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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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Kishore Singh: Let's hear it for the family

I ask my father what he would like for a drink. "Modi seems to be doing rather well internationally," he tells me. "Did you listen to his speech in Sydney," I ask him. "No, no," he says, "I'm not feeling cold, though it is chilly outside." Our ...

Kishore Singh: The in-house transporter

I was packing my bags for a red-eye to Mumbai when my wife said she'd like me to carry a couple of "small packets" for her clients in the city. "You can leave them with the concierge," she explained. It didn't seem a big deal till she handed over a ...

Kishore Singh: Equated monthly ingenuity

This is what my daughter does. She searches for discounts online, asks for the loan of my credit card with which to make the payment, has the goods dispatched to sundry relatives in America to carry back to India on their frequent visits, and then ...

Kishore Singh: Being conservative in NYC

The quiet street was only a hop, skip and not quite jump away from the bustle and madness of Manhattan

Kishore Singh: Happy Anonymous Diwali

I don't do Diwali, fake bonhomie or chumminess well. Which is not to say I'm averse to parties, just that I prefer partying among strangers over catching up with "friends". Because Delhi parties are so huge, you can - like me - choose to remain ...

Kishore Singh: Skirting my dress sense

Eight yards of tartan isn't something to trifle with, not if you're dressing up in it. It's what goes into making a kilt, so when mine host signs me up for a demonstration at Linn House in Aberdeen, I know to expect trouble. "Give yourselves at ...

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