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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • Looking for the easy life

    09-12-2017 00:34:00

    The anonymity Delhi offered to make up in some measure for what we suffered by way of distances, traffic, and now pollution, says the author

  • Ode to the headstand

    02-12-2017 03:42:00

    The author is talking about a birthday party

  • For a current dialogue

    01-12-2017 23:34:00

    L N Tallur's Unicode stands out for its ability to take a well-known Chola bronze (the familiar Nataraja) and transform it into a work of contemporary art

  • Let the Padmavati story be told

    24-11-2017 22:36:00

    Whether Padmini did or did not exist, the history of Mewar is replete with enough other tales of courage

  • Preparing for a long journey

    17-11-2017 22:12:00

    Thanks to the traffic gridlock, the party you're headed for is likely to be ending by the time you get there

  • Calling 'Mr Mona Lisa'

    17-11-2017 21:44:00

    It would be fair to ask how much collectors would be willing to pay for owning a part of Indian history

  • Just don't say cheese

    10-11-2017 22:36:00

    The egg selection in the morning consisted of various forms of omelette stuffed with everything from olives to gherkins, the author writes

  • Missing a flight, as usual

    04-11-2017 01:11:00

    Author shares how he ended up missing flights on different occasions

  • India's global art advent

    03-11-2017 21:49:00

    Art fair directors have capability to draw talent through curation and audience appeal that includes elite of museum and of art events and biennales

  • Travails of an occasional vegetarian

    27-10-2017 23:50:00

    Author is puzzled as to why everyone conspires to gang up against the vegetable eater

  • Bihar's cultural supremacy

    20-10-2017 22:19:00

    Earlier this month, the partially opened Bihar Museum in Patna was declared open to the public

  • Start of change or just an exception?

    20-10-2017 22:08:00

    The author is talking about Diwali celebration by Delhiites

  • How to ace the girlfriend test

    13-10-2017 23:28:00

    Author speaks about his son and how he refuses to share details of a newly formed relationship with his family

  • The staple at the auction house

    06-10-2017 22:39:00

    Old-time collectors recall how he would keep scribbles of his renderings at hand, so they could "order" customised works with the figures they wanted placed in a way they could choose

  • Instagrammable but unpalatable

    06-10-2017 22:21:00

    A picture may tell a thousand words, but nothing else lies like the camera either, writes the author