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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh


  • Kishore Singh: One man's meat may be another man's indigestion

    02-10-2015 21:41:00

    My wife has a fear of vegetarians, as a result they are among her least favourite people

  • The collector as curator

    26-09-2015 00:07:00

    That collectors come in different hues is no surprise, but I've had the good fortune to meet some in recent times who exist so much outside the mainstream that if you didn't personally know them, you'd think they were phantoms or existed only in the ...

  • Kishore Singh: Nothing dung-ho about it

    25-09-2015 21:41:00

    My own hotel nestles between Waldorf-Astoria and The Plaza, and while humbler than both, it shares their common predicament: horse excrement

  • Kishore Singh: Tied up in knots over a bow tie

    18-09-2015 22:34:00

    Bergdorf Goodman is located one block from the hotel, a stone's throw from my office in New York, and I had an appointment there that I intended to break - not without some trepidation. Earlier in the day, having resisted the impulse to flee while ...

  • Beyond the female gaze

    12-09-2015 00:05:00

    Bharti Kher's use of bindis as fertility symbols is something only a woman could have achieved - can you imagine a man working with sperm-shaped bindis?

  • Kishore Singh: How-to-host-a-murder party

    11-09-2015 21:32:00

    My wife said we were invited to a theme party - which is the kind I dislike most because who wants to spend a grown-up evening dressed as Gabbar Singh? - and that it was mandatory to squire up

  • Kishore Singh: Censoring content for parents

    04-09-2015 21:41:00

    The shared city commute takes its daily toll on my daughter and I, so we've taken to unwinding over dinner and a racy television serial with its gratuitous sex and stomach-churning violence

  • How the gavel falls

    29-08-2015 00:07:00

    The strong estimates for both lots, Man and Woman Laughing and Birth, are bound to result in an evaluation of FN Souza's estate

  • Kishore Singh: Shrinking degrees of separation

    28-08-2015 21:43:00

    Whoever established the theory of six degrees of separation could not have guessed at its shrinking connections when it comes to our consumption of prurient crimes in high society. As the salacious details of the Indrani Mukerjea scandal play out in ...

  • Kishore Singh: A 'hobby-filled' day

    21-08-2015 22:42:00

    Her reading tastes proving eclectic, she'll want all of the previous week's newspapers, which must be ironed and stacked by her bedside

  • A fascination for the morbid

    15-08-2015 00:07:00

    When artists become victims of their own image, they have little recourse for escape

  • Kishore Singh: The art of arriving late

    14-08-2015 22:41:00

    There are probably places where people still meet for dinner at eight but that place is not Delhi, and it isn't only because the capitalists (or Dilliwallas) like to be "fashionably" late. Fashionably late is a misnomer, in any case, because unless ...

  • Kishore Singh: Battling the bulge

    07-08-2015 22:34:00

    You can eat little, and then less, but eventually that isn't enough to keep the fat from clinging to the pelvic bones and birthing a belly that thinks and acts independently. It refuses to be sucked in when you hold your breath, and when your ...

  • Riding on fresh hope

    01-08-2015 00:07:00

    The appointment of Hugo Weihe (erstwhile of Christie's) as CEO of Saffronart has heightened the zeal among auction houses to pit strong works with impeccable provenances in their catalogues

  • Kishore Singh: Couture week frenzy

    31-07-2015 22:36:00

    I had reluctantly agreed to moderate a talk I thought likely to put its audience to sleep, but even so I balked at backing out at the last moment because my wife insisted on our joint appearance at a fashion show. The following evening, by ...

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