire, had decided to visit us for a working vacation, friends began to call ahead to book themselves a table for dinner

  • Kishore Singh: Pool (fancy dress) party

    15-04-2016 21:41:00

    Summer parties are no fun unless there's a pool around

  • Women and their world

    09-04-2016 00:07:00

    Whether in writings, cinema or theatre, women have tended to offer an alternate perspective that is the more surprising for its absence over the years

  • Kishore Singh: Jet-setting around the globe

    08-04-2016 21:34:00

    Every summer, as the birds migrate from India, my wife follows in their wake to cooler climes, guarding her eventual destination with all the clandestine nature of a state secret. I know she is in Vancouver as I write this because of a recent post ...

  • Kishore Singh: A destination wedding on the fly

    01-04-2016 21:34:00

    Destination weddings are no longer such a big-ticket thing but this was a destination wedding on the fly where no one seemed to know who was responsible for the wedding and kept passing the buck

  • Kishore Singh: The art of living - sans a phone

    25-03-2016 21:41:00

    Because she is forever on her mobile, my wife "exists" - not merely a figment of mine or anyone else's imagination

  • Kishore Singh: Pushed out of the travel case

    18-03-2016 21:21:00

    Indian families pack more than mere vestments when it comes to being prepared for every exigency - and some sleight of hand

  • Minimal, women, artists

    12-03-2016 00:07:00

    In her studio apartment in New York in which she has lived for 40 years, Zarina Hashmi reduces the rites of memory and the conundrums of political disenchantment to a withering indictment in a few sharp lines. It has always been thus. At Armory, the ...

  • Kishore Singh: The art of surviving boredom

    11-03-2016 21:41:00

    My aunts say I should keep an open mind and not be judgmental, but one of them is a chronic tippler, another exorcises evil spirits over breakfast, and a third arrives and disappears from clan gatherings like a Cheshire cat, so I guess it's okay to ...

  • Kishore Singh: Operation Banquet Part II

    04-03-2016 21:34:00

    My acquaintance and I are playing guessing games at a banquet in New York. "Can you name the flowers in the bowl," I ask her. We're jetlagged and passing time to stop ourselves from crashing asleep right in the middle of the speeches and courses. ...

  • Art on a Budget

    27-02-2016 00:07:00

    Dilli Haat brings art closer to the aam aadmi

  • Kishore Singh: Matchmaking pursuits

    26-02-2016 21:41:00

    My daughter can't be bothered with a boyfriend. She has "boy" friends, of course, but not anybody of significance who can be considered for their matrimonial prospects

  • Kishore Singh: A matter of opinion

    19-02-2016 21:34:00

    OMG," said my wife, "life has become a Bollywood film where the unreal is reel" - I know she said "reel" because she spelled it for my benefit so I would get the joke - "with JNU full of character actors playing students who are actually ...

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