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Rajeev Malik

Rajeev Malik

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Rajeev Malik: Hurry slowly

The new prime minister should learn from the mistakes of the current government and pay more attention to inflation

Rajeev Malik: A bad fiscal-monetary marriage

A poor-quality fiscal correction will allow a suboptimal fiscal-monetary mix to persist, although that's a big hurdle for economic recovery

Rajeev Malik: Praying for the hope dividend

Indian policymakers have no room for complacency even if there's a marginal improvement in growth-inflation dynamics

Rajeev Malik: Deciphering the new growth normal

The role of global factors in accelerating India's growth to unprecedented levels continues to be worryingly underappreciated

Rajeev Malik: Battling unintended consequences

Policy myopia should be reversed to lower economic uncertainty, which will encourage sustained unlocking of India's potential

Rajeev Malik: Decoding Governor Rajan

Raghuram Rajan's signal of a neutral stance is at odds with concerns about inflation and markets' revised expectation of more increases in the repo rate

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