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Rajeev Malik

Rajeev Malik

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Rajeev Malik: Now for the hard part

Raghuram Rajan has work to do, in order to broaden and cement his legacy

Rajeev Malik: Inside Governor Rajan's mind

Proponents of early monetary easing are poised to be disappointed

Rajeev Malik: Mr Jaitley's moment of truth

A wider fiscal deficit despite higher divestment will be a disappointing beginning

Rajeev Malik: Say no to inflation Botox

Growth-inflation balance is delicately positioned and requires surgery rather than more Botox

Rajeev Malik: Hit the ground running

The new government will be closely watched for its approach towards the multi-pronged hit from the poor monsoon

Rajeev Malik: Hurry slowly

The new prime minister should learn from the mistakes of the current government and pay more attention to inflation

Rajeev Malik: A bad fiscal-monetary marriage

A poor-quality fiscal correction will allow a suboptimal fiscal-monetary mix to persist, although that's a big hurdle for economic recovery

Rajeev Malik: Praying for the hope dividend

Indian policymakers have no room for complacency even if there's a marginal improvement in growth-inflation dynamics

Rajeev Malik: Deciphering the new growth normal

The role of global factors in accelerating India's growth to unprecedented levels continues to be worryingly underappreciated

Rajeev Malik: Battling unintended consequences

Policy myopia should be reversed to lower economic uncertainty, which will encourage sustained unlocking of India's potential

Rajeev Malik: Decoding Governor Rajan

Raghuram Rajan's signal of a neutral stance is at odds with concerns about inflation and markets' revised expectation of more increases in the repo rate

Rajeev Malik: Picking up the pieces

A misguided approach to salvage near-term growth has not only hurt growth but also compromised macro stability

Own goals, broken limbs and band-aids

The desperate interest rate defence won't prevent rupee depreciation but will delay and weaken economic turnaround

Back to steady depreciation

The rupee's misunderstood fall is far from over despite some near-term respite

Crowns, cushions and crash helmets

India appears ill-prepared to deal with a reversal in exceptionally easy global liquidity conditions

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