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Sanjaya Baru

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Sanjaya Baru: Energising growth

The quest for energy security is central to national security and the national interest

Sanjaya Baru: A tale of three partitions

Germany, British India and Korea were all partitioned. But each divided nation has had a vastly different experience

Sanjaya Baru: Anchoring Australia

A continent adrift in the western Pacific is seeking a new Indo-Pacific home

Sanjaya Baru: Merkel's moment

Germany has deployed geoeconomics to alter the geopolitics of the euro zone

Sanjaya Baru: Festival mood and economy

In 2008-09 boosting consumption helped sustain growth. Now it's investment that needs a boost

Sanjaya Baru: India and Vietnam

This is perhaps the most well-rounded bilateral relationship that India has with any country

Sanjaya Baru: China, India and the US

Their geo-political differences will be managed, given the geo-economics of an inter-dependent world

Sanjaya Baru: The business of mood

Managing expectations lies at the core of economic governance in a modern economy

Sanjaya Baru: China in Gulf

If China haunts India’s ‘Look East’ policy, so does it the ‘Look West’ outreach to the Gulf.

Sanjaya Baru: Partnership in progress

Both India and the United States are preoccupied at home, but they need each other more than before

Sanjaya Baru: A Sinopolar world

Forget about G2, China could be G1 soon. Arvind Subramanian's wake-up call is a must read

Sanjaya Baru: Is the feasible also reachable?

The 12th Five-Year Plan approach points to some 'old blocks' to a new, 'reasonable' growth target

Sanjaya Baru: South Asian crossroads

The subcontinent is on way to becoming the crossroads of Asia once again

Sanjaya Baru: Centre plans, states perform

The key to the success of India's 12th Plan lies in what state governments can and will do

Sanjaya Baru: English & India

India gained independence from the British but prosperity with English

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