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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • A walk in the Cloud

    24-09-2016 00:07:00

    Visitors gravitate to engage with Cloud Gate at Chicago to a degree not seen in any other work of public art

  • Kishore Singh: When respect means DIY

    23-09-2016 21:34:00

    When among the richest citizens in a city offer to make you a cup of tea, you cannot but feel humbled, especially since it's something my wife does not "respect" - an American term I've become accustomed to. If I'm late for an appointment, I don't ...

  • Kishore Singh: Manhattan melange

    16-09-2016 21:06:00

    You'd imagine dogs are a New Yorker's best companion, more steady then their passing love interests, accompanying their masters and mistresses everywhere

  • A new shade of grey

    10-09-2016 00:07:00

    Akbar Padamsee's Greek Landscape that was sold for Rs 19.9 crore at Saffronart's auction

  • Kishore Singh: When the real hosts are absent

    09-09-2016 21:41:00

    Our son asked his sister to invite her friends over too, and then asked her to do the flowers, oversee the presentation of the food and interiors

  • Kishore Singh: Pampered silly and content

    02-09-2016 21:31:00

    Ours was a looker, lean and athletic, and life in the household revolved around his shenanigans, which is hardly conducive in a home whose resident insists on singular attention

  • Catalogue conundrum

    27-08-2016 00:07:00

    Husain was so prolific that his works continue to fetch up in the market, to be routinely traded, but very few of them are of exceptional quality. As a result, his prices have remained frozen for a wh

  • Kishore Singh: Working girl in the city

    26-08-2016 22:34:00

    When she decided to accept an assignment in Gurgaon, we told our daughter she might have commuting issues, considering we live in Noida, which would entail her travelling through three states of the NCR before she could report for work. But our ...

  • Kishore Singh: A spring-cleaning disaster

    19-08-2016 21:41:00

    The other day, my wife decided to spring-clean our library which spreads across all the rooms. She began by taking out stacks of magazines going back several years, saved because she wanted to read them before throwing them out, which she now ...

  • A photo-op to promote the arts

    13-08-2016 00:07:00

    It only requires a little push for art to become more visible - Prime Minister Modi taking selfies with works by masters could be a great beginning

  • Kishore Singh: The prospect of a blind match

    12-08-2016 21:41:00

    Having failed to keep up with various cousins over the years, I was suspicious about their sudden interest in my welfare

  • Kishore Singh: When life gives you no escape

    05-08-2016 21:41:00

    After a year of making workaholic excuses, I knew I needed to find a way of getting back to mainstream life

  • Art for the proletariat

    30-07-2016 00:07:00

    A retrospective and accompanying exhibition in New Delhi, Reina Sofia and New York have done much to consolidate Nasreen Mohamedi's position in Indian art, but her brother Altaf (he dropped his surname) has stayed under the radar - although, ...

  • Kishore Singh: My umbrella woes

    29-07-2016 22:34:00

    New Delhi has a snobbish indifference towards umbrellas, or rain, or both, which is why almost no one else seems to have any

  • Kishore Singh: Why aunts are a blessed lot

    22-07-2016 21:41:00

    I'm fond of my family, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, but I have to wonder how my aunt managed without her daily tipple on a recent yatra to Mansarovar

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