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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • Kishore Singh: Gatecrashing with gifts

    27-11-2015 21:41:00

    In these intolerant but auspicious times, a slew of invitations to multiple wedding functions have taken their toll, not least because of the traffic jams they cause that last late into the night

  • Kishore Singh: Before-and after-party ruminations

    20-11-2015 22:26:00

    As homing birds, members of the extended tribe - including some none of us can identity - start arriving by the droves

  • Kishore Singh: No such thing as a non-dancer

    13-11-2015 22:34:00

    When he was small, his mother called it a "boy thing" - our son's refusal to get on the dance floor despite blandishments, coercion or threats. "I don't dance," he'd say, or "I can't dance." We did wedding sangeets, New Year's gigs and the ...

  • Chronicling Avinash

    07-11-2015 00:04:00

    The difficulty with documenting Avinash Chandra's work is that it is too widely dispersed

  • Kishore Singh: Confessions of a live-and-let-live believer

    06-11-2015 21:41:00

    On this, November 8, 2015, I confess to the following - that I have friends and colleagues who are Muslim and Christian and Sikh though that has not been the basis or consideration of our relationship

  • Kishore Singh: The excesses of Diwali

    30-10-2015 22:12:00

    he topic about celebrating Diwali was simple enough, but the poor mite, whose parents were estranged, seemed to be having trouble getting a grip on the subject

  • A new art address

    24-10-2015 00:07:00

    For those of us who have wondered at the lack of cultural - civilisational, even - interest among the wealthy who can - and should - make a difference, post-Diwali will see the creation of a new museum in Mumbai after a very, very long time. The ...

  • Kishore Singh: My Make In India wishlist

    23-10-2015 21:41:00

    Now that it's incumbent upon us to exchange gifts & goodwill reflecting spirit of festivity, I offer my list of suggestions that I hope some manufacturer will Make in India

  • Kishore Singh: A few things I want to return

    16-10-2015 22:34:00

    These are a few of the things I want to return - a set of the Shiva trilogy that I tried to read but now know I never will, a tea set from Wedgwood that was a mistake, a too-tight shirt that my tailor passed off as slim-fit, shelves full of useless ...

  • Returns from masstige art

    10-10-2015 00:04:00

    Sifting the prestigious from the masstige could point the way to shrewd art investors

  • Kishore Singh: A refreshing distraction

    09-10-2015 21:46:00

    Resigning to a caffeine fix instead, served by an unfriendly assistant at this hour of night, did little to bring cheer about Mumbai's increasingly provincial mindset

  • Kishore Singh: One man's meat may be another man's indigestion

    02-10-2015 21:41:00

    My wife has a fear of vegetarians, as a result they are among her least favourite people

  • The collector as curator

    26-09-2015 00:07:00

    That collectors come in different hues is no surprise, but I've had the good fortune to meet some in recent times who exist so much outside the mainstream that if you didn't personally know them, you'd think they were phantoms or existed only in the ...

  • Kishore Singh: Nothing dung-ho about it

    25-09-2015 21:41:00

    My own hotel nestles between Waldorf-Astoria and The Plaza, and while humbler than both, it shares their common predicament: horse excrement

  • Kishore Singh: Tied up in knots over a bow tie

    18-09-2015 22:34:00

    Bergdorf Goodman is located one block from the hotel, a stone's throw from my office in New York, and I had an appointment there that I intended to break - not without some trepidation. Earlier in the day, having resisted the impulse to flee while ...

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