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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • The art of buying: How has market fared over the past year?

    1 hour ago

    Auction houses and art dealers point to the rising buying power of a younger generation who are beginning to collect for the first time

  • Rs 114-bn PNB scam: Sin or crime?

    1 hour ago

    We might not have been seeking out baubles, but there's nothing Modi liked more than surprising you with them

  • Painting a sorry picture

    17-02-2018 05:56:00

    Trying to sleep embryonically over a sofa's width no more than the girth of one's waist resulted in aches and pains in parts of the body one was previously unacquainted with

  • Art of darkness

    10-02-2018 05:54:00

    Today's art market is as much a focus of global attention as it is of fluctuations and trends, of supply and demand

  • The assault of the boots

    10-02-2018 05:52:00

    They feature elastic, buckles, zips, tassels, though sometimes they can just be slipped on

  • Budgeting for love

    03-02-2018 05:56:00

    The life may be a bed of roses after all, but only if it's budgeted in the first place

  • Russian treasure

    27-01-2018 05:55:00

    Why was Roerich - also known as Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh - selected for a national honour that might seem at odds with the others?

  • When family goes AWOL!

    27-01-2018 05:40:00

    The first to pack and go was my daughter, who argued that there was a wedding in Abu Dhabi she'd been invited to - "my friend's best's friend's kid sister" - so, how could she not go?

  • An award to attend award shows

    19-01-2018 22:37:00

    Everyone loves an award, whether it's based on arguable merit or, these days, the number of Twitter followers you can tweet it to

  • A sculptor of prominence

    13-01-2018 00:25:00

    The exhibition is accompanied by a large selection of Bhagat's drawings, indicating the rigour he brought to the making of each work

  • City, season and fashion

    12-01-2018 22:30:00

    There was a time in India when cities appeared to dress differently before the sameness of fashion snuffed out all individuality

  • This year, let's keep an open heart

    05-01-2018 23:01:00

    The winter sun - something rare in the smog-choked capital - is the perfect antidote to big city stresses and tensions

  • Happy to see the end of 2017

    29-12-2017 22:46:00

    The author is expressing his views on new year

  • Why parties are such hard work

    22-12-2017 22:21:00

    The author has expressed his views about parties

  • The myth called Wireless World

    16-12-2017 00:46:00

    Air purifiers posed quite another danger to our health by way of loose wires trailing through the rooms, writes the author