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Kishore Singh

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  • Art for the proletariat

    8 hours ago

    A retrospective and accompanying exhibition in New Delhi, Reina Sofia and New York have done much to consolidate Nasreen Mohamedi's position in Indian art, but her brother Altaf (he dropped his surname) has stayed under the radar - although, ...

  • Kishore Singh: My umbrella woes

    10 hours ago

    New Delhi has a snobbish indifference towards umbrellas, or rain, or both, which is why almost no one else seems to have any

  • Kishore Singh: Why aunts are a blessed lot

    22-07-2016 21:41:00

    I'm fond of my family, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, but I have to wonder how my aunt managed without her daily tipple on a recent yatra to Mansarovar

  • Global recognition

    16-07-2016 00:07:00

    A set of Mukherjee's collages have been mounted at the Tate Modern in London

  • Kishore Singh: After a break, back to old habits

    15-07-2016 21:41:00

    On Sunday night, when my wife flew back after a fortnight in London, my son and I dispensed with the services of the driver so we could fetch her home

  • Kishore Singh: Centre of the food universe

    08-07-2016 21:41:00

    Once ridiculed for its cuisine that salvaged its reputation with a passable Anglo-Indian mish-mash, Britain is now quite the gourmet and foodie haven

  • The legacy of modern masters

    02-07-2016 00:07:00

    K G Subramanyan's artwork had a unique visual language

  • Kishore Singh: Brexit: A win-win or lose-lose?

    01-07-2016 22:41:00

    It's a confusing time to be in London. If you were expecting chaos following the remarkable verdict to exit from the European Union (EU), there's remarkable calm, at least on the surface

  • Kishore Singh: Yoga photo op: Those who got left out

    24-06-2016 21:41:00

    Ever wondered where the thousands of people practising yoga on June 21 sprang from?

  • America's Indian abstract maestro

    18-06-2016 00:07:00

    A figurative artist, Natvar Bhavsar was caught by the maelstrom of abstract expressionism that had gripped America in the Sixties

  • Kishore Singh: The ubiquity of gratuity

    17-06-2016 21:31:00

    The American way of life is based on instant gratification that seeks immediate rewards

  • Kishore Singh: Meeting but not spending time

    10-06-2016 22:34:00

    With my daughter in between jobs, I thought I'd surprise her with a vacation in New York as a treat before she got busy again. I was going on work but said I'd find time for rendezvous between meetings, and we could go to some of my favourite places ...

  • A critic's Raj hangover

    04-06-2016 00:07:00

    Khakhar's work, outside of its context and milieu, can appear difficult to absorb, but to Jones, who seems not to have made the effort, "He is genuinely not good."

  • Kishore Singh: WhatsApp tips to keep cool

    03-06-2016 21:34:00

    I'm not a keen subscriber to WhatsApp groups where someone thinks to include you usually without your permission, thereby making it seem rude when you exercise your right to exit. I've annoyed various family groups, neighbours, colleagues and school ...

  • Kishore Singh: Whose mess is bigger?

    27-05-2016 21:26:00

    I believe the government has been keeping lists too, ticking off its achievements, so I did my own tally to see what I'd hoped would improve from two years ago

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