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TNC Rajagopalan

TNC Rajagopalan

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  • IGST rules change again for export

    18-02-2018 21:57:00

    Merchant exporters procuring goods at 0.1 per cent GST must export without payment of IGST

  • Finance Bill: Seeking clarity in Customs laws

    12-02-2018 05:21:00

    It was always difficult for the trade as well as the Customs officers to keep track of the provisions and changes in the allied laws

  • Reflections on the Budget proposals

    05-02-2018 05:40:00

    The finance minister said India's agricultural export potential was as high as $100 billion, against the current $30 bn

  • Recent changes in central GST

    29-01-2018 05:06:00

    E-way bills will now not be required for exempted goods (except de-oiled cake), non-GST goods and goods transported that are not considered as supplies

  • Collection issues with GST regime

    22-01-2018 04:40:00

    To be fair, collection of a mere Rs 3070 million from about 1.7 million composition dealers in the July-September quarter is a surprise

  • Govt sitting still on GST refunds

    15-01-2018 01:53:00

    Issues in filing of GSTR-1 returns, due to system glitches,an impression is gaining ground that the government is not keen on granting refunds due to the shortfall in revenues

  • New confusion in GST's many rules

    08-01-2018 01:22:00

    Merchant exporters which procure goods on payment of only 0.1% GST are now barred from exporting on payment of IGST and claiming refund of this

  • Waiting to see what govt does

    01-01-2018 01:35:00

    Most analysts expect our economy to grow between 7 and 7.5 per cent this year, against less than 7 per cent last year

  • Hoping we make less of a mess in 2018

    24-12-2017 23:11:00

    As noted by a parliamentary panel, the GSTN, which operates the main information technology platform for filing of returns and payment of tax, was not ready

  • WTO chief's advice relevant for us, too

    17-12-2017 23:10:00

    The Government of India said it had the support of over 100 member-countries on all agricultural issues

  • Only two broad changes in FTP

    11-12-2017 00:43:00

    The FTP, a notification with statutory force, is simultaneously issued, with a Handbook of Procedures

  • Hopes high on Suresh Prabhu's FTP

    04-12-2017 00:12:00

    Prabhu has said the govt is in the process of setting up a new organisation to promote export to different regions, developing global linkages

  • Simply junk the entire GST law

    27-11-2017 00:25:00

    The present law threatens to unleash an avalanche of litigation over a period of time

  • GST rules changed on refund claims

    20-11-2017 00:15:00

    CGST can be disbursed only by a central tax authority and State GST only by a state one

  • More of the GST rules thicket

    12-11-2017 23:53:00

    GSTN should quickly resolve these issues