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Rahul Jacob

Rahul Jacob

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  • Delhi is where the heart is

    16-06-2017 22:01:00

    Delhi may also be 'where the networks of crony capitalism converge'

  • Battles in 140 characters: In defence of trolls

    19-05-2017 22:28:00

    Cyber supporters of the Communist Party of China and India's BJP are among the most aggressive

  • In spite of the Gods

    21-04-2017 23:27:00

    With liberalism in retreat, India is beginning to seem more a country marching resolutely backwards

  • Rahul Jacob: The game men play well

    17-03-2017 22:06:00

    We may be at the bottom of Olympics medals tally, but chauvinism is a game Indian men play very well

  • Rahul Jacob: Trump's travails

    17-02-2017 23:51:00

    Trump administration has been a comic opera of buffoons

  • Rahul Jacob: Reforming our civil service

    27-01-2017 23:30:00

    The rigidities of the Indian bureaucracy make lateral entry for specialists very difficult

  • Focus, for pity's sake!

    30-12-2016 22:06:00

    Indian governance is short of the top-down thinking Daniel Kahneman defines as equally necessary

  • Rahul Jacob: The neurosis of notebandi

    16-12-2016 21:41:00

    The average monthly mobile bill in India is Rs 120 to Rs 180, which does not suggest a population with much money to put in e-wallets

  • Demonising cash: A high price to shift to e-transactions

    09-12-2016 09:04:00

    Even as paper currency is 'demonised' and much of rural India lacks reliable connectivity, the echo chamber of the new economy believes the country merely needs energetic leadership to realise its pre

  • Rahul Jacob: Our own Neverland

    21-10-2016 22:42:00

    High quality of Pakistan Coke Studio and their well acted serials suggest it is better for Fawad Khan to be left unharmed by the haute melodrama of mainstream Bollywood

  • Rahul Jacob: Autumn of our discontent

    09-09-2016 21:43:00

    Roger Federer was not even at Flushing Meadows, having elected to sit out the rest of 2016 to allow a knee injury to heal

  • Stale mate

    04-07-2016 21:21:00

    Australian economy can cope with political turmoil

  • Taxing times

    01-07-2016 22:21:00

    Asian amnesties point to wealth of tax worries

  • Good numbers

    23-06-2016 21:21:00

    Australia's rebalancing act can survive politics

  • Fixed ideas

    13-06-2016 21:32:00

    China can afford to quit infrastructure binge