Hockey India should manage game in India: IOA Committee

The power tussle between Hockey India (HI) and Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) had prompted world governing body of the game FIH to instruct IOA to resolve the issue.

Indian Olympic Assocation (IOA) then formed a three-member committee comprising former Wrestling Federation of India president G S Mander, the Indian Weightlifting Federation president Birendra Prasad Baishya and the Handball Federation of India secretary-general S.M. Bali.

The committee submitted its report yesterday to IOA and concluded that Hockey India should manage the game.

IHF had rejected the committee saying its members were biased against them and did not present their case to the it.

"This decision is a unanimous decision. There is overwhelming evidence to conclude that Hockey India is a central authority responsible to run the game in the country," Mander told PTI.

"FIH has directed IOA to confirm and endorse which of the two bodies is the central authority responsible for all matters relating to hockey in India as required under article 6.3 (d) of the FIH Statutes. We have decided in the favour Hockey India," Mander said. More