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Kishore Singh

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  • Kishore Singh: The taste-maker of India

    05-02-2016 21:41:00

    When the Padma awards are announced every year, my wife goes through the list with a tooth comb hoping, I'm sure, that my name hasn't appeared on it through some mischance

  • Art beyond sight

    30-01-2016 00:07:00

    Not only does art sensitise us, it also highlights that the disabled have as much right to art as all of us - yet, we are callous when it comes to including them in this process

  • Kishore Singh: An 'un'-friendly vacation

    29-01-2016 21:41:00

    The last time I took a break was -when? "Never," says my wife, given as always to hyperbole, and reminding me that visits to my parents in Bikaner "are no holiday, so there!". I tell her that spending time with her brother in Miami was no lark ...

  • Kishore Singh: Piecing together last night

    22-01-2016 22:21:00

    Walking in the park at dawn, the silence is so complete, you imagine yourself far from the city, in another country, even another century

  • A guide to India Art Fair

    16-01-2016 00:07:00

    Enjoy the art, the conversations and the energy, but, most of all, appreciate what you're fortunate to see around you because you probably won't see it again

  • Kishore Singh: Getting off the 'high' ground

    15-01-2016 22:01:00

    When I explained to my wife that I'd done a fair share of bending the wrist and hoped to become, like Radhe Maa, "pure and pious", she looked at me suspiciously and said, "Tell me the truth, are you h

  • Kishore Singh: The house the doctor built

    08-01-2016 22:34:00

    Hospitals now resemble luxury hotels and smell of spray instead of spirit, but their occupants haven't changed all that much. The other day, having been forced into seeing a doctor, I'd signed up for an examination. The physician I'd been assigned ...

  • The collectors' collective

    02-01-2016 00:04:00

    What could break the ice faster among strangers than a conversation around art, prices, comparisons, the meaning of a specific work, the pursuit of a particularly rare painting?

  • Kishore Singh: Keeping resolutions... in my dreams

    01-01-2016 22:01:00

    This year, I will stop hoping that the dog will behave himself, the cook will add less salt to the food, the cook will add less oil to the food, the cook will add less spices to the food

  • Kishore Singh: Yearning for simple pleasures

    25-12-2015 22:34:00

    A chilly winter's day with bright sunshine, a large pot of coffee by the side and a dog snoozing at one's feet - Governance Day is just what one needed as a break from a busy week in which more number plates than cars were sold in the capital, ...

  • Beyond the Progressives

    19-12-2015 00:07:00

    For too long, the breadth of Indian art has been represented by too few artists who have made up its marquee, creating almost a hegemony

  • Kishore Singh: Beating the odd-even formula

    18-12-2015 21:41:00

    I look terrible in wigs but I've invested in one anyway. It's got a fringe at the front that makes my already big nose look bigger

  • Kishore Singh: Tripping over progressive cuisine

    11-12-2015 21:41:00

    My son likes his white butter cold-pressed and unsalted, a varietal that is ideal accompaniment with sizzling parathas in winter - though, of course, we've all grown up with the staple goodness of Amul

  • Drawings by the 'greatest'

    05-12-2015 00:03:00

    Saffronart Mumbai will auction 85 lots of F N Souza's works in an evening sale, which is a rare honour because these are mostly drawings

  • Kishore Singh: Christmas mania in New York

    04-12-2015 21:41:00

    With just three weeks to go before Christmas, the frenzy as shoppers queue up to pay for their purchases is exhausting

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